April 2021 Horoscopes

Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

It’s official. Spring has sprung and brought a bolt of energy with it.

A charge of cosmic action in the sign of the Ram inspires lofty leaps forward in the first half of the month. 

Shaking out the dust of winter webs, we follow in step with nature and unfurl our fronds. Budding trees and early springtime blooms hurl heady scents, enticing the animal nature in even the most cerebral of us. We begin to see signs that hope springs eternal. Certainly, we’re gaining firmer footing with the proliferation of vaccines and yet, the hard-earned lessons of the last year require their due. While we start the month with a much needed burst of energy, we must continue to lean into the slower, contemplative skills and reserve space for meditation and reflection–enter the unhurried pace of the sign of the Bull the last half of April. As the season cycles forward, we have earthier opportunities to stabilize for the long haul and deepen our roots, not to mention smell the roses.

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

ARIES (March 21–April 19) “Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” So said Goethe, and Rams, he wrote that just for you. It’s green light time; embody your boldness and go for it! Concurrently, with bootiful Venus in your sign, it’s time to spruce up your look; try out that asymmetrical hair-do you’ve been eyeing or those futuristic running shoes–anything new and different works on you this month. Looking good and feeling more confident than ever, you’re a magnet for meeting the right people at the right time. With your ruling planet, Mars revving in your house of communications and the mind, your intellect is on fire. We suggest full speed ahead in the networking game as you’re able to articulate your plans, promote your ideas, and ask for what you want. All ears are on you, and your words have power. While you’re able to sell just about anything to anyone right now, your best deals will spring from schemes of like-minded allies collaborating around projects that gather more of us under a wider tent. Toward the end of the month, your attention shifts to finances and seeing value in your skills. You’re also motivated to get going on that project around the house or moving all together. In any event, the wind is at your back all month. Enjoy the smooth sailing.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) The early part of April finds you lollying in the field, daydreaming and nibbling flowers rather than stampeding ahead. The action for you is all behind the scenes, working a secret side hustle or possibly benefitting from passive income. Staying out of the fray can work in your favor. Perhaps practice the zen art of simply watching your thoughts instead of the ticker tape. Mid-month your ruler, lovely Venus moves into your sign, awakening your sensual side. This is prime time to indulge in some serious pampering. How about a spa day? Yum! Or hit the thrift stores for a wardrobe upgrade. As the natural beauties of the zodiac, by the latter part of the month, all eyes are on you as you get out there and dazzle us with your brightness. Then on the 20th, go-for-it Mars pushes into your gad-about-town house, and you’re ready to hit the road. You’re finally energized to go go go and get things done, but try not to take it personally if others, especially siblings, aren’t on the same page. All in good time, sweet friend, all in good time. Also, do keep your cool behind the wheel as you may be prone to getting into it with others. Toward the end of month, a full moon shines a light on your partnership house, perhaps motivating a decision that could impact the future of your relationship. Truth be told, it’s kind of a shit-or-get-off-the-pot moment. Putting the personal aside, on the work front, you may have a compulsion to tell your boss just where they can go, but we strongly advise against burning bridges! Your best medicine is to sleep on it, Bulls and envision a peaceful place. Remember that flowering field where you started the month?

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Twins truly are reveling in their element this month. With a party of planetary activity in your house of social connections, you’re poised to win friends and influence multitudes. Even more than usual, you’re keen to connect, exchange information, and learn from your fellow squad mates. While you may look like a social butterfly, this is no superficial engagement; you’re consciously gathering knowledge and expanding your wisdom–all in the cause of touching your dreams and generating your vision. As the horizon of your knowledge widens, you gain confidence in your beliefs and may suddenly find yourself a spokesperson. As the sign most gifted with gabbing, this is your month to lean in to the microphone as the stars adorn you with Pied Piper fairy dust. We’re all listening. Speak up! In the middle of the month, your energy down-shifts as you settle into some quality alone time to recharge. We encourage you to slip off to a mountain retreat and hug your most beloved trees. Even butterflies alight in stillness from time to time. As the month progresses, red-hot Mars burns through your money house and maybe your bank account, too. If you can redirect the Red Planet’s initiating energy toward securing work that supports your values, you could very well reverse the urge to spend and pad out your pocketbook instead. A full moon at the end of month highlights your health and daily routines. Your work team may go through a restructuring as perhaps a member departs, which could impact your position and therefore schedule. We’ve yet to meet a Gem without a backup plan. If you don’t like the new org chart, pivot is your middle name.     

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Come out. Come out. It’s your time to shine, dear Crabs. The rocks of family life complexities that you’ve been lodged in from a long-time undertow are finally loosened. The current has shifted, and you’re feeling ready to lead the charge on the career front. With a conference of planets convening in your career house the first half of the month, you’re primed to lead negotiations and close deals. All eyes from the C-suite are on you and, if you don’t get promoted, it may be time to clamber off toward new shores. Your instincts are exquisitely attuned now, and the insights are pouring in, so go ahead and trust your noteworthy gut. Those around you will be glad to trust it, too. Tony Robbins has got nothing on you as you effortlessly inspire and motivate the rest of us. We just can’t get enough. Mid-month, your ideas look promising to investors, who may be offering the resources you need to get that venture off the ground. By the way, if you haven’t already, purchase those shares! Later in the month, you switch on the social high beams; you’re quite the queen bee, catching up with friends al fresco. Pop a bottle of prosecco into your picnic basket and enjoy the sweet scent of spring in the air. By month’s end, mighty Mars moves into your sign making you a force to be reckoned with; just be mindful to ask for and not demand what you want. Remember the old adage about catching more flies with honey? You know what to do.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Big cats are itching to stretch their minds and horizons. You’ve been pacing inside your cage for too long, and now that you can get the vax, visions of far off savannahs are calling. If your visa has been in limbo, it may finally come through. Woo-hoo! If long-distance travel is not an option, get inspired to set off on an intellectual journey or follow a new spiritual path. The sky’s the limit when it comes to expanding your learning potential; and you’re not alone in this pursuit, you’re bound to meet up with like-minded cats and together you’re able to forge new frontiers. Soon you’ll be prowling with a whole new pride for the long term. With the intellect reinvigorated and spirit expanded, by mid-month you’ll feel refreshed and ready to reinvest at work. As magnetic Venus transfers her affections to your career house, you’re roused to reemerge in the public eye. Others take notice of your new perspective and value the insights you have to contribute. Grounded, with practical know-how, you just make sense to all of us. You’re moving with a new grace, dare we say gravitas, professionally. Congratulations, kitties, you’ve earned this moment in the sun.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) No strangers to hard work, Virgos are deeply invested in hammering out the details of their shared resources and psychological complexes during the first half of April. It’s heavy lifting, but you’re motivated to tackle the hard stuff, including the tax man and even some long untouched fears around intimacy. Facing life’s delicate inevitabilities pays off now via a refund, loan, or new way to invest your money, not to mention gaining a deeper trust with your beloved. Such personal achievements embolden you as well as support you in scoring some wins on the professional front, stepping up your rep. At work, you’re seen as the competent problem-solver. You’ve an innate ability to see what’s not working and improve methods. The rest of us just don’t have these skills like you do. As you streamline the systems of industry as well as the complexes within, you see a connection between your stress levels and your physical body. It may seem like magic when you see improvements in your well-being. Ah-h-h, cheers to your good health! Later in the month, as health concerns ease, you’re feeling more free to accept travel opportunities. Do it. Set off on a new road of expanding your consciousness in the coming months. You’re excited to exchange ideas with cohorts, stretch your mind, and enjoy the art of debate. While a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone, just beware of overstating your point when sharing your opinion. We heard you the first time. A full moon in your communications house at month’s end could focus your attention on a sticky issue that a family member has been dealing with and though you may feel compelled to step in, we recommend the opposite. Taking a step back (without judgement) is likely what’s most needed. Be of service to your own future goals instead. 

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Having cleared space in March, April brings love goddess Venus, the Sun, and thoughtful Mercury to work together in your partnership house. Partnered Libras will be captivated by your beloved’s scintillating mind; starry-eyed over everything they think and say. Conversations about everything, from world events to politics to more heady topics, like what turns you on, fill up the hours of the day and night. Still single? Cosmic omens portend you’re ripe to meet a special someone and establish a true meeting of the minds so spot-on that it might seem too good to be true. As long as there are no red flags, go for it. Later in the month, the planetary action heats up in your house of intimacy and shared resources, bringing ample opportunity to invite your new friend into your safe bubble. Rumpled sheets may ensue for new and established relationships alike. Go ahead and let your sensual side have sway. Yet, do avoid complete self-abandonment, as a full moon at the close of the month casts a revealing light on your house of money and values, perhaps exposing some holes in your ideal merger. Take note of a clash over values. If kids are involved, a disagreement could crop up around how to discipline them and structure their development. If you find you’re overextended financially, this may be a good time to think about how you and your partner can better pool your resources. Whatever the case, with never-say-die Mars cruising through your career house, you’re motivated to move up the ladder and garner more power. Just be careful not to push too hard or act too impatient. Employ your natural finesse, Libra, and all should be peachy. 

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) This month, as a powerhouse of planetary energy motors through your health and the daily grind sector, you’re poised for a transformational change on the work front. Many of you have been pulling more than your share, troubled and toiling a grind, all in an effort to keep your family afloat. Good news! Some of you indeed may be turning over a new professional leaf that suits you waaaay better and, glory be, involves a bump up in pay and benefits. After all this time punching a clock or submitting endless applications online, you’re finally turning straw into gold. Co-workers, clients, and customers alike have relied on your resourcefulness and dexterity at putting out fires, not to mention moving mountains while  everyone else scratches their heads. At last, your efforts are recognized and appreciated. Fantastic! Certainly this new shift is a game changer for your physical and mental health, as well. With an encouraging new work environment and team, you can set your sights on a far better work/life balance. How might you restructure your daily habits and rituals to support your well-being? As more of us begin to return to the workplace, walking to work could be a good start. This refresh on the workfront and health-reset paves the way for a release of tension in your closest relationships. In the second part of April, a trio of planets, including love goddess Venus, sashays into your partnership house, setting you up for some sweet respite with your Boo. Single Scorpios may be drawn to a totally different type than usual. Or you might discover that a little juice is heating up between you and a longstanding friend or an acquaintance could unwittingly introduce you to your long-awaited soul mate. Regardless, at the end of the month, a full moon in your sign shines a light on your needs versus those of your significant other. Self-love is where it’s at. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Archers’ creative fires burn bright the first half of April, as a party of planets rubs elbows in your house of self-expression and romance. The cosmic prognostic is all about joy–let the good times roll! Still harmoniously ablaze in your partnership house, passionate Mars galvanizes you to collaborate on visionary enterprises and projects, not to mention wax poetic with your sweetie. Presently arm-in-arm with your muse, it’s up to you to take advantage of this rich vein of inspiration. For those of you who are parents, this is an opportunity to throw the schedule out the window and simply spend time with your kiddos. As a big kid at heart, quality hangout time now will create lifetime memories for both you and your children. You may be surprised at what you come up with spinning out new versions of charades and family-fun day activities. Later in the month, refreshed from all the fun, you can settle back into regular work hours with a new appreciation for the idiom, “genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” (not to mention iteration.) By the end of the month, the focus shifts to your house of work and daily habits. If you can direct the wisdom garnered from those earlier creative sparks into an everyday ritual, you could just have a masterpiece on your hands.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) High-achieving Goats can take a break from scaling the heights and focus their hearts homeward. You’re overdue for a bit of comforting restoration. With a clan of planets nestled in your house of home and family, you may be focused on buying furniture, updating the backyard deck, or consulting with a Feng Shui expert to arrange your private sanctuary in a way that feeds your soul and boosts your health. You’re finally reaping the rewards of your hella hard work. Good for you! At the same time, never one to side-step responsibility, you may be helping out a parent or family member financially, and it feels right to do so. As you’re putting your talents to good use, this could be an opportune time to invest in real estate. Mid-month, rejuvenated from your homebody focus, you may find yourself in the midst of a creative burst, as the planetary party moves on to your house of self-expression. With lovely Venus leading the bunny hop, this could be one of the most romantic periods of the year for you. Your sensual side is in full bloom. Indulge your senses with your sweetie in tow. Make reservations at an out-of-the-way outdoor restaurant, book a mud bath for two, or take a dip au naturel at a secret beach. It’s time to let your hair down and play. That goes for you too, solo Goats; get out and start mingling. As more and more get the vax, be proactive; it could be just the time to find an adorable sidekick. Should a faceoff flare up around the full moon with a work group that’s tied to your future, you may need to compromise or else cut bait. What say you? Time to bag a new peak?

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) You may feel like an air traffic controller in the first half of April, with a formation of planets abuzz in your house of communications and short-distance travel. Your in-box and phone are blowing up. Feeling sharper than ever, your mind is ablaze; you’re compelled to connect with friends, bounce ideas off siblings, and gobble up all things new new new. If you’re in any kind of sales position, with silver-tongued Mercury in the mix, your persuasive powers are sterling. Our money’s on you to close those deals. Some of you may be thinking through your next move, buying a car, or tricking out your camper van for that long-planned road trip. As the nerve center in your social sphere, you may be the first to host a vaccination celebration for your peeps. Inoculated and masked up, you’re game for some serious flirting. Single? Hop on “Lila”, the new dating app powered by cosmic-inspired algorithms; it could be just the ticket to the intellectual connection you’ve been searching for. As the month progresses, your focus shifts homeward. Make plans to catch up with your family members and visit more distant relatives. It’s been too long. You’re also inspired to aesthetically enhance your place. The stimulus check could help with a fresh new art piece. If you’ve been considering some kind of closure at work, the full moon could highlight frustrations and feelings of being underappreciated. It may very well be enough for you to walk. Waterbearers, what’s your exit plan? Is it finally time to go solo?

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Money isn’t everything, but it sure helps. And as the undercover wealth magnets of the zodiac, Fishes seem hell bent on living up to that rep and making bank. With a shoal of planets in your house of finances and self-worth the first part of April, some of you may be pouring yourself into a new venture, pooling resources with partners, and getting positive feedback for your invaluable skills and talents. Kudos! While income may be flowing in, you’re also busy pouring surplus funds out, ever beautifying your home. It’s important to you to feel proud of your comfy castle, not to mention feel good working from it. Fingers-crossed you can make the home office permanent. Do your best to keep swimming past frustrating obstacles family members might throw your way mid-month and gracefully glide into the calmer social waters around the bend. With gracious Venus joining the enlightened cosmic meetup in your networking pond, you’ll be gleaning more with your soft-spoken communication style than any of the outdated authoritarian approaches. Your ability to lead the way with innovative communication skills helps to ease inter-departmental functioning like a charm. The organization is better for it and your team is grateful. Later in the month, passionate Mars dashes into your house of creativity and romance. Exciting! Riding a wave of inspiration, you’re poised to direct that creative surge into a long-held endeavor. You’re feeling it, and this particular labor of love will pay off. Speaking of love, we suggest a dive into the dating pool for footloose Fishies. Already hooked-up halibuts, set the table for two and cue the baby-maker playlist.