January 2021 Horoscopes

January 2021 horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Fasten your seat belts folks, the road into the new year is still a bumpy ride.  

As law and order Saturn faces off with avant-garde Uranus, the sign of the goat kicks off 2021with an unexpected jolt. 

We leave the wreckage of 2020 behind as all the personal planets shift into new signs, bringing new ways of feeling and thinking about our tasks, gifts, and dilemmas. It’s time to repurpose the usable debris and envision a new phase of rebuilding founded on innovative and original ideas. If ever there was a time to make resolutions (and write them down), it’s now. The heavy line up of Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter in severe Capricorn throughout 2020 brought so much loss and many hard-earned lessons. Take a breath, this is a place of real-deal enlightenment. As we head into January, declare what you want, establish a vision, and chart where you want to go. Hanging on to old ways will only hurt. Stay focused on the good work to be done. Now that Saturn and Jupiter have moved forward into the futuristic sign of Aquarius you’ll notice the pace quickening and the energy lightening. Yet those who were frustrated with all of 2020’s uncertainty will not be appeased anytime soon. Yes we are heading into some brighter times but instability remains. The theme of control versus freedom, signified by restrictive Saturn’s run in with rebellious Uranus, which squares off later in January (exact on Inauguration day!) and resonates on and off throughout the year, likely will ignite social unrest, the chaos perhaps inevitable to usher in the big changes coming. Socio-political divides will be sharper than ever. The antidote is to subdue polarity wherever it is in your life; listen to the wisdom of your heart, and keep your eyes on where you want to land. Then, hold on and let the wind carry you.   

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You feel like a newborn baby. And you look like one, too. Beautiful. Soon lovely Venus brings a much needed grace beginning on the 8th when she flows affably through your sign. Pamper yourself, dab your toes with a soft sponge, powder your bum, splurge on cashmere loungewear, and lie back. Seriously, if ever a zodiac sign needed a reprieve, it’s the Sea Goat. Now that the heavy Covid-inducing planets in your sign have split up and your ruler, Saturn along with lucky Jupiter moved to the airier terrain in your money house, much of the pressure’s off and optimism resurfaces. You feel better about yourself, more appreciated, and welcome in the world. With the new moon joining Venus in your sign mid-month, you don an easier sense of identity. You look back on the last year(s) and can count the mountain ranges you’ve crossed, see the terrain you’ve covered, and feel a profound quality of groundedness. How about a little celebration? Passionate Mars romps into your fun and romance house just after New Year’s. You’re feeling randy ready to rhumba long after the lights go out. While you could encounter friction between your values and your partner’s later in the month, the sparks that fly just add excitement to the chemistry. The Red Planet also stokes your imagination, bringing in the potential for monetizing a creative skill. Ever wanting to enjoy life more, financial worries may hang in the background. A full moon in your house of shared resources at the end of the month shines a light on your resources versus your partner’s, requiring some back and forth to work it out. Mercury’s backtracking through your money house as the month ends can help you pay off a debt or get a jump on your taxes.          

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Batter up, Waterbearers. This month the energy shifts immediately into your playing field. Are you ready? Start 2021 right, and you could be Supreme Being of the Galaxy in 12 short months. With two of the key players from 2020 shifting into your sign plus an extended visit from Mercury, your schedule is full. There will be challenges but you’ve been waiting to get on deck so really, now is your chance to bring your brightest, most cutting-edge ideas to the table. This is a big month for stepping into who you really are; there’s a responsibility that comes with it not to mention judgement from others. Meh, let others’ opinions lie. You’ve worked hard on releasing a heap of emotional baggage the past few years. Needless to say, you’ve grown spiritually and become much more psychologically attuned. At the new moon mid-month you may even experience a profound awareness of yourself as part of the wider universe. That’s some 4th dimension shit right there. Meanwhile, peaceful Venus glides into your house of the unconscious early in the month, initiating weeks of sweet dreams and uninterrupted slumber. Even so, schedule a few days off to catch your breath, enjoy one-on-one time with your sweetheart, and get some quality rest because there’s a ton of work coming your way in the next few years. As activating Mars moves into your house of home and family this month, you’re motivated to put energy toward your homebase. This could be the catalyst to finally move closer to the family. Over the next few years there will be shifts in your family life, and there will inevitably be issues you can’t ignore. If there are clashes around your personal values, you may finally break free from a parent’s hold on you. So much is changing at once, you’re upgrading your body, heck, your identity! And there’s no time to fuss about the small stuff; just roll with it. Quickly replace any tools you need and hoist the spinnaker for the biggest winds. Speedy Mercury reverses in your sign at the end of the month, giving you time to rethink your plans before you cast off into your destiny. If no one gets you right now, that’s OK. What else is new?

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) The slippery place for freestyle fishes this month lies between the allurement of murmuring into the archetypal treasures of the anima mundi and the very much more mundane rational communications and negotiations with neighbors and siblings. You’re adept at both. Compromise may be your jam as you ride the tide between socializing and isolation. You’ve figured out your finances for now, having poured gobs of energy into ensuring you’re getting paid your due, and moved on to pitching and networking to sell your product. Your calendar is beyond full and you’re on the move to take care of business. While interruptions abound from disruptive news via a sibling or pesky car issues slowing your pace, don’t let it get under your skin. Do be cautious with all that rushing around, and especially take it easy on the road later in the month; obey the speed limit. All the activity will wear you out, so make sure to get enough rest. And be sure to keep up with your fitness plan. It will be working in your favor more than ever, mending the extra stress from disruptions in your workflow. Whether you get extra zzs or not, start dreaming about the future; dream big, for this is the time for Fishes dreams to come true; what you envision now you can manifest. Write it down in present tense like it’s already here, visualize, bring it forth. With companionable Venus in your house of friends, groups, and wishes, time spent with the people you love most even if virtually is a restorative tonic. A new moon joining Venus here mid-month could also attract a new group of like-minded lovelies with whom you feel a substantial kinship. At the end of the month, speedy Mercury shifts into reverse in your house of the unconscious and you may want to retreat. Devoted friends will just have to accept your inner silent screen star when she claims, ‘I vant to be alone.’

ARIES (March 21–April 19) As your ruler go-getter Mars hustles into your money house early in the month, you’re motivated to apply your enviable drive to your earning potential. While hotfoot may be your middle name this month, stay the course and lean into whatever frictions are coming from your latest ambition. It’s a long-haul idea that deserves your best. Tend to the early difficulties thoroughly so you don’t get ahead of yourself. While you’re at it, curb any urges to overspend. Invest instead, in your personal value system. Clever Venus graces your career house, greasing the wheels with the higher-ups, adding oomph to all the lifting you’ve been doing. How can you leverage this moment in the limelight to further your long-term financial goals and name your price? As you fire all engines to secure your financial future, the key to lifelong prosperity may actually lie in collective bargaining. With expansive Jupiter now in the community-oriented sign of Aquarius, solo Ram’s find their group conscience growing as your visions for the future shift from me to we. If you can sidestep locking horns with your sweetie around your values and long term plans, agreeing to disagree, you’ll not only keep the peace but score a win for everyone in the long run.     

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Peace-loving Bovines might feel their inner raging bull as feisty planet Mars charges into your sign on the 6th. Or, it simply could be that you feel a surge of energy after six months of sluggishness. That’s good news! Err on the side of caution as the month progresses, particularly around run-ins with the boss. You also may feel like you’ve had it up to your horns going along with the herd but know that you’ll get further by taking a step back and calmly advocating for yourself rather than goring anyone who stands in your way. You’ve worked hard to widen your perspective and rebuild your belief system over the last year; now, with a view from higher ground you are much the wiser and able to take stock from a more spacious perspective. With that comes greater optimism about the future. You’re starting to see the way forward. The new moon mid-month offers an epiphany; freedom is calling, and you’re off to roam in fresh pastures. Watch out for barbed wire on the 20th. While your ruler, pleasure-loving Venus glides into your house of learning and long-distance travel, she may be urging you farther afield but again, not so fast. With Covid restrictions clamping down, best to redirect your travel bug toward learning a new language remotely or going on an armchair adventure via the Sunday travel section.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) When the student is ready the teacher will appear, so said Lao Tzu. Twins, your incessant curiosity is turning toward the pursuit of serious philosophical subjectsOr making long-distance travel plans. Or, in the very least, getting your visa in order. Always so many possibilities and choices, right? Amidst this prodigious mind-expanding upgrade all sorts of unexpected information you’ve not considered may challenge your worldview. As a mutable sign, Gemini this is good news even if it hurts for a minute. You’ve already been breaking a sweat uncovering psychological complexes, dropping outdated defenses, and facing deep-seated fears. A crack in the edifice is letting in the proverbial light, and you’re ready to see the truth. The arduous psychological transformation behind you, your fears around intimacy laid bare, you get it. And it’s got something to do with trust, no? Cue lovely Venus, swooping into your house of intimacy and shared resources this month, turning up the heat. You may be keen to deepen the conversation, explore occult subjects with a partner or heck, skip the chit-chat all together and spend some quality time under the quilts with your beloved. For those of you with financial struggles, Venus could also bestow some kind of monetary gift in the form of a year-end bonus, an inheritance, or perhaps an early stimulus check, magically turning things around mid-month. Make a note Gems; with active Mars joining high-voltage Uranus in your house of the unconscious, you will likely require more rest due to periodic insomnia. Try to get to bed earlier and make the light sleep worth your while; download a dictation app to capture any middle-of-the-night bolts of genius.   

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Crabs, it’s all about relationships this month. Your favorite! You’re crawling out from under perhaps some of the most trying partnership challenges of your life. Now that you’ve done the hard restructuring work there’s a fresh new beach to explore. Can’t you just see the sparkling sands glinting in the sunshine? Your commitment now renewed, maybe the next step is negotiating your joint finances. Don’t be too concerned if a sandbar emerges impeding progress with an investment, loan approval or insurance claim; whatever reefs you have to clamber through, you do need to collaborate to work it out. There’s no going it alone on this one. Practice patience and be a team player. As passionate Mars moves into your house of friends and groups, you’re energized to welcome new chums into your cast, maybe some folks you’ve met while helping out at your local food bank. The impetus to socialize may feel conflicting as you’re still engaged in a deeper process of delving the depths of your psyche. You’ll find a good balance. Meanwhile, romantic Venus sashays into your partnership house, and you’ll soon be whispering sweet nothings into your boo’s ear. You can sway public opinion in your favor with a soothing glance, too and gosh darn it, people adore you. A new moon mid-month adds to the relationship house party and portends a fresh sweet breeze a-blowing in your committed relationship. For you single Crabcakes, this is a fine omen for meeting an alluring admirer. Yum.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Lions may be ready to roar around the workfront this month. Big cats can feel caged doing the same dull ol’ thing day after day. You’re going to feel like putting down your paw, crying enough is enough, and breaking free to do your own thing. Is a catfight with the higher ups worth it in the long term? Just sayin’. With gutsy Mars swaggering into your career house this month, you’ll no doubt be hustling, and pouring lots of energy into your professional life. Sounds good, though all this time spent working may put pressure on your relationship. Try to remember that both have equal importance, and you’re not being forced one way or the other. Them’s the breaks. Amiable Venus offers a silver lining, billowing into your house of health and daily work, bringing a sense of sweet ease with co-workers, definitely on your side and clamouring to collaborate. While we are at it with the good news, despite all the scary health headlines this past year, you may surprise even yourself with a clean bill of health fresh from the doctor’s office. All the hard work you’ve put in over the past few years, restructuring your habits and keeping your nose to the grindstone, the daily walks and drinking three liters of water a day, all those regular breathing exercises and morning stretches are paying off in overall better health, and rrrrrr, does it show! This newly minted magnetism is partly due to the fact that you know yourself on a deeper level. Here you are, more comfortable than ever in your own hide and your ease makes the rest of us feel, well, easy too. The month ends on an upswing with a full moon in your sign. You’re all aglow. 

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) With some minor (or major) adjustments to methods, Virgos could shift the overall vibe from dour to delightful this month. With just-do-it Mars activating your learning and travel sector, you’re psyched to expand what you know and to venture beyond yonder horizon. There may be a bit of a demand, and therefore opportunity, to expand your skills in a way that supports your day-to-day work. This on-the-job training might include adapting how you interact with co-workers and thus could bring improvements to your work habits. While it’s good to be prepared to defend your philosophy, looking for solutions instead of unnecessarily butting heads with colleagues is sometimes the better way. Part of your 2021 resolution is to work smarter, not harder. We did mention delight earlier did we not? With serene Venus flirting in your house of fun and romance, generally shy Virgos may be up for a little tenderness. A new moon in this same locale mid-month amplifies your mood for love. Looks like you’ve got your groove back. Wait, there’s more. This hot-house of planetary action also happens to align favorably with passionate Mars in the travel zone of your chart; if you’re able to safely make an excursion, it will likely bring pleasure; if not, you and your honey will enjoy hours of giddiness planning your summer trek. The month ends with your ruler, mental Mercury doing an about-face in your house of daily work; if coworkers are fighting, keep your cool and focus on facts. You may need to repeat yourself so everyone’s on the same page. 

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)  Hhhuuuf! Was that you making that beastly sound as that heavy weight releases from your shoulders? Indeed. You are feeling notably lighter as you air out the burden that’s been inhabiting your homelife in the last few years. As you settle into a deeper feeling of acceptance, a woosh of fresh air blows into your house of pleasure and romance, making space for creativity and passion. You may be in the mood to party or just be more playful the next few months. With hot-blooded Mars cruising in your house of sex and intimacy, get ready to let your hair down, peel off the winter woolens, and have some good old fashioned fun. If you’re presently not in a relationship (no shame Libra), FLIRT; Covid or no, sparks are sure to fly this month. Following much effort spent, reevaluating your relationship and maybe some false starts or final endings over the last six months, you’re motivated to dig deep around your sexuality, intimacy, and your need to assert yourself in the realms behind closed doors. Passion levels are turned to high, as is your libido. Steam it up, Love. For single Librans or conscientious couples opting out of procreation, you may be welcoming a new fur baby to your family. Any hiccups to this domestic bliss could crop up later in the month in the form of faceoffs or conflicts with rebellious kids (or four-legged friends). All the while, your mind is pleasantly distracted from the fray by an approval of a mortgage, stalled renovations moving ahead once and for all, or the acquisition of beautiful things for your home– all contributing further to a delicious quality of comfort. So, put out a fresh welcome mat and hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your bedroom door. You’ve arrived. 

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Something’s gotta give, Scorpio. As your co-ruling planet, pro-active Mars joins revolutionary Uranus in your partnership house, you’re feeling compelled to shake up or break free from a relationship that’s grown too confining. And longtime single Scorpions may feel a strong impulse to rendezvous with a new special acquaintance or make a previous flirtation exclusive. Bottom line, you’re wanting something different in an intimate relationship and the Red Planet fuels you with plenty of energy to take a risk and progress in a better direction. Coinciding with these winds of change and the extraordinary circumstances of the past year, your living situation is ripe for a metamorphosis that brings you more freedom. As a fixed sign, you tend to dig in your heels and resist change; but there’s tension building with what or whomever you’ve been accommodating, adjustments need to be made so that you can gain greater independence. Socialite Venus hums into your communications and local network house just in time to offer some sweet reliefCatching up with your favorite neighbors over the fence, flexing your connecting skills, and reveling in being the neighborhood hub is your sweet spot this month. Write that article, network around a work issue, find the right consultant, market your skills; be the first to buy the new model car or strike a deal selling your old one. Buy sell, buy sell, connect, exchange, share information. It’s all keeping your mind sharp and nimble to handle the transformations ahead.   

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Free-wheeling Sagittarians have had to ride out some of the toughest times financially in years. Much of this pecuniary pressure you’ve been experiencing is finally lifting; you’ve done the restructuring, secured a regular income, upgraded your values, and solidified what’s most important to you. You’ve put on your grown-up pants and taken care of business, and you’ve earned your stripes. The cosmic omens are calling you to open your mind up wider than ever before, which is saying a lot for our Centaur friends. No idea is too big or too wild. Unfettered thinking leads to more quality connections, widening your network of sophists, sages, and logicians. Not to mention, you’re ever so glad to tell anyone who’ll listen. You’re inventing your future as you post, share, read all about it fresh off the latest online press. This leads to more sales, more clients, a whole lot of more but don’t go overboard in the spending department after all the strides you’ve made tightening your purse strings. Meanwhile, fortunate Venus and a new moon in your money house magically assist you in nearly wishing your way into a new home or living situation and allowing you to better provide for your family. At the same time, energizer Mars is putting the pedal to the metal in your daily grind and health house. A whole lot of hustle and bustle keeps you on the good foot this month. You’ve got a lot of plates spinning at once workwise; and you may be moving so fast, people can’t keep up with you. It would behoove you to slow down now and again, and take a minute to explain things to them. Pumping the brakes occasionally might also help you to avoid a fender bender or injury to yourself amidst all the rushing around. Mind the speed bumps; you’re a grownup now. 

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll