April 2020 Horoscopes

April 2020 horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*, illustration by @boccaccinimeadows

Spring is bursting out at the seams this month as we hit pause and stay in

Hunkering down and hibernating not only enables us to ebb the virus but to adjust our rhythms and reset our values in this new reality.

As outward movement slows down and we practice physical distancing, our focus naturally shifts inward. We have greater opportunity to become better acquainted with ourselves and consequently, better equipped to reach out and support each other in meaningful ways. Life, work, the economy hasn’t stopped, it’s just paused for a greater purpose. A full, supermoon in diplomatic Libra (on the 7th) beckons us to keep the peace (and a cool head). Now more than ever, we are being asked to utilize the best traits of this sign, aptly represented by the image of the Scales of Justice: balance, harmony, and cooperation! Toward the end of the month, with a new moon in steady Taurus (on the 22nd) next to unpredictable planet Uranus on Earth Day, Mother Earth may have more surprises, lo bushwhacks to catch us unawares. Yet there is always a break in the clouds. Beauty to behold even in the rubble. In fact, one of  the most hopeful signs to come from the structures of our contemporary societies collectively grinding to a halt has been witnessing air pollution around the globe receding and a gorgeous symbol if ever there was one, dolphins returning to the clear flowing waters in and around Venice. Surely, new sustainable ideas concerning living in reciprocation with nature, and one another, will emerge from these unprecedented waters. 

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Rams find two (or three or four) heads may be better than one during their birthday month. As your ruling planet, dynamic Mars and graceful Venus wink at each other from your social houses, it’s time to mingle (at a safe distance!) Go live with that new website, join virtual hangouts, bump up your blog posts, use your design skills to create something beautiful for your neighborhood and/or close relatives. Usually independent, Rams’ relationship needs are shifting; you want deeper connections now, which leads to more cooperative, win-win kinships. While the structures at work may be upending and working from home becomes the new normal, why not use this time to outfit your home office space. Toward the end of the month, trust a radical idea around ways to make money from home and make a conscious decision to invest yourself in it. Throughout April and beyond, action-oriented Rams are busier than usual at flexing their mental muscles. That’s great! Just make an effort to change your internal dialogue; think about all that kindness you’ve been witnessing from others lately as the example of how you should be talking to yourself right now. 

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) As your ruler, value-conscious Venus rolls into your money house, you may be focused on various ways to improve your finances. As money matters look up and your security needs stabilize, you regain your confidence and feel your worth. While there may be plenty of work, don’t take on too much. Though most Bulls love to work, less is more right now, especially as we’re called to stay close to home. A full moon in your health and daily routines house at the beginning of the month has you shedding a worn out habit that holds you back. Have you been on the couch all March? Well, it’s time to get outside and remotivate your exercise regimen. A new moon in your sign on the 22nd just happens to fall on Earth Day. Perfect! Get outdoors (vitamin-D boosts immunity), plant your feet in the dirt, and celebrate Mother Earth. With surprise planet Uranus conjoining this new moon, she may have an unexpected message for you as your birthday season approaches. Simultaneously, this lively planetary lineup opens the door to reinventing yourself on all levels. Stodgy Bovines begone! Don’t be afraid to innovate. As Bulls embrace their creativity and originality, it behooves you to keep a dream journal. It will likely be the source for your redesign plan toward the end of the month.  

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) While Twins should be boosting up their immune systems (Gemini rules the lungs), this month is looking sweet as the full moon sets off a creative spark. Of all the signs of the zodiac, you are the most adept at being adaptable in these wildly changing times. Give your fullest attention to your creative urges now; you just might be the clarion call we all need. And in particular, if you’re doing it via a live Facebook feed, go ahead and indulge in playing around with a new look but don’t settle on your new brand (let alone hairstyle) until just after the summer solstice. With a new moon in your house of the subconscious and isolation, cooped up with genius planet Uranus toward the end of the month, your unconscious mind may bonk you on the head with more than an apple, bestowing some of your best ideas to date. History tells us, Sir Issac Newton discovered gravity, the motion of the planets, and his most wondrous theories while quarantined during the Great Plague of London.  

CANCER (June 21–July 22)  Dear crabby Crabs, while you might feel compelled to amp up power struggles in your closest relationships and indulge in the mistrust/jealousy trap at this time, we strongly advise against this dark pool and instead urge you to lean into the bright light of compassion. Yes, we would like all Crabs to henceforth focus on practicing compassion for the entire month of April, scratch that, the entire year. It’s time to take the emphasis off of managing your relationships and retreat into the shell of your subconscious. It is there in the deep mystery that Crustaceans may access the solitude necessary to recharge their depleted batteries. Now more than ever, Cancers need to don their oxygen masks first before they can assist others effectively. We’re all trying to figure out how we can each best be of service to the world right now. For you, it begins with something along the lines of a meditation retreat, accessed remotely. Besides, you may not know what you want in love ‘til well after your birthday. In the meantime, practice caution around money and shared resources. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Leos will go far roaring from their front porches this month as they take networking in the neighborhood to a new level. Connecting on Nextdoor and being the life of the party in virtual meetups could be very helpful on the workfront as well, as more functions move online for the foreseeable future. But your social gifts don’t stop here. Lions are pouring energy into their intimate relationships, too and juiced to collaborate on creative projects virtually with their partners and close friends. If you can tame the inclination to engage in battles of will while combining forces with other big cats (ahem, egos), Kittys may find they’ve tapped into a vast and rich vein of creativity. Toward the end of the month, don’t be afraid to let your eccentric side out of its cage. As you flash your unique genius, you unleash new career potentials and may even uncover a public role you might not have considered before.     

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Virgins have been working hard at their daily routines, inventing new strategies around getting the job done remotely. We thank you for your care-focused meticulous example, particularly now as we all conscientiously sequester ourselves. And with two tough planets hunkered in your health house Virgos, you know more than any other sign to take good care. Stay calm and wash your hands! With a full moon in your house of earnings and Venus, planet of attraction, transiting your career house, you’ve set yourself up for a positive month concerning all things livelihood. And if your current career has you feeling less than passionate, how can you bring your singular mastery to the fore, to reinvigorate what’s become stale? We encourage you to place joy as a foundational element to doing this. Focus on the benefits! Meanwhile, your creative life could take a deep and powerful turn, so stay open to your muse. Toward the end of the month, you may suddenly embark on an unusual course of online study or blaze new trails around armchair travel, which could unearth material for that book idea you’ve been kicking around.    

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) A full moon in your sign starts your month off with the opportunity to look clearly at some aspect of who you define yourself to be and how you do things. What needs refining? Perhaps it has to do with what you are learning right now. There’s an opening there to discover some deeper truths and gain lasting wisdom. Not a month to skim the surface, it’s time for this well-balanced sign to tip the scales toward contemplating more profound questions, regarding the meaning of life. While it could hit a nerve in the area of one-to-one relationships, it will be well worth the journey. Put in the work now, Libra and you may just burst the floodgates of your creativity, perhaps bringing you and your significant other together around an artistic endeavor or business. Early in the month, a power surge in your house of home and family, may prompt you to redesign or improve your residence or to research your family tree. Why not check out a free trial with Ancestry.com?  

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) With a full moon lighting up your house of the subconscious, psychic Scorpions should be drawing out all the symbols from their nightly dreamtime visions. Meanwhile, lovely Venus waltzes through your house of shared wealth (and sex), possibly bringing an opportunity to penetrate a new resource or simply to steam up the windows of your home as you engage in lots of quarantine relations. Keeping your focus on the metaphysical all the while will aid you when a sudden surprise pops up in your relationships. Whatever it is, it’s for the best. Earlier in the month, don’t underestimate a meetup between Jupiter, planet of truth and Pluto, planet of transformation, in your house of communications and community; this powerful duo urges you to pump up your network and expand your reach locally, all with the highest integrity. Consider joining an online yoga or meditation group. Engaging in a spiritual practice or any endeavor designed to tune up your moral compass or strengthen your humanity is advisable now. As Scorpio author Albert Camus once wrote in his absurdist work The Plague, “This whole thing is not about heroism…the only way to fight the plague is with decency.” Hear, hear! 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) A rare planetary lineup at the beginning of the month between your ruler, truth-seeking Jupiter and powerful Pluto in your money house puts Archers’ financial goals and objectives on notice. Having deeply transformed your personal beliefs related to finances and self-worth, a burgeoning integrity around how you make a living no longer allows you to seek financial gain that benefits you alone. This awakening brings to mind the words of 17th-century physicist and theologian Blaise Pascal. “Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just.” For you Gentle Sag, whether this means forging a nonprofit aimed at innovating community networks or mobilizing neighbors around social justice issues, you’re motivated to serve your local community, perhaps working to create ways to redistribute resources and spread the wealth around. Meanwhile, as love goddess Venus promenades through your partnership house, single Archers might meet their future mate via volunteering or doorknocking to promote a progressive initiative. Toward the end of the month, you’ll be redirecting your daily schedule, perhaps making a sudden shift. Go ahead, you’re in need of a fresh routine.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Sea Goats in positions of authority have been burning the candle at both ends during this wild pandemic ride. The full moon in harmonious Libra near the beginning of the month affirms your hard work but also where you need to restore yourself. The burnout is real. It’s been and continues to be a powerfully transformative time; in a way you are being reborn and made bigger as the pressure mounts, testing your mettle over and over again, and you come out stronger every time. We thank you for all your dedication and serious good work. While we do need your leadership, this month allow the nourishing benefits of beauty into your day-to-day program. As an earth sign, body restoration needs to be on the top of your agenda. It could be as simple as a delicious new smoothie recipe to start off your day or a fresh bouquet of flowers on your desk to remind you of the regenerative Springtime cycle that the entire Northern hemisphere is winding through now. A sudden playful whimsy at the end of the month could go far to boost your energy and even spark a new creative project that more closely aligns with what you love to do. 

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Water Bearers have energy to burn this month. As fiery Mars hits the gas in your sign, you’re pumped to pour yourself into whatever pursuits you may have percolating in the background. But there’s a catch. Cautious Saturn, now joined with Mars, restrains the Red Planet’s natural urge to push forward. Saturn, the planet of maturity and limits, requires measured, determined action and rewards playing by the book. This puts our beloved radical Aquarians in a quandary. While we appreciate your individualism and revolutionary bent, right now it’s wise to operate in a way that doesn’t land you in hot water with your tribe or worse, cause you to wipe out. Peace-loving Venus is your secret weapon in this; as she flourishes her social savvy from your house of fun and romance, she eases any tension and redirects the Red Planet’s testiness (rage, even) into pure creative power. Whether those hydraulics flow into an artistic pursuit, fuel a new business plan, or spark a new friendship, you’re on track this Spring to leverage your ingenuity and have a lot of fun doing it. Meanwhile, if single Aquarians can remain open, the cosmic omens strongly support the possibility for you to meet a long-lasting love. Laughter and play are key in this equation and a tonic for any static you might encounter as you take calculated risks and cautiously roll out your plan for the future. As you maintain your usual sang-froid, your metamorphosis is as magnificent as that of the loveliest butterfly. May we all be witness to such beauty. 

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Fresh off his backwards journey through your sign, speedy planet Mercury meets up with your ruler, dreamy Neptune at the beginning of the month, perhaps muddying the waters and seducing you to evade reality rather than create it. Put this illusive energy to good use, and make a practice of visualizing the most meaningful outcome for the world at this time. This is your superpower in this moment of uncertainty. The full moon on the 7th spotlights potential money matters. Are you in the midst of refinancing? Have you been putting off clearing up some fine print around a family trust or an inheritance? Now is the time to do your due diligence. In the middle of the month Mercury speeds into your house of personal finances, perhaps bringing you new ideas around how to utilize a latent skill or talent. On the personal front, the month could bring some deepwater fireworks in your house of friends and groups, as your co-ruler, larger-than-life Jupiter joins forces with transformative Pluto, demarcating a sea change around the direction in which you’re headed and with whom, long-term. If that’s sounding a bit unnerving, the best news we have for you is thus: truly this month is a very fine time to stay hunkered down with home-beautifying projects. 

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant.

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll