February 2022 Horoscopes

February 2022 horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

February winds of change rush in, and finally the year gets rolling. 

It’s full steam ahead as Mercury shifts into forward gear, joining the rest of the heavens, and we feel the motivation to take a calculated risk.

If your January felt as slow as molasses with both Venus and Mercury stalled out in the sign of the status quo, this month is going to feel like a supercharged engine. With all the stale remnants hopefully cleared away, the future is finally here, and it’s time to get moving. Speaking of which, a new moon in group-conscious Aquarius, kicked off the month and Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger with the fresh air of ingenuity and vision of our collective future. Luckily, strong influences from stable Saturn offered sturdy ground for seeing far-sighted ideas through. Use the focus and open-mindedness of the Water Bearer to set or reset New Year’s resolutions. Speedy Mercury has bounded forward and for the first time in a while, all the planets are in forward motion. 2022 officially has begun. This momentum builds as the month progresses, and becomes more palpable in the second half of the month; so, get a move on and start taking steps toward that future-building plan. Mid-month, romantic Venus hooks up with passionate Mars, getting the blood pumping in time for Valentine’s Day (and the next two months). This ardor carries over into a fiery full moon in Leo on the 16th, making this a very she’s-gotta-have-it lunation. The month closes on a lighter, more buoyant note than we’ve experienced in a while, as the Sun shifts into Pisces, and we begin to feel the sway of Jupiter’s optimism more than Saturn’s gloom and the blessings of some smooth sailing.

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that first; it’s often more relevant.  

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Fresh winds are a-blowing with a new moon in your sign that kicked off the month. Rest assured you’ll be fanning out your birthday candles with the good feeling of a new start. Saturn’s sobering influence helps you harness the good vibes, urging you to commit your energy and time to a new goal. It’s probably that thing that you’ve been avoiding that you know you should do. It’s time to get going. Whether it’s health-related or an essential issue concerning your purpose, whatever it is, stop over-thinking, and like that old Nike campaign says, just do it. Mercury’s back online, and now that all the planets are moving forward, you’ll be charged up and ready to make the needed changes. With all the out-going energy, by Valentine’s Day, you’ll feel like retreating alone, curled up with a good book. Bring along your journal, too. During Venus’s backward dance in your house of seclusion last month, you may have done a lot of thinking about how you undermine yourself and now you have a better sense of how to move forward. Use your retreat day to set some clear-eyed intentions. At the same time, Mercury moves into your sign, and you’ll be crackling with the insights gleaned from all that deep thinking and alone time. A flashy full moon on the 16th puts a spotlight on your relationships. It could be time to seal the deal with a business partner or take things to the next level with your beau; you realize you really might have a future together, and you’re ready to put a ring on it. Single Aquarians, dazzling in the moonlight, it’s up to you which suitor to choose. On the 18th, the Sun glides into your money house, joining expansive Jupiter and inspiring Neptune in the charitable waters of Pisces. Your confidence and generosity are at an all-time high; go ahead and share the wealth, especially with family members. The law of attraction really does work, and the more you give, the more abundance you’ll create. 

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) The sign of the fish are of two minds in February. Part of you channels Greta Garbo, telling us, “I vant to be alone” whilst the other half longs to shine your inner diva, Beyoncé-style. Yeah, we know it sounds confusing and that’s okay. To navigate the oppositional tides, buoy your mood by committing to a daily dose of positive affirmations, and watch how such a practice can have an enduring impact on your mental health. Maybe it’s time to sign up with a new therapist on Better Help or join a 12-step program, but whatever you do, don’t do the suffering alone thing. It just doesn’t work. Mischievous Mercury might have muddied the waters during its retrograde period in January, creating misunderstandings in your social pool. Now that the messenger planet is running forward again, group dynamics should clear up. Everyone can finally hear one another clearly. Phew. In fact, a collaborative opportunity may arise now as your ability to communicate your objectives and lobby for your cause hits a new high point. You might even give crowdfunding a go to get a jump on your latest innovation. Pretty much any idea you’re floating right now, someone’s likely to bite. By the time a full moon shines in your health and daily-grind house mid-month, you’re ready to say, “buh, bye” to a job, complete a treatment, or kick that bad habit for good. The Sun cruises into your sign on the 18th, and refreshed, you emerge whole from the depths, upon your pearlescent shell, ready to dazzle us like Botticelli’s Venus. We do love to bathe in your enigmatic beauty. Shine on!

ARIES (March 21–April 19) February may have more harmonious notes for our warrior sign than you’ve seen for a while involving your career, particularly mid-month. Maybe a secret admirer is about to go public with their intentions or maybe you’ve finally found a solid ally to help broker a big deal. Either way, the omens are set, and you’ll be charming the pants off of the higher-ups as you present a creative project that garners great feedback. Just keep it clean, and steer clear of any untoward office romance scandals; hook up instead with an innovative team of influencers (sans the boss). You can leverage an empowered Mars operating in your corner office to generate a new source of income or get that raise. As Valentine’s Day rolls around, you’re ready for a casual meetup with friends, and they’re ready to be regaled with stories of all your wins. Kick back and enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner or some good news related to one of your kids when the full moon shines in your house of fun and romance on the 16th. If romantic passion is not exactly the vibe, perhaps you’re finishing a creative project and presenting it to rave reviews. Be sure to share the spotlight with the squad who worked alongside you to make your goals manifest a lot faster. When the Sun slips into the sensitive sign of Pisces and into your house of retreat on the 18th, it’s time to step back and recharge. Don’t confuse downtime with idleness. If we know you, there’s likely some form of passive income pouring in behind the scenes that will allow you to slip away for a bit. Any fruitful idea will be milling about in the dreamscape, so do keep a journal at your bedside. A midnight scribble will be well worth it!

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) It’s a big year for our Bulls; expect a lot of shifting sands. Instability is not your favorite thing, but if you can accept the inevitability of change and adjust your plans to allow for sudden happenings, you’ll fare better in the long run. This is how we see it for you, now that the destiny point, known as the North Node in astrology, will be traveling through your sign for the next year and a half. This month, the spotlight will be on your career. A new moon, coupled with disciplined Saturn kicks it off, and the pressure is on; there’s likely hard work and more responsibility in store. You may be dealing with a new boss, who brings the burden of rules that feel like an outdated way of doing things. Bellow all you want, but this could be a sign that something’s gotta give, and you may want to move on to a fresh pasture where the rules make more sense. Now that Mercury is back on course, any travel delays or problems with your visa that tripped you up last month gets straightened out, and the gates open to a broader plain in which to roam. Meanwhile, your ruler diplomatic Venus unites with passionate Mars in your house of travel and education for most of the month, which could have you hankering to collaborate with colleagues overseas. This may create exciting opportunities that make increased responsibilities on the workfront more palatable. A full moon on the 16th could shed some light on the question of where to live or bring closure to a home improvement project that began last summer. If it’s time for “the big move,” the offer gets approved or a fortuitous prospect pans out. Once the Sun relocates to Pisces in your hope and community zone, throw a house-warming party. It will be positively inspired!

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) With a complex of planets spelunking in your house of depth psychology, engaging in a well-rounded mental and emotional health eval could be just what the doctor ordered. As the chatterbox of the zodiac, getting quiet is no small feat but investing in some self-reflection now could pay off big later. Be sure to investigate any benefits offered through work that could support your deep healing. You might be surprised. The new moon that kicked off the month likely reawakened your curiosity, pointing you in the direction of either an avant garde intellectual pursuit or some serious planning around your next adventure. Now that your ruling planet, brainy Mercury is finally moving forward again, you’ll be shifting full throttle into new territory, philosophical or global, by mid-month. Around this same time, the two planets that rule seduction and arousal, aka Venus and Mars, get tangled up in your intimacy zone. We probably don’t need to tell you what you’ll be up to for Valentine’s Day. A creative full moon on the 16th shines a bright light on your communication style; and you may realize how mixing some fun into your treatise you’ve been working on for months not only makes what you have to say more entertaining but also more effective. When the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, you’re ready to go public with the wisdom you’ve gleaned from your foray into the complexities of the human heart and integrate this newfound compassion into your professional life. 

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Relationship building continues this month alongside some deep delving into the inner workings of your most intimate partnership. A no pain, no gain new moon in your house of shared resources that began the month, commenced a solid commitment to deeper honesty. There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy. Choose carefully who to share your confessions with, but unburden you must; the truth could not only set you free but deepen your bond. As the air clears, you may find you need to invest some energy into rejiggering the family finances or the mortgage. Or maybe revelations emerge in the realm of eros, and you’re feeling ready to explore uncharted sexual territory. With all this energy focused on breakthroughs with your partner, use your words to reset and restore the balance of power in your relationship mid-month. Then, as if on cue, Venus and Mars rendezvous on Valentine’s Day; and you may be moved to recapture the passion amidst candlelight and renew your vows over pillow talk. If you’ve been working nose to the grindstone for the last six months, a lavish full moon on the 16th could reap rewards and dividends. Or this could be the perfect moment to cash in on a financial investment. Any related legal documents that require approval will go smoothly, too. Toward the end of the month, as the Sun dips into Pisces, your focus pivots to learning something new or expanding your spiritual practice, which could bring an opportunity to travel to that getaway place you recently had to cancel. Partner in tow, you have the green light to splurge on an adventure. May we suggest a trek in the Himalayas or a few weeks on the Camino de Santiago? Whatever you decide, the sky’s the limit. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) It may be the year of the Tiger, but it’s the brave Lion who symbolizes good fortune and chases away the evil spirits at celebrations every Lunar New Year. This month, you bring this fierceness and passion to your relationships and how you manage your daily life. Beginning with a serious new moon on the 1st, you’re asked to commit or recommit to your most important relationship. While this likely requires some good old-fashioned hard work on your part, it’s an investment well worth the making. Even if it feels awkward right now, it’ll help things in the long run. When Mercury starts moving forward again in your house of health and daily work, expect any delays to free up. If you’ve been experiencing lingering effects from Covid or other health concerns, you should start feeling some relief, particularly if you’ve discovered the root problem. You’re on your way up and out of whatever health hole you’ve been in. Now that’s good news, Kittys. A regal full moon in your sign mid-month shines a better light on the subject–you; and a resolution to that persistent health issue could be at hand. Or you may be shedding a tired aspect of your identity, which allows a more authentic you to shine through. Walk your talk, baggage-free, carrying yourself with authority from the inside out. Single Cats, if you’ve been putting effort into finding a playmate to cuddle with, a pleasant surprise may await in the form of a captivating puma prancing into your social scene. Puuurfect.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) With a crew of planets in your house of creative self-expression, it’s high time you invest in your creativity. Make all the paintings and/or recordings that have been backlogged for the last month or two. Let it rip! Inspiration is flowing. That weighty new moon on the 1st in your house of daily routines supported you in committing to a refreshed if unconventional, regimen or in dropping a bad habit that’s been impacting your health. Remember to keep it light and playful. You’re also well-served spending time in the first two weeks of the month addressing any chronic health issues. Sticking to your most wholesome nutritional regimen will go a long way in keeping all of your systems inIbalance. Around the 9th, keeping with the light-hearted theme, taking an impromptu jaunt with your sweetie could prove good soul food. Book the trip but leave the days open for free-form exploration, and let go of the Virgoan tendency to over-plan. A full moon in your most spiritual house mid-month could bring epiphanies around an old fear or anxiety that finally feels over and done. Channel all that mental-health healing into your creative surge. Toward the end of the month when the Sun shifts into Pisces and your house of relationships, adjust your focus accordingly and invest some of that playful, creative energy into your partnership. A night out at the theater or a day at the museum with your honey will feel so enriching. 

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) A fresh wave of inventiveness in all forms of self-expression, including the romantic kind, rolls in with a new moon in your house of creativity right at the beginning of the month. Va-va-voom. If a flirtatious intrigue is not in the making, consider dedicating yourself to a long-term creative idea or project. Once Mercury steps into forward motion again on the 3rd along with the rest of the heavens, your inspiration engine could very well take you far and wide. And you’ll get good support from the family as long as you vocalize that you’re ready to deepen your patience and discipline in order to get this project off the ground. The fam has your back! If there has been a disagreement with a member of your clan, employ your eminent Libran charm and diplomacy now. It’s time to make a peace offering. Whatever wrench the Mercury retrograde might have thrown into that renovation project on the homefront, finally should shake free; soon you’ll be able to find the right contractor or materials needed and move forward. Around Valentine’s Day and through the rest of the month, a powerful union between your ruler, sensuous Venus, and passionate Mars converts your home into a generator of sexual and creative energy. You might want to invest in some fancy sheets and scented candles, and let the rest take care of itself. A fun-loving full moon on the 16th in your house of social groups could bring the culmination of hard-won efforts done in concert with the team. Perhaps that portends the addition of a shiny new trophy to your awards shelves or that cute friend becoming something more, or maybe you’ll have baby news to announce. Go you!

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) It’s all in the family this month, as a new responsibility shows up and duty calls. With a new moon in your house of hearth and home alongside reliable Saturn, if anyone is capable of taking on the task, it’s our powerful Scorpion friends. Whether it’s tending to a new home, a new baby, or helping out with an elder, you’ll likely be checking the head-of-household box on your tax returns. Any of last month’s email mishaps or commute troubles will finally be in your rearview mirror now that Mercury’s course corrected in your house of communication and short trips. Catalytic converter replaced, engine tuned, and email cleaned up, you’re able to move forward with a clarity of mind and maybe even a silver tongue. If you have any writing projects in the works, the chapters could roll out with ease the second half of the month. And if you’re in sales, it could be a banner month. A bright full moon in your career house on the 16th lights up the proverbial marquee with your name ablaze and abuzz on the lips of all your colleagues. It’s a climactic moment after much hard work. You deserve the fanfare, so enjoy it. And you know you couldn’t have done it without your sweetheart behind the scenes always cheering you on. Make sure they get the proper recognition for all that support. As the Sun rolls into the sign of Pisces and your house of pleasure and romance toward the end of the month, it’s time to cut loose and have a little fun. Whether that means a sweet date or a dance party; hitting the studio for laying down new tracks or starting a new sewing project, just remember to let joy be the engine that keeps the inspiration flowing. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Intrepid Centaur, you’ll have ample opportunity to ramble this month, be it down the road in your four-wheel drive, speaking at a conference, or penning your latest treatise. Or all of the above. We vote for finally starting (and sticking to) that long thought-about book project; put your words to work. Use the new moon that kicks off the month to symbolically dedicate yourself to the hard work of beginning each day organizing your mind, and watch the chapters write themselves. Getting into a good rhythm for a longer-term effort is where it’s at this month. Whatever project you take on now will likely help you gain more income in the future. Speaking of which, expect any frustrating delays regarding finances to right themselves early in the month as Mercury starts moving forward again. Phew! That raise could come through now, and you may suddenly be able to snatch up that credenza you’ve been pining over for your dining room. Throw in a home safe while you’re at it. With Venus and Mars united in your house of money and resources in Capricorn, the sign of longevity, invest now in gold rather than bitcoin to preserve your wealth over time.  

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) It’s now or never, you old Goat. With a very serious new moon in your house of money and resources starting off the month, the time is ripe to dedicate yourself to an exciting new enterprise. If you can rein in your spending via eliminating non-essentials, like streaming platforms and lattes, and commit to a leaner operating budget, you’ll free up resources and energy to focus more on doing that thing that actually brings you a sense of purpose. There’s gold to be mined from one of your creative talents. Why not use this month to concentrate on what you do best–work hard on honing this new ability? Meanwhile, a troupe of planets in your sign and house of identity lends some muscle to your hustle. If you used the Venus and Mercury retrograde period last month wisely to reevaluate your direction and revise your self-image, hopefully, you’ve managed to wrestle your self-doubt into submission, gained some clarity, and now you’re ready to communicate who you are. On Valentine’s Day, a magnetic Mars-Venus meetup in this same vein turns up the volume on your charisma, and you’ll be arousing everyone’s interest. If you don’t have a sweetheart, it’s a good time to love yourself up; buy yourself some flowers or Belgian chocolates. Indulge in a little self-romance…dance like nobody’s watching (even though we all are). A dramatic full moon in your house of shared resources mid-month could provide the right moment to cash in on a joint investment or finalize negotiations with a business partner. On the 18th, as the Sun drifts into Pisces, a fresh surge of creative flow hits, and it could be the perfect time to workshop your latest writings or invite trusted friends to come through for a group critique of your latest artwork. You’re in the zone. Go for it!

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll