December 2020 Horoscopes

Horoscopes by Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*, illustration by @boccaccinimeadows

It’s full speed ahead into the Age of Aquarius—there’s a new world coming.

Inspired by a total solar eclipse mid-month and amplified by an era-defining parlay between power planets Jupiter and Saturn on the winter solstice, the year closes with a fresh horizon coming into view.

With all the planets save one (Uranus goes direct in January) moving forward now, a total solar eclipse mid-month, and “The Great Conjunction” of Saturn and Jupiter at the winter solstice, we’re standing at the threshold of a new world order. We’ve been idling in the waystation awhile now, yet with momentous events happening in the heavens this month we’re stirred to start moving in a different direction. The total solar eclipse on the 14th in Sagittarius harkens a fresh chapter, encouraging us to set our sights on a clear target. Heavy hitters Saturn and Jupiter leave the weighty earth sign of Capricorn (where they’ve been wreaking havoc all year) later in the month and come together in the visionary air sign, Aquarius. A meeting that occurs every 20 years, the merger of Saturn and Jupiter tends to set the tone for the next two decades. Do step outside on the winter solstice on the 21st. They’ll be so closely aligned that they will appear as one planet in the night sky. This is a big deal folks. The last time this combination occurred in an air sign was at the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215. Known as the Great Conjunction, this union of structured Saturn and expansive Jupiter correspond with major societal, cultural, and economic transformations. The Great Conjunction in air signs coincides with the development of more collective principles, looking towards the future, and less hierarchical social structures. Innovations involving flight technologies, advancements in media and communications, and investment in collaborative humanitarian ideals will fill the collective imagination. We have a new world to build together. In this continued pause, keep honing your listening skills. As Nina Simone sings: There’s a new voice calling; you can hear it if you try.

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) You’ll breathe a sigh of relief Sag, as your birthday month ushers in a revitalizing shift, opening up an array of opportunities. Like a new butterfly, your wings unfurl. You’re projecting a more invigorated image now than you did at the beginning of 2020. With lovely Venus and a new moon/total solar eclipse glowing in your sign mid-month, not only are you feeling better, the rest of us think you look positively gorgeous! Your wit and charisma ablaze, you’re fueled by a renewed passion and creative flurry; so go ahead and cut loose and while you’re at it, call in that wager—your lucky charm right now is simply, you. Unsettling financial worries that sidelined Archers for much of this year are fading. Up ahead lies fertile ground for new money-making potential. With all this juicy positivity, take the time to seriously consider what you really want to manifest in the next few years and set appropriate intentions come New Years Eve. On the 21st (Winter Solstice) as the era-marking conjunction between your ruler Jupiter, planet of faith and stabilizing planet Saturn set up camp in your house of communications and the mind, your thoughts rise to super power levels. You can literally think your way into the future that you most want to live in. The innovations you dream up now will be a benefit not just to you but also to your local community. Keep the faith and aim high,  we all look forward to learning from you. Your theme song now and into 2021 may well be Joy to the World. Mask up and brush off your old Three Dog Night recording of the rock classic and blast it from the rooftops!

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) Lay your burden down, Goats; you may well have solved your most challenging verticals for an entire lifetime. With so much hard work behind you, it’s a delicious pleasure to simply breath and savor the vast and beautiful view. With a trio of planets nestled in your house of the subconscious for much of the month, it’s time to release, let go of any unnecessary baggage, and just be. Lightening your pack frees you to explore the deeper places in your psyche, which could offer a rich source of inspiration, energized by a renewed enthusiasm around the home and family. As the days grow darker and shorter, you find you treasure your private time. Silence really is golden. Embracing quietude pays off by the 18th when your ruler, heavy planet Saturn finally moves the heck out of your sign, followed by jolly planet Jupiter, where they join forces in your house of ways-and-means. Woo hoo! You’ll be poised to reevaluate what’s most important, reorder your values and finances, explore new talents all in the name of being even more productive and innovative moneywise. By your birthday, you’re keen to build up your body, strengthening your resolve to name your price and create your own reality. The month ends with a full moon in your partnership house, opening the door to either reset, bring closure to, or modify a long-standing relationship. For some, it finally may be time to pop the question; and you single Goats out there, step under the mistletoe and survey the field (even if at a distance) you could truly meet your match.   

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) With the Sun enjoying the company of multiple personal planets, followed by a solar eclipse sparking up your house of friends and groups, this month you’re  basking in your sweet spot–your network. What Water Bearers have known all along is that the people have the power. Now you’re motivated to share your ideas and charged up to inspire us to use our voices, too. As the holidays approach, and we all reimagine how to celebrate them, you’re busy organizing Zoom calls and scaled-down, socially distanced gatherings to bring friends and loved ones festively together in the face of restrictions. Come the solstice, you emerge from your long gestation, fully formed and ready to lead the way into a brilliant new future. Like fellow tribe member Harry Styles, who recently graced the cover of Vogue wearing a dress, you’re ready to blaze new trails breaking tired old norms, fully decked out in your admirable authenticity. No longer dawning, this is the Age of Aquarius and as an Aquarian, you’re stepping into your truest self in all its unabashed glory. The month (and year!) closes out with a full moon in your health and habits house, lighting a clear path toward improving your patterns of self-nurturance. Keep in mind, deep nourishment is required for future successes; ultimately it’s up to you to take good care of yourself.

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) The month starts off with your ruler, dreamy planet Neptune finally joining the stream of forward flowing celestial bodies. It’s as if a fog has been lifted around your self-image, bringing a bright clarity to how you want to show up in the world. With a school of planets in your career house, you’re engrossed with expanding all things pertaining to professional goals and loving the growth spurt. Drawing positive attention from the powers that be, you’ve likely managed to ramp up your earning potential while graciously accepting this moment in the sun. Just be mindful not to overdo it with online shopping this holiday season. It’s too darn easy to click that purchase button. Instead, you may use any bump up in resources to fund your newest project developing around the new moon/solar eclipse mid-month. Flexible fishes may conspire with a fresh team of cohorts to swim off in a whole new direction. On the solstice and darkest day of the year, you begin a new phase, which could influence you to retreat and feel protective of your alone time. We encourage you to sink into this very private dream space. It’s where a Pisces recharges and draws inspiration. That illusive and magical mermaid energy produces the shimmer and glow that not only lights your spirit but likely brings creative projects to fruition by years end. Do your best to avoid the undertow of self-deception toward the end of the month when your rose-colored-glasses ruler, Neptune encounters a crosscurrent from love goddess, Venus.  

ARIES (March 21–April 19) You’re finally out of the gate and charging forward, fired up to explore new places and expand your studies. You’re free and unfettered from the frustration of months of too-tight reins. And you’ve learned how the slow down has served to hone your sense of direction, allowed you to see the details in more immediate environs and impassioned your search for greater meaning. If your workplace has afforded you a chance to enroll in online classes, take advantage of this opportunity. As you broaden your knowledge base, your perspective widens and you discover you really can create your own reality. The better part of this year, you’ve been hammering away at the demolition site of your career, tearing down dilapidated parts, clearing a foundation for something new. Now that the dust is settling, you’re seeing that building lasting connections does make the way easier. As your mode of working shifts from me to we, your goals begin to dovetail with a larger collective, and you’re drawn to collaborate toward creating a cooperative new future. No longer a lone wolf, your light burns more brightly career-wise and you wield greater power professionally. The month closes with a full moon shining on your home and family; maybe you’re considering a move or something comes to a head concerning your living situation. Covid restrictions aside, it looks like you’ll be ringing in the New Year close to home.       

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Ever security conscious, the minds of our beloved bovines will likely be focused on resources this month, more specifically those assets or investments you share with your partner. This could very well flutter up some fears around intimacy and bring an opportunity to examine the grip you might hold on the tired old mine vs. yours debate. As you lean in to your vulnerability, you become stronger in the process. This has been a year when  you’ve been investigating the roots of your belief system, breaking down worn out tenets and embracing a more beneficial perspective. Adapting your world view has opened the gate for you to abandon a time-trodden furrow for good. You’ll be hoofing it in a fresh prairie by the solstice, when era-changing planets Saturn and Jupiter join up in your career house, prodding you in a new direction, professionally. Typically more comfortable investing in what you can see, smell, or touch, with all the exciting innovation in the air, Bulls are getting downright philosophical about all the possible ways of being in the world. In fact, it could prove to be a mind-blowing month and the final catalyst for a radical change careerwise. The year ends with a full moon in your house of communications, shining a light on how you fine-tune how you broadcast your new perspectives; maybe you’re ready to roll out an affirmation-filled Instagram account.   

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) December signals a transition time to a new world of learning for our inquisitive Twins. How delightful! Your favorite thing: knowledge acquisition. With an era-defining meeting between pragmatic Saturn and expansive Jupiter in your house of truth and knowledge later in the month, you have the opportunity to go deeper with the more philosophical aspects of your studies. The sky’s the limit where mind travel is concerned. While we still have necessary restrictions around flying off to distant shores, a little planning could go a long way once limits let up. Raring to go once vaccinated, you’ll be the first sign leaving skid marks in your wake. It could be fun to devise your trip calendar around classes you might want to invest in. Intrigued by a meditation retreat? Check it out once we get the vax. A new moon/solar eclipse in your relationship house next to your ruler, mind-buzzing Mercury could catalyze a new business partnership or romantic union. Regardless of whether you hook up professionally or personally, you’re bound to be busy socializing this month; you know the drill: mask up and keep safe distancing measures. Since connecting and communicating is your specialty, why not capitalize on the many planets congregating in your relationship sectors, and direct these proclivities toward exploring intimacy fears. Move past your fallback of keeping things light. Your curiosity peaks as you tread into an uncharted territory perhaps around expressing your sexuality or delving into the sacred practices of tarot or hello, astrology? The year ends with a full moon in your house of money and self-worth, illuminating issues around finances and perhaps showing you that you are in fact self-sufficient and reinforcing your trust that the universe always provides when you need it.   

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Crabs, you are about to be relieved of those cumbersome barnacles you’ve been lugging around, regarding your relationship (and everything, really). Finally! With a boatload of planets docked in your health and daily routines domain this month, you’re mooring up to leave your caretaker ways behind and take better care of you—remember you? While your plate is plenty full at work, with lovely Venus joining the planetary cast mid-month, it’s all stuff you love. The new moon/solar eclipse on the 14th inspires a fresh focus on the daily rituals, like exercise, diet, and to-do lists–all designed to help you thrive. Take some time to write a meaningful New Year’s resolution that has your health at its core. Address any lingering health concerns, before power planets Saturn and Jupiter exit your opposing sign, stoic Capricorn, where they’ve been bearing down on poor Crabbys and cramping your exoskeleton for the past year. As they move into Aquarius and your house of deep psychology, you should feel a refreshing shift. Now you can begin to free yourself of old fears and emotional patterns that have been tripping you up since you were a zoea, and develop some inner security. Deep subjects begin to peak your interest, and you’re keen to find a business partner and collaborate on an innovative idea. After a very tough year, home for the holidays with your honey not only feeds your soul, it presents an opportunity to deepen your relationship. The year ends with a full moon in your sign, shedding light on your image and how you wish to be seen. Maybe it’s time to molt the old shell and shake up your look. You’re overdue for a dash of dazzle.       

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Ditch your sensible loafers, Leo and get ready to cut a rug. With the Covid clump of pressure-cooker planets about to vacate your house of toil and practicalities and a pride of planets in your festive fifth house, fun just may be your middle name this month. Kittys’ élan nearly lost its shine in 2020, what with two of the most ponderous planets doing a death march through your house of the daily grind. Now that you’ve ticked off all those absolutely must-dos, without ever missing a daily power walk, it’s playtime, Leo. Whether you’re busy organizing virtual fetes, announcing baby news, or basking in appreciation from your fan base, according to the constellations overhead, you’re destined to be the sparkliest ornament on the Christmas Tree. What you love about yourself this season is exactly what everyone else loves about you, too. As earnest Saturn and auspicious Jupiter unite in your partnership house, initiating a whole new relationship era, the stage is set for a bonafide relationship breakthrough at the winter solstice. Meow to that! You’re either poised to form a powerful alliance or step into a more significant relationship within the world. If you can check your diva at the door and be open to an out of the ordinary matchup, you’ll soon be decking the socially-distanced halls with boughs of jolly, singing Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. With the moon in your sign on New Year’s Eve, you’re the belle of the virtual ball. 

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You do your best thinking nestled down with a soothing cuppa in the comfort and safety of your cozy abode in December. A clan of planets occupying your house of home and family for much of the month suggests you may be focusing your keen mind on your roots and family relationships. This year has required many of us to work from home and now you have good data on just what can be implemented online and what fizzles. The big question now: can you swing working from home for the long term? With the new moon/solar eclipse landing in this same location, lean on your flexibility and prepare for some changes around your living situation. Shifts on the homefront could fit nicely with the unfolding of Saturn and Jupiter’s powerful influence at the winter solstice as they move into your daily routines house, the Virgo wheelhouse. Soon you’ll be rolling up your sleeves, innovating and introducing more efficient ways of working, perhaps supported by new and improved health regimens. At the very least, you’ll likely be outfitting your home office with the latest ergonomic chair or upgrading to the next laptop. The proper tools aid you in sharpening your technical skills, which could lead to a career shift into a biotech or health care field or to following an interest in alternative healing modalities. A full moon at the end of the month casts a light in your house of community and friends. Auld Lang Syne feels especially poignant this New Years Eve as you bid adieu to an acquaintance or group that is no longer in step with your progression. This pang may be the nudge you need to find your people, perhaps a tribe of worldservers whom you consider family and who accompany you on your path to reinventing the workplace in the future. Worker Bees unite!            

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Your enviable social skills are front and center this month. While your silver tongue is in top form, enabling you to talk to anybody about anything or sell anything to anyone, you’re more inclined to share your graciousness and good fortune this month with friends and family, splurging on holiday gifts and expedited shipping. With a heap of planets activating your communications and networking house, fueled by some friendly fire from direct planet Mars, you’re psyched to exchange information and build friendly connections. Everything from collaborating on writing projects to sharing your opinions on Nextdoor or in the local newspaper, your words are beaming out across all manner of airwaves. Communication with your partner flows freely now, too; even if punctuated by some heated debate, perhaps rehashing the election results. But hey, we know that you know that impassioned pillowtalk often leads to, wink wink! Do remember to keep any festivities mellow, local, and within your pandemic pod. All this sharpening of your mental and congenial muscles prepares you well for the momentous celestial event later in the month when power planets Saturn and Jupiter meet in your house of pleasure and romance on the 21st. Hit play, and let the good times roll. If you think big and out of the box when it comes to this rare opportunity to reboot your skills of self-expression, you stand to rekindle childlike abandon and turbo charge your creativity, not to mention for you single Libras, ignite a sea change in your lovelife. Popular First-Lady Eleanor Roosevelt (a Libra, naturally) once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” As you decorate your home for the holidays this year and settle in for a cozier and quieter season of gatherings, look back on this extraordinary year and trust you have a unique role in imagining a beautiful vision: all the people living life in peace. Cue John Lennon. 

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Less is more, Scorpio. More than a design aphorism, make it your mantra in December. The month starts with lovely Venus still in your sign; your confidence is high, you’re feeling good, and it shows. It’s a great time to pamper yourself with a sassy new haircut and some fine new frocks. Much of the month, you may be focused on finances and income. With an assembly of planetary bodies in your house of resources and self-worth, it’s high time for a bump up in pay or a hefty year-end bonus. If there’s any question, all you need do is ask—you’ve earned it. Presently out-of-work Scorpions should explore latent talents and capitalize on them. Opportunities are ripe for employing the power of positive thought to reimagine how you can work smarter at earning your keepIt can feel counterintuitive to do the opposite of grinding, but if anyone can mobilize the power of a focused mind to transform energy into money, it’s you. As you use this slower year-end time to declutter and discard what you no longer need, it’ll help to clear your thinking, too. At solstice time, the powerful planetary conjunction between structured Saturn and expansive Jupiter lands in your house of home, roots, and family. As Saturn and Jupiter enter community-minded Aquarius in your domestic domain, you may be considering an alternative mode of living; whether it be a co-housing opportunity or locating some land where you can plant a tiny house, the more unconventional, the better. Take care around your triggers during Xmas week as your two rulers, fiery Mars and transformative Pluto duke it out for the last time this year. Is the power struggle really worth the fight? We urge you to simply observe your own patterns while not reacting and leave others to do their own work. As you perfect this practice of detachment, the year comes to a close with a full moon highlighting your house of truth and higher meaning, inviting you to widen your perspective. As you’re able to see your place in the larger order, you begin to feel a deeper sense of being at home in the world, regardless of the circumstances. Hang a victorious wreath, 2020 may be the year you racked up some hard-won wisdom. 

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll