February 2021 Horoscopes

February 2021 horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

With a party of planets touring the collective sign of Aquarius this month, we’ve got to find a way to come together.

What’s going on? Mercury retrograde through the humanitarian sign alongside a planet majority, plus the Sun and new moon, asks us to bring some understanding here today.

We can all get what we need from the month of February if we take to heart the nearly lost Irish tradition of meitheal and gather together in our communities to build something that benefits everyone. For some of us that might mean setting a new course to find our true-blue tribe, while for others it’s staying the current course within a family pod, professional community, or neighborhood group. It could mean stepping back to hold space for others, or stepping forward with your unique genius. The strong Aquarian vibe this month is about bringing your distinctive gifts to the community table. Everyone is needed at this time. Everyone. The first Mercury retrograde of 2021, arrives right on time (1/30 to 2/20), giving us space to rethink how we’ll socialize and work together once the vaccine has reached the farthest corners of the population. The new moon in Aquarius, positively positioned with lucky Jupiter and Venus on the 11th supports planting the seeds of our wildest dreams while the roughest patch of the month arrives a week later around the 17th, when stodgy Saturn squares off against unconventional Uranus. This clash could bring further upheaval in the form of earthquakes and social unrest where the human world pushes to break down unsustainable structures. On a personal level, the full moon in Virgo on the 27th asks us to attend to the details of cleaning out the old in order to support the changes that have already arrived and continue to break as steady as the waves. 

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) With a proper planetary party happening in your sign for the better part of the month, it may seem like all eyes are on you, Waterbearers. If ever there was a time to reinvent yourself, it’s now. But with tricky Mercury on the fritz in your sign, use the next few weeks to take measure and position yourself to make that quantum leap in self-development. A clash between your co-rulers: strict Saturn and rebellious Uranus mid-month push you to integrate seemingly disparate things like launching your new brand while refurbishing the home base. Nevertheless, lean into the tension between old and new, take it down to the studs, both literal and figurative. As you upgrade your living space, which could even include a sudden move, you’re also reinventing yourself. Ask big questions, like “who do I want to be for the greater good?” Amidst all this transformation, remember to apply some TLC; with pleasure-loving Venus joining the birthday celebration in your sign, it’s important to take good care of your body. And nerves. Why not rub some essential oils on your shins (Aquarius rules the shins) and relax a little, metaphorical rebirth can be as Herculean an effort as the real deal.   

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Fishes’ most consequential work happens beneath the surface this month. With the majority of planetary action bubbling in the depths of your subconscious realms, you have permission to turn off the screens and take a break from all social activities. As you sink into self-reflection via a self-styled at-home meditation retreat or preferred practice of introspection, you open up some breathing room where you can just observe and allow any dross to wash over you. As you surrender to this inner current, the volume on your intuition increases.  A new moon in this same rich vein mid-month opens the floodgates to a well of forgiveness toward yourself and others. You’ve been gifted an opportunity to grieve, release guilt and grudges, and heal. Amen. We hope you can maintain your retreat as long as possible but a disruption to the solitude may come around the 17th, as the strong undertow of erratic Uranus agitates your house of the logical mind and immediate environment, producing a tension between your head and your heart. And with Mars on the move here too, you’ll likely be pulled back into the fray. The retreat will have grounded you though, and a good compromise might be to download books on mystical subjects that you can tune in to on your daily walk. This allows time to draw vital info from two sources of intelligence—the logical mind and the intuitive, resulting in a leap of telepathy. By the end of the month when the Sun moves into your sign, you’re ready to deal with the conscious world again, enlightened and ready to embrace self-compassion and all the love that surrounds you.     

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Rams are reminded that they are herd creatures this month and will be keen on hanging out with like-minded comrades, who are committed to going the distance with you on a big dream or two. Yet with speedy Mercury shifting into a lower gear in your house of hopes, we advise you to not put too many irons in the fire. Instead, spend your time scheduling meetings with potential collaborators, hashing out details, and reviewing plans. At the new moon on the 11th, ask for a little help from your friends; one or two might be delighted to support an idea that evolves and unifies a whole community. With beneficial Venus andJupiter in the same house at this juncture, a seed you plant now is ripe for attracting the turbocharged motor needed to get off the ground further down the road. Make room for surprises, particularly around your personal values as well as your financial portfolio. As best you can, allow for the changes to unfold. Toward the end of the month, a full moon in your house of health brings you back to your body. When it comes to fine-tuning your physiology, what have been the most supportive regimens in the last few months? And what exercise habits are actually not helping your overall fitness? Reassess and make the rational decision for sustainable long-term habits. You’ll thank yourself when you’re exploring life at 80.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) As career amps up for Bulls this month, you’re prodded to think outside the bullpen. So much so that something might take you by surprise. Do your darndest to go with the potentially disruptive flow. Knowing when to stop and when to go, go, go is key to sidestepping the tension between treading familiar old ruts and risking the sweet promise of new pastures right now. With speedy Mercury taking a back route for several weeks, maintain your usual slow and steady pace. No charging ahead! Keep in mind that those who have power over you could push your buttons this month. Instead of seeing red every time your patience is tested, we suggest a proper look at your reactions, perhaps outworn behaviors that need to be kicked to the curb once and for all. Freedom is on your mind not just this month but for several years to come. You’ll be provoked at times, and anything that causes you to feel penned in, you will want to (and in many situations) break free to do your own thing. You do you, Angus. Later in the month, you may be keen to collaborate; even independent Bulls find that teamwork makes the dreamwork. As social distancing regs continue to restrain us, why not join an online community, tap into an alumni network, or get involved in your local World Food Programme? The month ends with a full moon in your house of creativity and romance, rekindling your artistic side and nudging you to play with your watercolor set or snuggle up with your sweetie to watch the latest Netflix craze. 

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) With your ruling planet, Mercury playing tricks for most of the month, the universe urges you to plan your summer road trip now down to the last details, all with the understanding that you might have to replan the whole thing over again or cancel. But you’re cool with that, oh flexible sign of the zodiac. This in-between time also gives you the opportunity to plan your trip around your preferred focus of study. However you spin this period, keep stretching your mind, then consolidate; your mental task centers on melding meaning with the mundane material world. If you’ve been spending too many hours on the internet, take a break from the blue screen and sink your notable brainpower into something deeper. Whether that’s delving into Dadaism or deciphering ancient texts, you’re connecting with your love of learning and doing your finest work in making meaning out of the madness. As you prepare your thesis and get ready to share your truth, update that résumé, and reconnect with former colleagues; you’re crafting the script for a whole new career. Mid-month could bring some monkey-wrench situations, so practice your box-breathing; listening as opposed to speaking helps you master the tight spots. A full moon at the end of the month shines a light on your home; getting a jump on spring cleaning, pouring over paint chips in preparation for a fresh coat on the walls of your boudoir, or finally fixing that bathroom tub leak—a clean environment is integral to efficiently tackle your long list of projects ahead. 

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Crusty Crabs may have Snoop Dogg rhymes stuck in their head  this month, “with my mind on my money and my money on my mind”, but it might not feel so laid back, as the song suggests. With Mercury rewinding in your house of shared resources, it’s more likely that you’ll be dealing with getting your taxes in order, on the phone managing your investments or an insurance claim, or ironing out the details of an inheritance. While you may feel buried under a mountain of documents, all will be resolved…eventually. Meantime, you may find yourself relistening to a recording of your last couples therapy Zoom session, bent on uncovering a secret or breaking down defenses that prevent you from fully trusting your partner (or yourself). At the new moon, two benefic cosmic omens enrich any intentions you might set around letting go of old pains that deprive you of the deeper intimacy that you crave. When stern Saturn and rebel Uranus square off mid-month, quell any urges to wag a judgy claw at a member of your consortium for behaving out of pocket and instead, tap into your infinite compassion. The judgment hurts you in the long run and maybe your friendship, too. Remember, we are all living in unprecedented times. At the end of the month, you’re sharpening your mind as a full moon illuminates your house of communications and learning; take advantage of that employee perk to further your education and check out the latest Masterclass offerings.  

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Feel the love, Leo. Can you feel it? It’s all about relationships this month, dear Kittys. Whether you’re settled into a long-winter partnership, busy swiping left or right, or enlightened enough to put your relationship with yourself at the top of your priorities list, you’re due for a breath of fresh air in the boo department. And as trickster Mercury moves backward through your one-on-one house, don’t be surprised if you rekindle an old relationship. If nothing or nobody of significance turns up, cast a juicy love spell at the new moon on the 11th to draw in the partner of your dreams. Don’t miss this rare opportunity when both beneficial planets, Venus and Jupiter, deliver their blessings on a magic-infused new moon in your partnership realm. Soon after, expect a bump in the road, as stalwart Saturn and freedom-loving Uranus clash, and you find yourself clawing to break out of your comfort zone, having had it up to your eyebrows with accommodating others, particularly the powers that be on the work front. To avoid a meltdown or making ultimatums you might regret, try setting some serious boundaries. You’re in this for the long haul, and this is your opportunity to define and reinvent how you want to be in a relationship going forward. You can count on that picture (or person) not looking at all like you might have envisioned. The month closes with a full moon, shining a light on your finances; this is a good time to tend to the details of your income and outflow. Now that you’re focused on rebuilding who you are in relationship to others, the time may be just right to reevaluate what you have to offer and in doing so, further securing your own self-worth.     

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) With a hive of planets buzzing in your house of health and the daily grind, we suspect you’ll be busy, busy, busy this month. Maybe too busy. While you may be in your comfort zone being overly committed, you’ll likely need to reconsider the schedule as it comes to a point where enough is just enough. The good news is, in this time of world crisis, you have plenty of options for earning a living. The collective needs you! The caveat is in the practice of keeping good boundaries lest you become inundated, which the collective certainly does not need. When you feel annoyed with colleagues, check yourself and trust that everyone has their own way of getting all the daily boxes checked. It’s entirely enough for you to do just you. Let them do them, otherwise, the stress could undo you. With your ruling planet Mercury backtracking through your health and daily routine sector, you’re reexamining how your work impacts your mental as well as physical health. Self-care should be of prime importance for you now. Taking time to space out and just be can be as worthwhile as any outward productivity. Mid-month presents a wonderful time to escape from the mundane to continue dreaming up that summertime great escape you started planning last month. A full moon in your sign at the end of the month shines a light on you, perhaps amplifying an overworked servant’s lament: But what about me? The intelligence in your own body activates and guides you to the answer.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) The universe is serving up a fun February for lovely Libras. You will likely be feeling both romantic and creative vibes. Cue Rudimental’s delightful drum and bass hit, Feel The Love. If you’re dipping a toe into a new relationship (or already up to your shins!) take the time to nurture the friendship part first. Look out for a potential rift arising around the 17th, when all the friends-first Aquarian energy abuzz in your romance sector bumps into rebellious Uranus, which may be hell-bent on disrupting the status quo around how you do intimacy. Confusion could erupt around sharing and trust issues; so, as mentioned earlier, take it slow. A more casual approach to romance may be the ticket at this time or exploring relationships that have the potential to be collaborative creative-wise. If you have an unfinished project that’s been on the shelf for a while, this could be a great time to dust it off and breathe new life into it with the help of a partner. The new moon mid-month could do just that, ushering in a big new project (maybe your biggest ever), imbued with the Midas touch that could capture your attention for the next two-plus years to complete. The full moon at the end of the month lights up your house of the unconscious. Keep a dream journal nearby for the few days leading up to this lunation. Even a fragmentary symbol garnered from the depths of your subconscious could unlock an important psychological complex that’s ripe for letting go. As you do, a more conscious and therefore stronger structure will replace it.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) There may be no place like home. But it may take more than closing your eyes and clicking your heels together for you to manifest the ideal place Scorpios are tasked with creating. According to the cosmic omens this month, you’re being asked to loosen the chains of familial conditioning and tap the technology of group consciousness in order to channel the future into your foundation. While that may sound like a lofty mouthful, with a clan of planets in your house of home and family, all in the collective, unconventional sign of Aquarius, it may be that home for you is where you find community. Thankfully, a magic-infused new moon on the 11th ushers in some sweetness and calm; and you’re ripe to plant some serious seeds (figuratively or literally) around envisioning what a community-centered homebase might look like for you. While you’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to do some gardening to ground this notion. Not long after, a tremor could rumble through the areas of your life involving family and relationship as serious Saturn collides with disruptive Uranus, stirring up dilemmas, such as love versus stability. By allowing for compromise and some flexibility, you may see they’re not mutually exclusive; and given some effort and outside-the-box thinking, you may come to realize, you can have passion and security. Imagine that. Toward the end of the month, the focus shifts towards romance and creative self-expression; and you may feel inspired long after Valentine’s Day to love on your partner or to whip up some magic in the sewing room. The month closes with a full moon in your house of friends and groups; as things open up, you’ll want to mask up hang outside with your besties. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) The pen is mightier than the sword! That battle cry could be just the one coming from the mouth of an Archer this month. With writing, communicating, studying, networking in your sights, you have a lot to say right now. In your fervor, be sure to read the room, as they say; acknowledging your audience is key to ensuring your message gets heard. Being more mindful, slowing down your thinking processes, and tuning in to your surroundings will help you to keep perspective and avoid a common Sagittarian pitfall–sounding like a know-it-all. If there are any deals in the making you might be signing off with them in the first few days. Woot! Seal the deal. And with Mercury reeling in reverse, you may be reviewing the fine print, old emails, and conversations. Expect some delays regarding communications, and hiccups around commute and travel plans. There also could be something that needs fixing on your car; so carry your cell with you in case of a breakdown. Try your best to be patient with a sibling, they may need your support this month. A big work project may start to pay off, and we expect that any financial investments you’ve had to make over the last months of 2020 may now see a return. Something exciting is beginning to manifest in your intellectual life, a kind of cohort of philosophically like-minded folks coming together in a reciprocal relationship. Sounds like a think-tank. Fun! You’re all in and imagining the insignia you’ll embroider on your team flag. Toward the end of the month, you’ll be feeling loved and appreciated by your family, and you may be adding some beautiful touches to your house that could bring a deeper sense of peace for everyone. The month closes with a full moon in your career house, bringing your purpose into relief, perhaps signaling a shift careerwise, or you simply may be more visible and appreciated for your work.  

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) That hackneyed trope about love and money are at the crux of it for Capricorns this month. With a drove of planets in your house of money and possessions clashing with fervent Mars and non-conformist Uranus in your love and pleasure house, Goats face the question, how can I infuse some joy into the equation? Here’s a clue: As you rebuild your finances, the cosmic omens guide you to also update your value system and incorporate actively involving yourself in something you love for the sole reason that you love it. It’s enough. Investing in your creativity now is a sure bet to bring the happiness you seek. You’ve actually earned this, dear Goats. After undergoing a tremendous growth and transformation journey, you’re unquestionably entitled to some sweetness. As you gain more confidence in new-found creative gifts and allow yourself a wider scope of expression; you just might end up unpacking a latent resource and lucrative talent. Get your Etsy shop set up! Use the new moon in your money house on the 11th to plant some Miracle Gro-powered dreams around future financial targets—whether it’s bitcoin or cryptocurrency, the bigger and more progressive, the better. You just might discover an elusive money tree blossoming. Later in the month, indulge your poetic side and let your beloved know your true feelings in writing. Typically reserved Goats may surprise even themselves with the inspiration to spin tender and thoughtful words that pour out at this time. Doesn’t matter if you wait till after Valentine’s Day, it’s the thought that counts.  

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll