January 2020 Horoscopes

January 2020 horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*, illustration by @boccaccinimeadows

A Pileup of Heavy-hitting Planets in the Sign of the Sea Goat Kicks Off the New Year on a Serious Note

Summon your inner magician and formulate your highest response to this era-changing event!  

With a historic line-up of powerful planets, packed into goal-driven Capricorn—sign of authority, structure, and big business–the pressure is on. While we might quake at the challenge, the weight of it all, instead of giving way to fear and dread, the medicine is to ground, and ask yourself: How can I best respond to this grim reordering and remain in my integrity? What do I need to sacrifice to satisfy the demands of this cosmic crackdown? Survival tips: Consolidate your energy, strategize how you can do more with less, give something up (see your personal horoscope below for ideas), and crank up self-care. A lunar eclipse on the 10th fans the emotions and gives voice to this momentous meetup. With extremist Pluto, taskmaster Saturn, mouthy Mercury, and the CEO Sun in the house on the 12th, 2020 begins with an intense bang indeed. So lean inward and get busy building the new world.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) It’s showtime, Goats. You’ve been doggedly scaling the cliffside rock by rock and now you’ve got your sites set on the top. If you’ve carried too many things in your backpack, we encourage you to leave it all behind. After all, goats don’t need backpacks. While you’ve caught a glimpse of the summit, you know that there’s more work to be done. Much of it involves paring down your style, simplifying your image for a more functional, age-appropriate look. Hello, silver fox. With a lunar eclipse in homey Cancer on the 10th, right before the climactic mashup of planets in your sign, it’s high time you asked: Where’s my heart in all this? Where’s my family? How is nourishing (or, in some cases, relinquishing) my relationships key to achieving my goals? We have a hunch that you will know, and we’ll be cheers-ing to your success before long. Toward the end of the month, easy does it. After all the time and effort you’ve put in, there’s no need to rush that peak.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) You’re sensing a big shift with your formidable antennae. The future is whispering in your ear: the old world order is about to crumble and make way for the city on a hill that you’ve been envisioning. Complete with AI, flying cars, and flashing information networks downloading into our minds in a blink, where our ideals of equity and equality are real. Hold up! Not so fast. There’s still much work to be done around how this new world takes shape. Lucky for you, your job this month is to take your dreams and visions seriously. Yeah, the ideas you’ve stored in the drawer, labeled “crazy”. These are building blocks for architecting the future and we need you to bring them out into the light. You have permission to daydream, take notes, create a vision board, and record your wildest musings; then play them back and discern which ones are worth pursuing. Meanwhile, with a lunar eclipse in your house of work and health, this is a good time to nurture your body and tune in to your eating habits. Rewiring your behaviors toward self-care is what’s needed to sustain your body in the nanotech years to come.  

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Dear Fishes, Where do you need to nibble away at your friends circle? Or maybe an organization you’ve been engaged with for years feels like there’s no more life in it to be eked out. You have license from the heavens now to finally let it go. Hard as that might be, do it you must. For as you slip out of old commitments and contracts with cohorts that no longer fit with the new natatorium you’re building, you’re able to make room for alliances that actually feed your imagination instead of draining you of your precious energy. You fishes, so often compassionate to a fault; it’s time you draw a line in the sand and toughen your skin. You may have to tolerate some disfavor as you stand up for less popular causes. As the schools you’ve been swimming with thin, you find you have more time to nurture your creative projects. For those Pisces with fingerlings, this can mean more playtime with your toddlers. 

ARIES (March 21–April 19) While the office walls may be falling down around you, keep calm and carry on Warriors, as you may well be the last one standing when the dust settles. Stay vigilant for ample opportunities in the coming months. Rams may be best positioned to take the lead and bathe in a bit of limelight. Just beware of toxic bosses or treacherous work situations where you might be seen as the bad guy, especially when you draw the line. Rams can call on their courage and confidence to lead the way into new working situations that benefit them and their mob. Maybe you’re tired of working for the man, and it’s time to leave the job behind and build your own business or work from home. You’ve been thinking about going out on your own for a while now. The new year may be the right time to write your business plan. Then wait until your birthday month to roll it out. 

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Bulls may be feeling fenced in or like they’ve hit a stone wall around their studies or field of knowledge. There’s always more to learn, and now may be the right time to go back to school or register for a course to fill in some gaps. With a major shakeup around your usual MO and steady-Eddie style over the past year, the need to consider new perspectives is pressing and could prove to be a profound, if humbling endeavor at this time in your life. In the process, you may have to drop an outdated philosophy or worldview that may once have offered you security but now has narrowed your thinking and is holding you back. It’s time to break out of the confines of your old beliefs. Register with the Green Party. Renew your passport. Apply for a green card. This may be the month that begins your very own Hero’s journey—for the rest of your life! Mid-month a sudden romance may pull you out of your relationship dessert. If nothing diary-worthy happens then, wait ’til the 23rd when your ruling planet, lovely Venus hooks up with Good News planet Jupiter and nudges you to open your heart and take a risk. Do it! You may find a dazzling day of fun and nuzzling on the other side of the fence. 

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) It’s dig deep time for the usually glib Twins. Of all the signs, you should take your New Year’s Resolution seriously. It’s manifestation time. If you can stay the course, commit to the changes coming your way, the glittery stuff you find in your darkest recesses will prove way more valuable treasure to you than any pretty thing that’s sparkling on the surface. Mid-month you may find yourself pondering not just what you value but how to bring your skills and talents to the table in order to bring value to others. And we thank you for that. Whether it’s passing along pertinent information or sharing a particular practice, when you bring yourself fully to the community table, everyone benefits, including you. If you’re considering going into business with a deep-pocketed friend, now is a good time to look at it from all angles and get all the details hashed out in writing. It could be a win-win for all involved.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Crabs have been feeling cramped inside their relationships for a while now. If you’ve reached the point of no return, it may be time to scuttle back and set some boundaries. Weigh your relationship. By all means, make a pie chart, list the pros and cons, and see how the parts equate. If the match passes mustard, it will be stronger for these tests. Single Crabs, connections that may prove to be utilitarian or practically beneficial could materialize at this time. Look out for signs of manipulation or a power imbalance. Then take responsibility for your role in the tango. You may find you must give some bad habits or behaviors around how you relate the heave-ho. Kiss codependency and care-taking, good-bye, in order to formalize or improve a relationship. All the single Crabbies, who’ve been waiting for their Boo to commit but who hasn’t budged, maybe it’s time to call it quits. Hit it, Beyoncé. ‘Cause if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it. Uh uh oh.’

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Lions who have been hitting the snooze button around taking care of their hides, it’s time to wake up. If you’ve been avoiding a visit to the dentist or doc, especially after a period of neglect, pick up that phone, now. Or maybe you’ve noticed your pet’s been acting listless or losing weight, yet you haven’t called the vet. In the words of Mark Twain, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” Kings and queens of the jungle, this is not yer usual New Years resolution ask. We’re talking real consequences here. You’d be wise to embrace the grunt work, make a plan, and prioritize your most important to-dos–pronto. Yes, calendar a regular workout or walk with a friend, give up your favorite binge food, or cancel Netflix. With a pride of heavy-duty celestial bodies, like Pluto, planet of death and rebirth in your house of health, work, and pets, doing so might just save your life (or that of your furry friend)!

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) What’s falling away in your creative life? Trust it. Let it go, and you’ll find new fertile ground for a fresh cycle of creativity. To prepare the soil, maybe you need to turn over an old diversion, like partying, drinking too much, or living large. Or perhaps it’s time you turned a favorite hobby or extra-curricular activity into a value-add instead of a time-suck or else consider dropping it. A dense crop of planets in your house of fun and children demands that you take your spare time seriously. Virgos with kids, is there something going on with your child that requires your attention? Maybe you need to stop indulging them and start setting down rules. Or the opposite? Maybe there has been too much work and not enough play and it’s time to get outside and roll around in the leaves and grass. Either way, for Virgos a big part of the focus is in accepting that there are limits to controlling your kids. In his poem On Children, Kahlil Gibran perhaps says it best. “You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.”

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Location, location, location. It’s as central in real estate as it is to your soul now, Libra. Whether you’ve been thinking about moving back home, leaving your birthplace behind, or traveling back and forth to help out an ailing parent or relative, it’s time you put down roots. While you may still be reeling from shakeups at the office or on the home-front this past year, you’d do well to start working toward finding where you belong. If you’re already settled, you may want to investigate a home security system, bump up your homeowner’s insurance, or update your earthquake kit in order to shore up your base. Some Libras may decide to stop relying on family support, while others may need to embrace the responsibility and burdens of being part of a bloodline. Examining your family tree aids you in laying down a firm foundation on which to build your new life direction.   

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Scorpios, you’re the powerhouses of the zodiac, especially when you put your mind to it. With a party of planets, including your ruling planet, Pluto and brainy Mercury, crammed into your house of communication, neighborhood, and short trips, you’re likely to be on the move with plenty to report this month. For the writers in your group, the pressure’s on to publish or perish. While some will be polishing their manuscripts, others may be launching a new web site or starting their own YouTube channel. Right now, you’re wired to sell just about anything to anybody. But money isn’t what drives you, and many of you may be brooding, obsessing over ‘but what is it all for?’As you confront old destructive thought patterns, you free yourself from the deadening doldrums. Even we’ve been wondering, Scorpio, where, oh where, has your passion gone? Or have you just outgrown the things that used to turn you on? This month, as challenges mount for all the signs, you’ll have an edge, Scorpio. Tuning in to your creativity and play–yes, play could prove the key to learning what motivates you now. Meanwhile, if your commute or neighborhood has become a bore, the universe invites you to switch things up. Why not ride your bike to work, download a new podcast, explore a different neighborhood, teach a class, or buy a train ticket to a mystery destination? The more you take your passions seriously and fuel inspiration, the greater your self-worth becomes; and presto, you’re back in business!

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) OK, Archers, you’ve had your big year. Now, it’s time to reign in your sky’s-the-limit reach and determine what’s truly important to you. Your values have been undergoing a deep cleaning for some time, and now it’s your turn to Marie Kondo what you own and weigh your livelihood to make sure your resources are in alignment with your deepest truth. This month, you’ll have an energy surplus to help you power through a major purge, organize a garage sale, and donate what’s left. As you draw the line at what sparks joy and give away freely what you no longer need, you open the door to a new definition of wealth, one that may not show up in your bank statement, at least not right away, but that sustains you through the rest of your life. As the year progresses, Sagges can expect a hike in their wages that covers exactly what they need, including a couple of adventures.     

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll