About Us

Lisa & Lisa have been reading the stars together since 2018.

Lisa Awrey is a journalist and fine artist. She became fascinated by astrology while making a documentary series on astrology working in TV news. Since then she’s studied Western astrology for decades, read hundreds of charts for a wide range of clients, leads an online astrology salon with enthusiasts wanting to hone their chart reading skills, and co-creates a monthly horoscopes column with Lisa Carroll as part of Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam. She’s passionate about using the birth chart as a creative tool to help people discover their true calling and connect with their daimon. 

Lisa Carroll is an artist, educator, and Western astrologer based in Oakland, CA. She began studying astrology with Lisa Awrey in 2010 and has since built her own consulting practice with a focus on birth charts, transits, and solar return charts as well as tarot. From student to collaborator, she is the second “Lisa” of Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam, a monthly newsletter. Passionate about astrology, Lisa now teaches the fundamentals to teens.

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