December 2021 Horoscopes

December 2021 Horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

As a chapter closes along with 2021, aim for a new direction. 

A total eclipse on the 4th signals both an end and a beginning; then values-conscious Venus slows down later in the month, providing time to consider what’s worth taking on the voyage.  

Another dynamic month, December begins with a visionary new moon/solar eclipse, bidding us to embed our ideals into the draft of a new story. Two weeks later, lovely Venus slide steps backward in the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn, inviting us to review our values to determine our desires. An anxious friction grinds mid-month and right up to the Christmas holiday, as the love goddess tangles with intense Pluto. To avoid the drama, employ the wide-reaching perspective of the Archer lest your passions turn into obsessions. We are in tidal shift territory now, feeling a pressing sense to find our True North. ‘Tis the season of Sagittarius, the sign of truth-seeking, and we are emboldened to aim a silver-tipped arrow toward the vision that resonates in our bones. It’s kind of big stuff. How do you navigate these unprecedented waters? Whichever wayfinding tool you choose—Waze, the stars or following the Hawaiian Iwa bird to shore, may you be guided by a benevolent, true, and inspired view. The year ends on a hopeful note, as buoyant Jupiter drifts into its traditional home of the Fishes in time to ring in the New Year with a glistening fresh vision. Put your boat in the water and flow with the celestial currents, as they hold the codes for the future

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that first; it’s often more relevant. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) You’ve been fine-tuning your guiding principles since 2020 and as December begins, you’ll be making crucial edits as the moon obscures the sun on the 4th. This total solar eclipse in your sign initiates a new chapter; you’re chomping at the bit to speak your truth and adventure into fresh territories. Mid-month, blazing Mars bursts into your sign, motivating you to put your beliefs into action, and chase a dream or two. Demonstrate the power of your convictions and your narrative will resonate meaningfully, rippling beyond view. See how good it is to abandon that soapbox? You’re also thinking pragmatically about your savings account and how to bankroll this new direction. What financial restructuring needs to happen before shifting into high gear? You’ll have plenty of time to hold a magnifying glass to your budgets once value-conscious Venus slows her roll in your money house (the 19th through the end of January). The goddess of love and money is all grown-up and willing to commit to the hard work of creating a realistic income stream for the long run when she graces the sign of Capricorn. Venus retrograde cautions you to tighten the reins on spending. It could spare you buyers remorse with those whims of yours if you do have any big tickets items on the horizon. Practice restraint, oh generous sign of grand gesture! A full moon on the 18th in your relationship house shines a light on WHO you’re investing in, rekindling an old question: who’s your ridealong partner for this next phase of the grand adventure? At the end of the month, your ruler, expansive Jupiter flows into the sign of the Fish and your house of home and family, inspiring you to tend to the symbolic hearth, nourishing the robust soil of domestic bliss, the place where dreams take root.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) At this ice-sparkling time of year, shrewd Goats know best that all that glitters is not gold. In fact, while everyone else is in a frenzy of celebration and gift-giving, you’re inclined to retreat into your cozy cave. With a party of cosmic activity in your house of the subconscious, dust off your dream journal, and start taking dictation from the metaphysical realms. An earth-focused sign, you don’t surrender easily to the esoteric but you are actually a deeply spiritual sign, and the first few weeks of December bring celestial support to do some serious soul-searching that proves healing. After all the efforts of climbing to the top, one question you may be asking is, how much is it ultimately worth? When lovely Venus sets up shop in your sign for the next few months, you may be reflecting on the value of everything from your haircut to your relationship to your house and career. On a deeper level, this is all self-love work. If you get into a new relationship or decide to go for the curtain bangs, tread lightly; make small and subtle changes because the drastic two-tone Tiktok haircut that’s trending may not look so good come January 29th, when the goddess of beauty resurfaces. Best case scenario, by then you’ll be clear about your new direction and empowered with a sense of purpose that radiates from the inside out. On the 18th, a full moon illuminates your house of health and routines, asking you to think about what you need to do to improve your physical well-being. The balancing of body/mind/spirit is key to any makeover, and putting your mind to changing habits that no longer serve you will help support your metamorphosis. At the end of the month, jovial Jupiter glides into your house of communication and networking, filling up your social calendar in time for New Years. Go ahead and emerge from the ashram. You’ve got a beautifully fresh perspective, and we’re keen to glean insights from your soul-searching wisdom. Come join the conversation!    

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Dear Waterbearer, we hope that you take full advantage of the final month of lucky Jupiter hanging in your sign. Looking back on 2021, how have you developed your originality? How are you honoring your uniqueness? We love weirdos, and you’re among our favorites. As a fixed sign, compromise is not something you’d outwardly say that you value, but do weigh the odds when your point of view seems at risk of getting overlooked. Success as defined by the status quo is almost never worth your while. Stick to your ideals. With a crowd of planets, including a solar eclipse, stimulating your house of friends and groups for most of the month, you’re exploring your social scene and turning the page on the company you keep. If the people you surround yourself with are no longer of like mind, you may be due for some new blood. You’ll have ample time to mull it over as a shrewd Venus takes up residence in your house of refuge for the next few months. As you examine the corners of your psyche, you may encounter an old lover or karmic relationship. Don’t let it make you crazy. Just keep calm, be sure to allow yourself extra rest, and record your dreams. You may feel unproductive at times during this period, but committing to your process is your work now. Quiet your inner critic and allow the kind discriminator to take the helm; you may be shedding lifetimes of inhibitive programming that’s been holding you back. When your ruling planets, stern Saturn and rebellious Uranus clash for the third and last time this year on Christmas Eve, you may bump up against family resistance (yours or others). If they don’t recognize the ways you’ve changed, give ‘em a chance but hold your ground in the midst of the quarrel. You’ll prove these changes are meant to last. The year ends on a high note with expansive Jupiter gliding into your money house perhaps delivering that year end bonus after all. 

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Send your casting nets aloft, sentient Fish. A cosmic swirl of activity in your house of ambition  for the better part of the month brings the potential to capture your bold vision, moving you farther along on your ideal career path for 2022. The month kicks off with your ruling planet, inspirational Neptune shifting into forward gear after months adrift in a pea-soup doldrums. Ahhhh! Finally, there’s a fine wind filling your creative sails. Meanwhile, your dance card is full of socializing with colleagues and friends, organizing holiday parties, and strengthening power relationships with influencers who can help you with your goals. Later in the month, when the goddess of pleasure reverses course in this same sea, you’ll have an opportunity to revisit who’s valuable to the future endeavors of team Pisces and who isn’t. It’s nothing personal; it’s just business. Compassionate and emotionally attached to your cohorts sometimes to a fault, with Venus in the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn for the next few months, you’ll likely be more discerning and able to cull the courtiers without a backward glance. Good for you. We fully support you in fulfilling your next dream. If you can swim around any financial hubbub around the holidays, when two planetary titans faceoff for the third and final time this year, the weather will be fair up ahead. The year ends with your co-ruler, buoyant Jupiter drifting into your sign, landing you in full visionary flow; get ready for a thrilling year ahead. Your dreams really could come true. 

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Pack your bags, champ. You’ve been rattling around the barn for too long, and it’s time to refresh with an adventurous trip. Whether you book tickets to Reykjavik, accept an artist residency in Newfoundland, or expand your horizons via a course in existential philosophy, you’re due for a total eclipse of consciousness. Something about the line of inquiry that you’ve been pursuing is coming to an end. As the saying goes, when one door closes another opens; it’s time for a fresh vision that will expand your understanding beyond perceived dead ends. As you expose yourself to new possibilities, epiphanies abound as long as you don’t overextend yourself in the pursuit. Rein in any impulsivity, read the fine print, and keep up your fabulous new mantra, “no one is in control.” The insights will beam in from all directions. In particular, ideas about transforming your career goals, which have been undergoing deep renovations during the last two years. Prepare for a thorough self-audit as add-value Venus supports a reviewing of your career plans the latter part of the month through the end of January. A full moon on the 18th shines a light on your communication and networking house, which could reveal holes in your thinking or information sources. Check your facts, then cross check them before you publish on Substack or send off that manuscript to your editor. The month ends with abundant Jupiter awash in the sea of your subconscious. You won’t need magic mushrooms for this mind-expanding trip; grab your journal, find a quiet place, and tune into your intuition for this soul-mining expedition. Ommmm.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Steady Eddie, Bulls, you’ve been acting kind of crazy for a while. And it’s anyone’s guess what will happen now that a herd of planets grazes in your house of shared resources and transformation. A total solar eclipse in this same field on the 4th could kick up some dust where an investment, inheritance, or partner’s money is concerned. Something’s got to give. Meanwhile, occult subjects catch your attention and couples therapy is beginning to sound like a good plan. By mid-month, hot-blooded Mars thrusts his way into the drama, clamoring for a resolution to the central conflict. Did we mention that this is also the province of sexuality? Perhaps that settlement will have you spending the healthy portion of the holidays behind closed doors, working on the most stimulating homework assignments from your therapist. Yum. Meanwhile, your ruler, pleasure-seeking Venus has planted herself in your travel and education house. Whether you’re hankering to hit the high seas or take up the study of accounting, when the goddess of love starts to drag her feet, she may put a wrinkle in your  plans. Before you know it, it’s goodbye to the cute barista from Barcelona. Oh well, easy come, easy go. While hoofing it in Capricorn, Venus’ most serious mode, she’s liable to create a spreadsheet that shows whether a prospective partner or long-term residence abroad aligns with your beliefs.  She’s requiring that you get honest with yourself about what you really want. Around the same time, a full moon tilts its beam on your money house. If there is a question about a financial matter that’s been percolating since Covid began, December is a good time to bring closure to it. Get it done so you can be free to celebrate the end of yet another wild ride of a year surrounded by an ever-widening band of merrymakers, who delight in supporting your ascending originality.    

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Twins, you’ve always bristled at that saying, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” and for good reason. Aside from the patriarchal connotation, it is not your experience to feel entirely alone given your multiple sides! Nevertheless, you’re pondering what being paired up versus single means to you now, as a league of planets come to the table in your partnership houses. What do both sides of you truly want? A solar eclipse on the 4th in this same locale could inaugurate a fresh perspective on coupledom or herald a new candidate for the partner seat. Perhaps you’re wrapping up an internal debate you’ve been having for close to two years concerning the pros and cons of freedom. A level-headed Venus joins the conversation until the end of January to help you reevaluate all things intimate, transformative, and mysterious, giving you plenty of time to consider the assets and liabilities of pooling resources with a sweetheart. As arguably the most mutable and dual sign of the zodiac, we can hear you yawning now at all this talk of commitment. At the holidays, a temblor shakes loose your grip on a deep-seated belief (perhaps from lifetimes of lost values) that you’re somehow unworthy of love. Nonsense! On the 18th, a full moon in your sign focuses a spotlight on you, stirring you to finally liberate yourself from a tired pre-pandemic self-image. This is big. 2021 ends as generous Jupiter brings an exuberant vision into your house of purpose. You will surely ring in a happy new year, Twins, as you step onto that sparkling shore. 

CANCER (June 21–July 22) The good news for you is that if last month proved to be too much—food, family, and festivities—December brings opportunities to fine-tune your daily habits, making your well-being the focus. Crabs, you often go overboard caring for others, and it’s time you indulged in a bit of self-care. How about calendaring a morning yoga class or scheduling a consultation with a holistic practitioner? Stretch a little beyond your comfort zone, and experiment with a new regimen or practice to replace a not-so-helpful habit with a nourishing one. You’ll have Mars bursting onto this scene mid-month, bringing you the boost needed to explore a host of activities in the quest for optimal health. Just be mindful not to overdo or injure yourself. The pace of daily work may pick up at this time as well, but remember to continue making time for your meditation practice, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. Your usual volunteer hours at your local food bank, synagogue, or church are best kept moderate. Burnout is real and truly, selfless service should feed your soul, not be the source of unnecessary exhaustion. Meanwhile, there’s your relationship. The goddess of love begins her subterranean journey smack dab in the middle of your partnership house on the 19th. Expect her to have a clipboard in hand, taking names and making notes. Not to be feared; her scrutiny is earmarked to test the metal of your relationship. Is it tempered to last? If you haven’t made a commitment, Venus backpedalling in serious Capricorn over the next few weeks will ask you to put a ring on it. Single and attached Crabs alike, be prepared for ghosts of relationships past to make an appearance. Beware the old lover who looks shiny around this time, as their luster will likely dim once Venus resurfaces at the end of January. The year ends with a splendid splash as bountiful Jupiter flows into your house of long-distance travel and religion. Barring travel bans, it may be time to book that dream cruise down the Bosphorus or extended stay at the ashram in Rishikesh. Bon voyage!        

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22)  Your creativity is off the charts, Cats. With a party of planets prancing in your house of self-expression, it’s time to reconnect with your childlike spirit and have some fun. Has your artistic eye become a little too basic or has your passion for romance been tamed? The solar eclipse on the 4th could break the boredom. In fact, you might just fall in love with an idea or discover a whole new creative direction. If they’re not buying what you’re selling, consider a larger market. As you couple your creativity with a higher sense of values, your life will light up like a Christmas tree. As a Sun-ruled fire sign, you can be an insufferable beast if you’re not feeling inspired.  Stretch that canvas, restart those voice lessons, and go the extra mile. Whatever it takes to express yourself, do it! Meanwhile, the goddess of love is getting ready to do the backward hustle in your house of health and routines. While you may feel disorganized during this act (the 19th through the end of January), the arbiter of beauty and taste is reviewing your daily rituals to determine what’s supportive to your body. FYI: Whatever is impeding the efficient functioning of your physical operation should be eighty-sixed. By the time the Sun moves into Capricorn and this same sector on the 21st, you’ll be ready to commit to a prudent wellness routine. Sweet! See you at the gym. The year closes out just as generous Jupiter glides into your house of shared finances and assets; you may come into some money or find a patron who supports your dream project. Don’t you just love some recognition? Well done, you.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) You’ve won the lottery for snuggling down at home with the family this December, as a clan of planets settles in for a winter’s nap in your house of hearth and kinfolk. There’s no place like home for the holidays, Virgins. Ever community-minded, you’ll also feel like playing the generous host of a festive gathering or two. A solar eclipse in this same domain on the 4th begins a new chapter on the homefront; this could mean a move, finalizing that new addition, or a major shift in your perspective of a particular family member. As you make adjustments toward improving your home and personal life, your sense of security and belonging increases. That’s got to feel good. Standing on literal and figurative terra firma boosts your energy, allowing you to feel more confident when the full moon on the 18th illuminates your career and public house. The spotlight may focus on finishing a project you’ve been working on since Covid began. Kudos! As you balance your professional and personal life, gift yourself a creative incubation space for Xmas. Pleasure-loving Venus is playing in your house of creative flow; when she turns around on the 19th, try not to get discouraged if your output slows down. Dial down the inner-critic lest you become finicky about your creations (that includes your kids). The goddess of beauty encourages you to look back on creative projects and pastimes with an insightful and discerning eye before you charge forward. Don’t be surprised if an old lover or two reappears sometime over the next few weeks. It will likely be harmless and could even be fun to give ol’ so and so the once over just to validate that you’re truly done. Jolly ol’ Jupiter lights up the 2021 firework finale in your partnership house, bringing you a sparkling perspective on relationships. Single Virgins prepare for a deluge in the dating department. As always, use your notable common sense, but stay open to the prospect that a bona fide star may be among the eligible suitors. 

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Oh gracious adjudicator of the zodiac, the cosmic activity fills your inbox this month in your communications house, stimulating you to collect more data, uncover more answers, and learn so much more that you can hear your very skull expanding. It’s not just mind-blowing, it’s high time you speak your truth. A visionary eclipse on the 4th in this same territory serves up a perfect opportunity to reimagine your story. Write it down. As forceful Mars joins the conversation mid-month, you might be so fired up to assert your point of view that you end up talking over people. Remember to pause for a beat and just listen. Trust that it will make for a deeper and more meaningful conversation. The full moon on the 18th illuminates your house of wisdom and meaning, promptly making sense of the mountain of information you’ve been gathering and allowing you to step back and see the big picture. You may need this distance when your ruler, value-conscious Venus joins the emotional intensity brewing in your house of roots and relatives mid-month. Lay low if familial misunderstandings erupt, especially around the holidays. Slowdowns in your redecorating project and indecision with paint colors are surface detours that reveal deeper processes of reevaluation and value clarification concerning the personal questions around where and how you live. Keep calm and continue to declutter, and downsize, literally and figuratively. This transit will burn down the false facades, so that all that remains is good as gold. At the end of the month generous Jupiter sails into your house of health and service, inspiring you to recognize that all you really need to do is simply lend a hand. ‘Tis the season of giving, after all.       

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) While last month may have plumbed the depths of the personal, this month it’s all about the money. A surplus of celestial action in your financial sector aims your sites on earnings and your sense of security. With expansive, straight-shooting Sagittarius leading the charge for capital gains, you’ll feel empowered to ask for more—from all of it: your job, relationship, and life. Go for it! A solar eclipse at the beginning of the month in this same quarter marks a turning point in your financial outlook. You may be getting that raise, landing a new position that pays more, or embarking on a new venture to grow your wealth. Once an upbeat Mars enters this scene mid-month, you’ll be fully caffeinated and have the stamina to go the extra distance, positioning your financial future in the black. Pace yourself where spending is concerned, so that your fiscal year-end is favorable. Later in the month, the plot thickens in your house of communications and local network. As social Venus merges with intense Pluto, you learn that everyone has a story as conversations with neighbors or siblings take a turn toward deep. At times you’ll want to keep the convo more business-like, as you collect ‘just the facts, ma’am’. Venus will be reevaluating everything in her purview, as she drives below the speed limit through this borough (the 19th through the end of January). You’re still transforming the way you think and refining your message. Part of a larger process, take it slow, with an understanding this is a work in progress. Should you find yourself in the crosshairs of old tensions involving a partner or a family tradition at Christmas, tread lightly and do your best to stick to the present; clinging to past expectations won’t help you get closer to your destiny. The year ends with a splash, as joyous Jupiter pours into your house of self-expression, and straight-up fun. Allow your creative juices and laughter to flow as freely as the New Year’s champagne; it’s time to celebrate. Cheers!

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll