April 2022 Horoscopes

Aries - April 2022 Horoscopes by Lisa Carroll and Lisa Awrey
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Hope springs eternal in April.

A rare union of big-picture Jupiter and inspiring Neptune in Pisces takes flight in a dream machine mid-month. Cast your most treasured visions aloft but stay grounded for the best results. 

As April opens in the midst of dynamic Aries season and all the planets are in forward motion, we find ourselves feeling a youthful enthusiasm. Our vim and vigor are being restored, as a new moon in the sign of the Ram on the 1st motivates us to reclaim ourselves and our desires. Courageous new beginnings are everywhere. With Chiron, the healer and Mercury, the communicator close at hand, there’s an opportunity to revitalize a wounded will and maybe shout it from the mountain top. But the big magic arrives on April 12th with the once-in-a-lifetime encounter between optimistic Jupiter and inspiring Neptune. It’s so important we’d like to declare it a worldwide holiday. What do you, from the depths of your being, want to manifest? Using the unapologetic and bold approach of Aries, set a clear intention, and plant a seed of that dream you’ve been forming for a while. Take care not to be wishy-washy when Mars shifts into the sign of the fish a few days later. You don’t want to end up in a muddled confusion. Nevertheless, if you stray down a meandering path, the stars will guide you in the true direction. Just have faith—and a lot of patience.

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that first; it’s often more relevant.  

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Carpe diem, champ! Emboldened with your notable brashness and bravery, it’s your move on the first of April as the month opens with a new moon in your sign. Venturing out of comfort zones and blazing new trails is what you’re made for. Nothing like the sweet scent of spring to start anew. Keep in mind that the actions you set into motion now will likely imprint the tone for the rest of the year. Hot tip: a barroom brawl would not be your best stunt. Be on the lookout for signs as Mercury the messenger accompanies this new moon and delivers some important news. Tap your maverick nature to move through bureaucratic obstacles and global shutdown constraints. While Aries season, in general, emphasizes going it alone, the full moon in relationship savvy Libra on the 16th invites you to find direction in collaboration. Instead of jockeying for position, team up with your comrades and commit to an ambitious long-term goal. It’ll feel good to sink your teeth into something you’re passionate about alongside like-minded folk. If there’s any kind of fight, choose the one that brings peace and delivers benefits to the community for a long time to come. Meanwhile, an eddy of planetary action swirls behind the scenes in your house of the unconscious, inspiring you to keep one foot in dreamland, heeding your intuition and spiritual inclinations. With a once-in-a-lifetime meetup between expansive Jupiter and inspiring Neptune around the 12th, there’s an opportunity for a mystical experience that portends spontaneous healing. Be prepared for a psychological release from self-sabotaging behavior or some deep trauma. It’s big stuff, weary warrior. Stay open to a profound experience that has the capacity to reintroduce you to the magic of life. By the time the solar eclipse shakes up your money house at the end of the month, a sudden job offer, raise, or chunk of money could land in your lap. As an income source ends at this time, act quickly to align with something even better. Hello, abundance!

TAURUS (April 20–May 20)  Bulls behave more like late winter bears, nestled down for a final stretch of dreamtime hibernation during the first half of April. While Aries season tends to be go-go-go, it’s important that you lean into your imagination and let practical matters go for now. Relax in knowing that you’ve already done the work and a new level of healing is available to you without much effort. Tune into the richness of your subconscious and explore information that could fuel future projects for years to come. At the same time, as several planets, including your ruler, sweet Venus, still rendezvous in the sign of the fish for most of the month, the moment is ripe to exercise your ESP muscle with friends. On the 12th, when generous Jupiter hooks up with inspirational Neptune in Pisces for the first time in well over a century, you may receive gentle whispers about a creative vision. Since this occurs in your house of cohorts, you may feel galvanized to join a kinder group of collaborators to work on a long-term plan. Your soul herd is calling, so stay open to opportunities like a workshop where the whole lot of you end up extending the project you’re doing into the community. By the time the Sun ambles into your sign on the 20th, you and your cohort are ready to present your collective ideas. The month ends with an exciting turning point for you Bulls, as a powerful solar eclipse occurs in your sign. We hope this cosmic nudge registers more like an exciting jolt of energy and less like a cattle prod. Consider this: if the gates to the pastures of your dreams should burst open, what would be your most delicious plan? Call it in. Big changes are afoot. 

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) The new moon in Aries will light up your intellect as your ruler, Mercury joins the party in your social sector at the first of the month. Summon that silver tongue of yours and put it to use in connecting, negotiating, and creating new contacts. Resist the urge to go full monologue and talk over friends as the Ram’s competitive streak can come out in groups. Stay focused on the collaborators, not the competition. Hone in on what you want, and use your wit to initiate important conversations with like-minded people. Teamwork is not only the dream work, it’s integral to your success. Do your best to avoid prickly subjects or sparring with others around conflicting beliefs. Meanwhile, since Jupiter dipped into the sign of the fish at the beginning of the year, you’ve been swimming with the masters and enjoying ample opportunities to don a laurel crown. The ease with which you’ve managed to maneuver among the top brass culminates at the rare moment when auspicious Jupiter and quixotic Neptune sync up in your career house on the 12th. Make the most of it. Go ahead and dream big. This could be a perfect time for opportunities to unfold in the areas of art or alternative healing, charity work, or spiritual pursuits. Whatever the field, you’re receptive to quite a download of profound wisdom. On the 10th, your ruler shifts into the house of seclusion and spirituality; take some time for self-reflection, and recharge your batteries. At the end of the month a new moon/solar eclipse, involving radical Uranus in your house of the unconscious could provide a bolt of insight via prophetic dreams or waking visions. If you experience restless sleep or unease on a psychic level, do your best to relax and tune into the metaphysical airwaves. Whether you gain swift inspiration for a creative project or a sudden realization around a self-defeating behavior, the point is to become aware that you are consciousness itself. We wonder how you might depict that in a tattoo.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Messenger planet Mercury joins a new moon in your career house on the first of April, conveying important information relating to a new purpose that is coming into view. Some feeling is nudging you. Pay it some mind and see what it reveals about where you’re headed next. Harmonious Venus graces your house of long-distance travel, so we do hope that at least part of what’s percolating is an opportunity for adventure. Take advantage of any circumstances to be more social and broaden your horizons. Who knows how it could positively influence your career? Meanwhile, you may be feeling rather a will of iron when it comes to a shared resource that will have a long-term effect on you and your partner. Take stock and set boundaries. Pragmatism rules, and you’ll need plenty of it to tackle an onerous issue. Around the 10th, you’ll feel a quality of respite as the winds of inspiration blow in. Set your checklists aside and soothe those nerves as uplifting Jupiter and dreamy Neptune unite in your house of beliefs. Give yourself space to connect to your higher self and contemplate the meaning of life. If you’ve been curious for a while about that ashram around the corner or there’s a teacher reaching you on a soul level, heed the call and be the seeker you long to be. It could be the start of a spiritual journey. At the end of the month, under the effects of a solar eclipse, you could find yourself amongst a new and unusual crowd of friends. They’re there to shake things up and ultimately, expand your mind. Disorienting at first, we know you’ll love that feeling of freedom when you shed that old shell. Time to grow, little crab.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) It’s open season on adventure in April, dear Lions. Notable planetary action, including a new moon, heats up your house of beliefs and wider horizons as the month kicks off. Set aside your inner fraidy cat, trust the signs of spiritual awakening, and leap out of your comfort zone. It’s time for personal growth. Boldly go where you’ve not gone before. If you need a buddy, how about fellow fire sign, Aries? When you put your fiery heads together, there’s no conversational path or considerations of future travel to far corners you will leave untrodden. Your local, well-trampled jungle may feel like a cramped cage now. Meanwhile, relationship planet Venus joins the flotilla of planets buoyed in your house of shared resources, and may bring an inheritance or large sum of money with her. All should go well once you do your due diligence around any venture that could, at first, seem too good to be true. On the 12th, abundant Jupiter and magical Neptune begin their hypnotic dance in this powerfully transformative space, inspiring you to explore the mysterious and conjure a healing ritual to release yourself from an old trauma once and for all. Shazam! It’s worth years on the psychologist’s couch. All you have to do is show up for this miraculous experience and allow yourself to be swept toward your higher calling. When the new moon/solar eclipse flips the switch in your career house at the end of the month, a door opens to a new chapter. Now is the time to pounce. Who knows? Within the next year, you could find yourself in a new role, living abroad, or working with someone who resides in a foreign country. Keep your luggage light and leave behind any old selves you don’t want to come along. 

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) The month starts with a new moon flanked by your ruler, brainy Mercury and healer Chiron in your house of intimacy and metamorphosis. A powerful way to begin the astrological year with a tabula rasa in the terrain of deep psychology. We almost feel compelled to blindfold you for this part. As you head into the unknown, “trust” needs to be your mantra. Wearing your heart on your sleeve might feel intimidating, but because your ruler, Mercury, resides in this zone the first part of the month, the challenge will be to practice being more vulnerable. As scary as that sounds, go ahead and slide down that rabbit hole, it could lead to an emotionally fulfilling breakthrough. Dive into the mysterious alchemical waters. Meanwhile, on surface level, it’s tax time and you could initiate a new approach to debt or joint finances that’s more straightforward. Good for you! Around the 10th, expansive Jupiter and mystical Neptune pair up in your relationship house, sparking you to experience something mind-altering with your beloved. Sounds kinda tantric, doesn’t it? At the very least, you may feel a tidal wave of compassion for your partner or a dear friend. MDMA won’t be necessary. If your partner is going through a particularly emotional period, you’re ready to provide the comfort they need, in true Virgo selflessness. In fact, sacrificing your needs for them now could feel like a privilege or even a sacred experience. As you step into the role of a savior, check any codependent tendencies at the door. This is tricky, rose-colored glasses territory, so you’ll need to navigate with sobriety. Stick to offering practical help—your forte, perform a miracle or two, and you may just qualify for sainthood before it’s over. The month ends with a powerful new moon/solar eclipse in your travel and higher education house. It sounds heady, but you may experience an epiphany that impacts the meaning of your life. A fated encounter with someone in a different country, an important teacher, or a field of study that captivates your interest could plant a seed that culminates early next year in a way that’s utterly life-changing. Destiny calls. “This is impossible,” you might say, much like Alice does. “Only if you believe it is,” replies the Mad Hatter.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) You’ll find balance this month, dear Libra via holding space for your beloved as well as yourself. A healing new moon, flanked by communicative Mercury and medicinal Chiron in your partnership house on the 1st gets the ball rolling. Your partner may be wrestling with a painful memory and in need of support, or maybe you’re feeling compelled to air a past trauma; as risky as it sounds, it could be the thing that heals an old wound. In the process, it will deepen your intimacy as well as increase your wisdom as you sharpen your active listening skills. You’re a veritable relationship guru. Typical for a modern-day guiding light, your schedule is brimming with meetings, calls, and social engagement. Once the negotiations are out of the way, you’re free to focus on the main cosmic attraction in April, the union between fortunate Jupiter and inspiring Neptune, unfolding in your work/health sector mid-month. This rare pairing of miracle workers could do wonders for your body. As simple as working with positive affirmations and visualization techniques, you could banish an unwanted condition in an instant. The positive omens portend stepping into a dream role, one which allows you to stretch beyond the drudgery of a daily grind. All the while, you’re knocking out daily tasks with graceful effortlessness, and you’re in sync with your colleagues, too. Then on the 16th, a full moon in your sign shifts the focus back to you. Prioritizing your relationship with yourself isn’t selfish. In fact, it improves the quality of your relationships overall. Toward the end of the month, the Sun enters pleasure-seeking Taurus and your house of intimacy, where your inclination may turn to the sensual. Set the taxes aside. Weighing the silk sheets against spreadsheets is a no-brainer. The month closes with a solar eclipse in this same mysterious sector. Like the beginning of the month, a cathartic release on an emotional level could further transform your darkest fears into productive energy. Ride that wave into your next venture.  

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Let’s get physical, Scorpio. With a fierce new moon in your house of health and habits kicking off the month, get ready to hit the gym. It also affects your work life. What new role is waiting for you to embody, as you carve out new patterns to support your wellbeing? Infusing routines with spring-like newness, you’re the one to watch – the one who can unshakingly hold a plank for more than eight minutes all while maintaining a tranquil grin. Building not only core strength, you’re also challenging the rest of us to step it up. But the deeper story this month begins when expansive Jupiter and exquisite Neptune pair up for their synchronized swim in your house of creativity and pleasure on the 12th. As you spin your creative magic into gold, we’re mesmerized by the ease with which you manage to pull off this performance. You’re in the zone, channeling a gossamer transmission, redesigning the very nature of what we define as play. Steeped in empathy and cultural awareness, you’re kindly rewriting the rules so that everyone can enjoy the fun. Later in the month, you’re ready to say what you need to feel secure in your relationship as the confident Sun pads into Taurus and your partnership house. Once you’ve opened the conversation, a potent new moon/solar eclipse shakes it up, unleashing whatever you’ve been holding in, as the month concludes. No need to stew and boil over. Engage your core, and keep saying what needs to be said. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Pull back your bow, Centaur and stretch your notion of what it means to follow your bliss. A feisty new moon in your house of self-expression and fun on the first launches you into either a creative renaissance or full-on spring break bacchanal. Whether you choose to let loose in verse, dance, experimental video, or Miami Beach, the sky’s the limit for initiating new pleasures. Follow your joy. Meanwhile, your ruler, generous Jupiter joins intuitive Neptune mid-month, encouraging you to broaden your field of view. This is a rare transit and truly what it’s doing for you is calling you home. If you’re on the verge of buying that dream home, do it! If you’ve already done that, beautify it. Grow your roots. Practice manifestation. What do you want to attract into your sanctuary? As you visualize your ideal home and family life, you effortlessly draw peace and harmony into all the spaces you inhabit. At the same time, be discerning and detail-oriented about what you wish for. While this is no doubt a magically positive phenomenon, there is also the potential to go off the rails, grand illusion style ala epic drunken fiasco. The timing still isn’t right for a housewarming. Instead, take care to examine how you handle your time and check your escape routes; practice emotional sobriety so that in your efforts to find utopia, you don’t land in a money pit or worse. By the time the Sun treks into the sign of the Bull and your house of habits and well-being toward the end of the month, you’ll be ready to take a breather and establish a new routine that feels good in your body. Days later, a solar eclipse rumbles through the same terrain, potentially unearthing glorious new insights. Heed any a-ha moments that give you a clear indication of how to improve your physical health. It’s probably simpler than you realize. 

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Aries season invigorates your base camp, allowing you a moment of sweet wonder, looking around at the new world you’re inhabiting. And then it’s time to dive into spring cleaning with the impetus of the new moon on the first. Open the windows, flip your mattress, air out your living space; give any adult offspring that may have returned home during the pandemic a move-out date, and reclaim your castle. Those of you that have been reading the tea leaves regarding life direction may be ready to take the big relocation step, securing plans to move abroad or back to your land of origin. This is about finding your home in the world, which is ultimately tending to your inner security. Imagine the weight that’s lifted once you put your cornerstone in place. In the meantime, make the most of the merging of magnanimous Jupiter and altruistic Neptune in your house of communication via building connections with your local environment around the 12th. With your ruler, restrictive Saturn and combative Mars mixing it up in your money house the first week of the month, you’ll need all the goodwill and mind-expanding energy you can harness to offset finance aggravations, like delays around tax refunds, payouts you’ve been waiting on, or tuition planning. You could feel a tendency to get swept away by the Piscean downloads flooding your mind but try instead to channel the deluge of insight into some creative storytelling. Keep any trips, the literal and medicinal, short. Now is not the time to lose direction. As the Sun treads into your fellow earth sign, Taurus on the 20th, you’ll be ready to let your hair down ala playtime with your sweetie. The Bull and you both love the little luxuries of comforting shelter, delicious food, and satisfying sexin that order. Go ahead and live a little. You’ve earned it. A solar eclipse shakes the ground of your pleasure principles at the end of the month, perhaps exposing a wilder side of you. With the security of a closed door, leave your inhibitions, and explore this wilderness.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Water Bearers want to be where their friends are as a rousing new moon in your house of communication coaxes you down to the neighborhood pub. Not only are you eager to check out the latest with your local scene, but you’re also keen to establish new pathways throughout your mind map. Brimming with fresh intel and ideas, you’re ready to spread the word on social media, and pitch your latest brainchild. The refreshing of connections has you on the right track, and aligns you mid-month, as benevolent planets Venus and Jupiter pool their resources with magical Neptune in your money zone. It looks like your ship has come in. If ever you might dream yourself into the kind of abundance you desire, now is the time to manifest like a beast. While that doesn’t mean you should quit your day job just yet, that day may be closer than you know. Keep it above board though, as this cosmic company can be adept at deception ala a financial sleight of hand that would make Bernie Madoff look bush league. Remember, a safe harbor is not necessarily a deserted island. Meanwhile, you’re more restless now with your ruler, disruptive Uranus shaking things up at home. Try moving things around, or hire a feng shui consultant for your home office to help you get your WFH space humming. Later in the month, the Sun joins Uranus in your house of home, where you feel like relaxing, and investing in a pillow top mattress and some high thread-count percale sheets. A week later, the new moon partial solar eclipse occurs in this same domicile on the 30th, upending your sense of home yet again. Are you putting down roots once and for all or packing it all up for a fresh start? Whatever you decide, be sure to send us the house-warming invite when you land.

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Let there be light, sweet Fish. With a new moon on the first in your financial sector, start your engine by generating abundance. Invest in your resources, both the inborn talents kind and how you earn your keep. As you do, you’ll have opportunities to reel in plenty of bounties. The most significant celestial occurrence of the year unfolds around the 12th as your two rulers, generous Jupiter and magical Neptune, rendezvous in your sign for the first time in 166 years. Of all the signs of the zodiac, this is your special day; so block out the date on the calendar, get yourself down to the nearest shoreline, commune with all things oceanic, and treat yourself to a simple, soulful ceremony that reconnects you to your source. You may well come away with a phosphorescent glow on this rarest of occasions. A divine conduit for pure frequency, strike your tuning forks, clear your chakras, and wipe your aura clean. But whatever you do, steer clear of your email. It can wait. Truly, this day is a magical window. If ever there was a moment to manifest the fortune cookie line you once taped to your computer that reads: “Pull the universe inside you; make it your own,” now is your chance. With enchanting Venus in this miraculous mix to sweeten the cosmic sorcery, you’ll be the brightest star ever, as the tides of love and romance roll in. Then… wait for it: lustful Mars joins this love fest on the 15th. A word of advice: don’t become like flotsam cast adrift in this reverie. Instead, let the Red Planet act as a base drum tethering you to terra firma, and enjoy the drifting harmonies swirling around you, as you glide like water.

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll