August 2020 Horoscopes

August 2020 horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*, illustration by @boccaccinimeadows

Fiery planet Mars turns up the heat on Leo’s roar, intensifying the drama.

Fiery planet Mars turns up the heat on Leo’s roar, intensifying the drama.

Whoa, can you feel the shift? With the Venus and Mercury retrogrades in our rearview mirrors along with the summer eclipses, we finally catch a break! Leo season is here and as the Sun embraces its home sign-making this a bright, passionate time of year, we can bravely march toward our goals. Outgoing and playful, the heart of our solar system in it’s own sign naturally gravitates toward what affects us personally with fun and creative output the name of the game. But take care not to overdo lest the self-centered side of the Lion rears it’s not-too-pretty head. Devil-may-care displays of carelessness toward others, coupled with the momentum from the Red Planet can flip the competitive switch toward winning at all costs. Downright ruthlessness could result mid-month when Mars clashes with the heavy lineup of planets clustered in authoritative Capricorn. We’re all being asked to manage conflict mindfully now more than ever. If you can’t avoid the fight entirely, take a moment, and hone your non-violent communication skills. In its glory, Mars activates courage, passion, focus, and strength. Do your darndest to tune into your inner hero rather than the tyrant within. Meanwhile, a somewhat unsettling full moon in Aquarius (on the 3rd), bookended by a new moon in Leo (on the 18th) highlights the tensity between self-interest and selflessness for the sake of the greater good. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Are you in the habit lately of putting others at the top of the daily priority lists? Well, enough of that dear Leo. It’s your month to shine. A full moon in your partnership house at the beginning of the month highlights an outmoded way of relating that may be cramping your regal style. Sometimes the domestic life leaves you feeling caged; does even the thought of your present circumstances create sudden incessant yawning? We suggest a fresh challenge or new territory to stalk. It could engage your lauded creativity and provide the inspiration to scratch out a new plan all in the service of reestablishing your professional goals. Though Hollywood-style lighting is on you, increased sensitivity may have you slinking out of the limelight and securing quiet time to contemplate more metaphysical musings. As you explore big questions, the horizon on your savannah rises up peaking your curiosity to learn something new. By the end of the month, you’re ready to pivot your earning potential in productive new ways. Stay observant of power imbalances intensifying around your intimate relationship and do your best to quell any jelly feelings. Remember your tender heart puss puss, you still rule the jungle.   

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Let your mind wonder, as in, allow yourself to be bathed in states of awe for much of this month, and you’ll go a long way to freeing yourself, Virgo. Much of your work is an inside job as you ponder ethereal realms and release stale routines related to your health, daily rhythms, and work patterns. The quotidian for most Virgos revolves around flossing and sustaining regular schedules to keep the trains running on time. Yet a full moon at the beginning of the month reveals a weak link in some of these systems that will require your attention. As you fine tune your body and streamline your habits, by the time your birthday rolls around, all the things will be in good working order, and you’ll be ready to think your way into a productive new year. Diving deep into what makes you tick also should be on your agenda. It will help loosen up what’s been stuck for far too long. As August wanes, next steps come into focus, and you find yourself part of the vanguard. The collective needs your Virgoan expertise right now.  

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Your ruler, lovely Venus has returned to the light after her backward descent to excavate those uncut gems scattered around your beliefs. Now that you’re more clear about your priorities, you can align your values to nurturing a more balanced and beautiful career. For the next few months, relationships are where the action is. As passions swell, the great diplomats of the zodiac may be readying for a fight. Whether it’s over how the chores are divided up around the house or who’s taken on more responsibilities in the family, you’ve probably already seen a preview this summer of what you’re going to be tussling about and what you’re going to do about it. Be sure to pick your battles; getting testy can draw short-tempered folks into your circle. With a little help from your more even-keeled kin you’re able to siphon some of the pressure off your relationship and talk your way out of any tight spots.  

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) August may bring a preoccupation with shedding an outworn role connected to your domestic life. Maybe your little one no longer needs so much attention or is grown and flown the coop. Let it go, Mama (and Papa). Rewire your mind through nurturing a new understanding around your shifting role and the results are new pathways of communication. Thoughts lead to actions. How you conduct your daily routine and prioritize self-care now is key to developing this new operating system. As your co-ruler, Mars courses through your house of habits and everyday have-tos, you pump new blood into the seemingly mundane. Don’t allow the small stuff to trip you up. Instead, expend your prodigious energy physically and blow off excess tension on the track & field. Managing your stress by keeping the focus on your well-being can help you successfully navigate this period of uncertainty. Not succumbing to the heat of a momentary power struggle will help sharpen your ability to detach. It’s a practice for sure. As you get better at it you may actually discover a silver lining at this COVID crossroads. If you’ve been out of work or dissatisfied with your current job, we recommend doing a new-moon ritual on the 18th; plant some seeds around actualizing a new position that showcases your leadership savvy, instead of resting on old laurels. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) As the world turns on its head, Archers are pressed to delve deeply into questions about the meaning of life. We know you live for this. With a full moon in your house of cognition early this month, the time is ripe to revive a meditation practice followed by a new routine of contemplative writing. Don’t let those powerful thoughts go untethered. A part of your work in the collective at this time is to share your reflections with all of us. We are on the edge of our seats waiting for your speech. But as you quiet your thoughts, choosing your words with care lends added weight to what you have to say. Ever the optimist, the universe grants you license over the next several months to give your enthusiasm full reign. As you put energy into self-expression, you open up new avenues of thought and grow your knowledge base. Expanding your ouvre broadens your heart and encourages you to take intimacy to a deeper level. As you learn to trust yourself and others more, you remember your worth. Firmer footing around your core values opens a door to realizing your capital-B-big-work and how you can contribute most meaningfully to the world. Any financial roadblocks that land in your path in the next few months are mere bumps; in the big picture, you’re rebuilding a structure around resources aimed at a credible sustainable definition of wealth.  

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) With both the full and new moon this month focused on money matters, practically minded Goats may be busy appraising their Excel budget spreads. Insecurities around finances could get magnified at the full moon, as you’re urged to adjust spending habits and shift attitudes around your personal resources. Something along the lines of your coffers being half full as opposed to half empty are in order. Later in the month, a new moon in your house of shared resources could spark a new partnership or researching potential investors for that pet project you’ve been working on. Ever the pragmatist, unaccustomed to looking at the bright side, Goats may find unexpected sweetness this month in their committed partnerships. Go ahead and relax into that yumminess. And you-hoo, all you single Goats out there, indulge in a new fragrance! As lovey-dovey Venus frolics through your relationship house, we detect the tempting scent of romance in the air. All the while, hammer, drill, and mop in hand, you’re polishing your home to a shine, which will feel so satisfying when you send out the invites to the annual family reunion now shifted online. Keep those family ties flourishing. Your kith and kin will be agog at all the beauty you’ve created. Be sure to keep your sites set on the more tactile aspects of home as opposed to mentally dominating the domestic scene when aggressive Mars takes aim mid-month at the crosshairs of the outer planets in your sign. Toward the latter part of the month your attention shifts from terra firma to higher realms and you tune into the intangible. Trust it. It’s all there to support you.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) The month begins with a full moon in your sign. Picture yourself awash in a single dazzling beam on stage. Who are you and what are your motivations, dear Waterbearers? Whether you’ve been thinking about your personal brand, a particular relationship, where you live, or your professional life, it’s all up for examination now. Meanwhile, you’re crazy busy; accomplishing the equivalent of an Indy-500 everyday. Engaged in all forms of communicating, writing, networking, and socializing—even more than usual, your mind kicks into overdrive as you hit the straightaway. How is the narrative changing for the better? If you’re rolling out a new website or social media project, it’s best to launch in the first two weeks of the month before fast-moving Mars hits the curves. From mid-August through much of the Fall, the Red Planet runs into some rough road, which could result in frustrating delays and a lot of irritation. If you can adjust your side mirrors and check your blindspots for unconscious fears or actual hidden enemies and steer clear of squabbles with siblings or neighbors, you can write a whole new plotline for yourself. Choose your reading material shrewdly. Same with the company you keep. Speaking your mind may prove to be key in unlocking the depths of your psyche. A necessary footnote here, all these mental machinations can mess with your sleep. Torn between charging into the fray and retreating under the covers, the savoring of daily rituals can soften the mental stress down the road. Whether it’s metaphysics or an enticing new someone, the new moon on the 18th breathes fresh life into your world. Enjoy the mystery!

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) A decidedly phosphorescent glow illuminates your personal Mariana Trench (deepest part of the ocean) early in the month, highlighting the depths of your inner world. The need here is tranquility, time in nature, and simply doing what you do, staying afloat. Turn off the cabin lights and turn up the soothing sounds of your favorite ambient lounge mix. You’ll begin to see that trove of hidden riches inside you. Meanwhile, energetic Mars heats up in your money house, activating your intrinsic talents as well as a desire to bump up your earnings. If you pushed for that raise last month to no avail, keep paddling towards that goal. And if any ideas around turning a creative hobby into a money making plan have been brewing in your imagination, take the plunge! But do it by mid-month, before the Red Planet churns up turbulent waters. Take caution with any undertows; should cohorts or ruthless shoal mates try to undermine you, make like Dory and just keep swimming. Feeding your inspiration, cooking a favorite meal, or plain old fun will help you navigate through choppy waters. Later in the month, the physical comes into focus, and new routines beckon.     

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Hot town, summer in the city…dressing so fine and looking so pretty. You’re hotter than a match head, as your ruler Mars heats up your house of self. The month starts with a full moon in your friends zone, nudging you to remove the blinders and re-examine who you’ve been hanging with. Maybe it’s time to thin the herd, initiate some new ties, and set some fresh goals. Closer to home, artful Venus finesses her way through your domestic sphere. The love goddess sprinkles peace and harmony wherever she goes, making home and time spent with loved ones particularly sweet this summer. However, beware of butting heads with authority figures mid-month, as your impassioned ruler tangles with the commanding cast of planets in your career sector. Needless to say, tempers may run high, so keep a cool head and dodge any power struggles. Despite the heat, it’ll be alright. Though it’s not your strong suit, a rigorous practice of patience until the new moon on the 18th will open the creative floodgatesYou have free reign to sow some wild oats, which reminds us of another old tune about dancing in the streets. Toward the end of the month, your focus shifts to your physical health, making this a fine time to tune up your workout routine and modify your diet to better fuel your body as you lead the charge. Summer’s here and the time is right!  

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) As your ruling planet, Lovely Venus sails into your house of communication and commerce, a current news flash comes to mind regarding an antique bottle of perfume and a Civil War-era shipwreck near Bermuda. Using contemporary techniques to read the molecular composition of the perfectly preserved ampoule, a re-creation of the original complex blend was formulated to apparently ambrosial results. Makers named the new scent Maria Celestia after the British ship from which the first version was salvaged. A delightfully symbolic tale for Bulls to ruminate on as they reinvent themselves not just this month but over the next several years. How might you restore a long lost rarity that captures your very gorgeous essence? We’re excited to give you a hint: Engage your fired-up subconscious. Do it all, from dream journals to automatic writing, tarot to daily doodling and yes, astrology. Plant any seeds from all realms psychic and subliminal into actual substantial soil and see what innovations emerge. You’re on a long-haul process of manifesting a marvellous future and a marvellous future you.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Your mind travels at the speed of light this month, as an electric new moon illuminates your house of philosophy and ethics. Meanwhile, the proverb, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” takes on new meaning, as resolute Mars activates your house of friends, boosting your superpowers of networking and facilitating one of your favorite skills, bringing people together in community. If you’re not already hastening connections, you’re for sure sending up flares. Steer clear of ghosts that might re-animate mid-month when the Red Planet hits restricted airspace, potentially viewing unidentified others as a threat. Instead, keep to higher ground by transmuting any testy impulses into humanitarian deeds. Venus shines brightly for the Twins this month as she continues to beautify your house of identity, securing your popularity and enhancing your capacity to draw to you what you want. By the second week, she’ll grace your money house, heralding good news for your finances. If you happen to be an early recipient of a second stimulus check, go ahead and spend it on something nice for yourself; just take care to not go overboard. In fact, with a new moon highlighting your house of communicative skills later in the month, you might direct any surpluses toward ordering the outstanding books on your summer reading list, signing up for an online course, or looking for a new laptop. Any tool that contributes to your very lifeblood of learning, teaching, and sharing is in accord with the cosmos. Later in the month, as the Sun and your ruling planet, Mercury speed into your house of home and family, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your home classroom. Back to online-school is just around the corner.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Elegant Venus glides into your sign early in the month, allowing modest Crabs to enjoy a bit of shimmer and attract what you want. At the same time, the Red Planet’s blaze coming from the fire in your career house leads the charge and pushes you forward. Crabs are feeling downright kingly as ambitions embolden you to move proverbial mountains. If you encounter pushback in your committed relationship and irritations bubble to the surface, practice detachment. When power struggles cause friction between your professional life and intimate relationship mid-month remember useful phrases, like “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?” Now is not the time to withdraw into your comfy shell. Meditate on the movements of the kelp forest to anchor in the understanding that to move with the current is the key to avoiding sneaker waves. A full moon early in the month shines a light in your house of intimacy and shared resources. Be brave around any psychological issues you’ve been reluctant to face. As you dredge the dark places, you may find your investment in unearthing uncomfortable material is richly rewarded. With the deepest work behind you by the new moon on the 18th, you’ve got a fresh new outlook on a latent talent that could very well spark a full-fledged business and income stream.  

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*