July 2021 Horoscopes

July 2021 Horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Ruckus around the Fourth shifts to romantic fireworks as the month advances.

With an explosive standoff in the heavens the first few days of July, expect tense moments followed by summer lovin’ as the rockets mellow. 

In July, the Red Planet stokes up the heat and our enthusiasm to release, relax, and just have some plain ol’ fun. Yet ambitions to move outward are hamstrung the first few days of July, as restrictive Saturn puts on the brakes. This push-pull/stop-go, hot-cold pressure comes to a head on the Fourth. Expect more than the usual fireworks. As the month progresses, the explosive energy recedes. Sidestep the turbulent surf and occasional undertows by following the Crab’s lead. Test the waters with care. As we slowly emerge from our shells, characterized by more than a year of isolation, collective loss and suffering, highlighted by social upheaval, it’s an easy-does-it process. Following the wild mental energy and fraught eclipse season, not to mention Mercury retrograde hyjinx last month, honoring our feelings, tapping our intuition, and honing our emotional intelligence will be our necessary guides now. Mid-month sparks fly, as passionate Mars and love goddess Venus meet in a fiery embrace in Leo. Hot Vax summer is officially on. However, be mindful that we’re still emerging from an extended period of intense crisis. As we inch out into the sunlight and reach towards a new verity, we’re still getting our bearings, gathering new skills and information before fully embracing the new reality that’s unfolding.   

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Often shy and retiring Crustaceans, your birthday lures you out of your shell and into the spotlight. Grab your UV sunglasses! Then switch to the magnifying lens as you sift through your finances. You can avoid frustration early on in the month via a deft sidestep around banking delays; agree to disagree with your boo about how you handle shared resources. Typically very security minded, you may be reluctant to loosen your pincer grip on the purse strings; but you may need to do just that. If your partner’s been out of work and struggling financially this past year, they may need you to tow the line a little while longer. Do it. You live to pitch in. It softens your shell, after all. Financial fears are a construct of the mind; let it go and watch how the ship rights itself. Next up, a light flickers on around the new moon in your sign on the 9th. Follow that bright idea. It could lead to a sweet pay upgrade. At the same time, you’re stepping out, surrounded by a cast of co conspirators. The networking door opens wide to a promising collaboration or mentor. By the second half of the month, with a boost to your confidence, you’re ready to share your story. A great time to launch a campaign, roll out your new brand, or start your own podcast. Thank you for dazzling us with your talents! Toward the end of the month, a full moon reveals the need to untangle an earlier mentioned conflict around shared resources. Tread lightly. This is big stuff that could impact your future with a partner. Not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength; enlist support from a therapist or trusted advisor to help you sort out the unfinished business in this complex terrain. The investments you make in your psychological well-being now will pay off two-fold over the next few years as you devise a plan to secure your future. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Temperatures and tempers flare in early July, as the Red Planet arouses Lions’ desires. Suggestion: cool it with Kendrick Lamar’s, “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe” if you want to keep your sweetheart around. Any resulting dissonance from your insistence on doing things your way will lead to a stressful, nigh explosive, reassessing of who you are and how you’re operating. Imagine a semi hitting one of those runaway truck ramps, and you’ll understand the level of frustration. If sparks fly, easy does it. Not every obstacle obstructing your passionate drive is worth fighting over. Sometimes all you need to do is guffaw or yawn mightily to ease the tension. You get the picture—don’t take yourself so seriously. The new moon on the 9th in your house of the unconscious paves the way to release the underpinnings of a psychological complex and exposes a blindspot that has held you back. Nice work! By mid-month, you’re looking as good as you feel. Pleasure-seeking Venus joins passionate Mars in your sign, and you’re ready to rumble in the jungle. Single Kittys, it’s open season for dating. As the Sun moves into your sign, be ready to enjoy the limelight and a little extravagant bling. Go ahead, splurge! Nobody’s questioning your royalty. At least not until the 24th, when a full moon in your partnership house shines a light on an unsettled dynamic that requires a compromise concerning your family versus your professional goals. Listen to your partner, as you’re being asked to integrate your view and another’s for the most harmonious outcome. Swallowed pride tastes sweet in the long run.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Virgins, you’re free and clear of last month’s havoc-wreaking eclipses and off-the-hook hiccups from trickster Mercury’s retrograde. Yahoo! Yet, your usually well-ordered life is not entirely untouched by the tense energy afoot the first days of July. That’s when dynamic Mars spars with restrictive Saturn, kindling your worry, keeping you up at night as you silently deal with an anxiety concerning your health or downright anger seething below the surface related to your job. Consequently, a low-grade depression may be sapping your energy. If you’re chomping at the bit to have it out with a coworker, take a step back and accept that you likely don’t have control over the situation. We know that’s hard to fathom for the fixer of the zodiac, but it is essential for your mental health. Setting aside the issue for a beat allows some breathing room for other solutions to appear. Imperfect as they may be, they’ll have to do. Before long, unexpected assistance arrives in the form of a friend who helps you put things into perspective, ease the strain and give you some distance. In fact, separating yourself from work by turning off your phone and closing your laptop will do wonders for you now. You have nothing to feel guilty about. By the end of the month, can-do Mars and beneficial Venus shift into your sign and your productivity surges once again.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Librans get down to business this month. With the Sun, Mercury, and a new moon all shining in your career house, you’re likely at the hub of negotiations, charged with energy as plans gain momentum. Grab your clubs and hit the links as your ruler, gracious Venus and passionate Mars tee off in your house of friends and groups, allowing you to seal the deal between holes. Your enviable social skills are like a fine-tuned supercar now, as you’re busy organizing outings with friends and celebrating the reopening of the scene. Casual conversation can lead to promising creative collaborations that align with a long-range goal. Don’t be daunted if your urge to mingle and mix business with pleasure feels stymied in the first few days of the month. Any competing needs related to children or a lover who’s feeling neglected versus your desire to socialize will smooth out as the month progresses. Before long, you’re balancing both beautifully, naturally resplendent as the life of the party. Single Librans keep work life and the personal well balanced, too. Romance is in the air! You could meet a special new someone at a sparkling backyard barbeque complete with fairy lights and the milky way overhead or perhaps the classic scenario of the singles meet-cute at a friend’s wedding. How exciting! A full moon on the 24th in your house of pleasure and romance highlights this running theme of fun and summer love. It could also find you finishing or revisiting a creative project. By the end of the month, lovely Venus recedes into the wings and you may want to follow suit, retreating into the home office or studio and letting your subconscious get to work. 

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Ambitions are stirring this mid-summer for our powerful Phoenixes. Whether you’ve been recently promoted, or you’re heading back into the office, or traveling more for work, it’s been a long journey and you’re intent on getting in there and showing em’ what you’ve got. While it may seem that not everybody’s cheering you on in the first few days of the month, that vacuum could bring the extra motivation you need. Just dig in, you’ve got this. With a cache of planetary action, including a new moon, in your house of higher-learning and long-distance travel, you’re poised to deepen your treasure trove of knowledge. And with all that experience in your quiver, now’s the time to share it. Meanwhile, shifts in your work life may be causing temblors on the domestic front; are constrained circumstances at home causing tension? Take a step back and allow the aftershocks to settle. You’re wanting more space and freedom in your relationships and readjusting your schedule to accommodate your private life may be part of the solution. Mid-month, you’re ready to present your ideas publically. A stellar presentation may garner you a project that gains you more visibility. As things roll along smoothly at work, an illuminating conversation with your sweetheart releases earlier tensions. The full moon on the 24th in your house of home and family could signal the go-ahead for that renovation project or a move to new digs. By the end of July, you’re excited to catch up with friends at all the old haunts as fun-loving Venus and active Mars boogie into your social sphere. Take a moment now to look around at this rich and beautiful life you’ve built.  

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Dauntless Centaurs forge ahead with matters of intimacy and shared resources in July, as the sun and new moon show up in your house of transformation and deep bonds. While you may be fired up to hit the open road, collecting stamps in your passport, you may be corralled to your immediate environs early in the month. But, as the days progress, things will ease up and everything from short jaunts to epic journeys may well be a reality. You’ll be on the tarmac once you’ve factored in paperwork delays involving visa applications, provided proof of vaccinations and other health-related clearances, and fortified  your bank balance. Mid-month, charming Venus and steamy Mars meet at the ticket counter, and you’re game for a romantic getaway in uncharted territory. Sounds like an affair for you to remember so you can tell us all about it! Later in the month, the Sun picks up the trail in your house of long-distance travel; that’s when your itinerary truly takes off. How’s working remotely from the sunny Croatian coast for the rest of the summer sound? While you own the art of finagling work from abroad, you may need to join an online refresher class to sharpen other skills, as both the full moon on the 24th and your ruler, expansive Jupiter put a focus on a need for more training and adaptation with your work plan post Covid. Whatever new technology you’ve glossed over, revisit it now before you fully join the ranks of the digital nomads. At the end of July, dazzling Venus and driven Mars are at it again, this time activating your career house. It seems you can do no wrong and the higher ups take notice. 

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Now that you’ve transformed through the scaling of entire mountain ranges and put in way more than the touted 10,000 hours, it’s high time you have something to show for it, preferably in cash dollars. This month your axiom boils down to: show me the money! Yet, in the first few days of July, don’t fret if there are delays with funds related to a loan, mortgage, or investor or you’re asked to help out a partner financially. Meanwhile, with a cast of personal planets residing in your partnership house for most of the month, exploring your feelings with your darling dearheart takes priority. With a new moon in this same domain on the 9th, you may be starting a new chapter, clarifying your commitment, getting married, talking about having kids, or starting over after some time apart. Single Goaties could make a strong emotional connection; the kind where you don’t even need words to communicate. They just feel like family. Passionate Mars and lovebug Venus support the burgeoning romance as they steam up the windows in your house of intimacy and shared resources. The chemistry is off the hook; randy Goats are up for some of the hottest sex since Covid squelched the fire. Just sayin’! Once you become intimately entangled with a partner, money and shared finances become magnified. Frictions can arise involving how you and your honey don’t see eye to eye around long-term investments. Keep the faith instead of allowing it to blow up; the tension will loosen up as the month progresses and the mortgage gets approved, the funds come through, or your investor passes on good news in the form of a multi-digit check. A full moon in your money sector on the 24th reinforces the financial theme. At the end of the month, expansive Jupiter travels backward into this same venue, easing money stress and beefing up your ability to convince the loan officer or investor to give you the support you need to fulfill a long-term plan. This could even include an epic trip. If the funds don’t come through at this time, look to the second full moon occurring in this same domain next month. Come hell or highwater, Cap, you’re going to rake it in before the summer ends. 

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) There’s no getting around it, relationships are bound to monopolize Water Bearers’ world this month. Like the old song says, “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…two can be as bad as one,” and the first few days of July you may be pondering the pros and cons of traveling solo versus hitched to another’s wagon. The inevitable conflicts arise and whether you’re butting heads with a family member, or engaging in a clash with your living situation or something else related to the home environment, someone is losing their temper. Is it that you are feeling that your freedom is being restricted somehow? Is this impeding your usual enjoyment with your boo? Though fireworks might follow, inside and out, around the Fourth, don’t give up on things just yet. A posse of planetary action in your house of health and daily to-dos could focus your attention on putting a plan together, which offers practical solutions and relieves some of the pressure. With a new moon in this same sector on the 9th, some of you may be starting a new job or initiating a fresh set of routines, aimed at improving your health, which could naturally lift some of the strain off your relationship. Speaking of your physical needs, mid-month Mars, planet of desire and Venus, planet of love connect in your partnership house. It’s not exactly a platonic thing. Cue Marvin Gaye’s, Let’s Get It On. This is make-up sex on a whole other level. Soon after, the Sun follows suit and moves into this same house, putting even more focus on relationships. Then on the 24th, the first of two full moons in your sign this summer shines a light in your house of self and identity. Whether this signals a breakup or breakthrough in a relationship, something’s gotta give. Finally, expansive Jupiter dishes up a confidence boost as it moves back into your sign at the end of the month. 

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Fishes may be swimming clear of the turbulence that troubled the waters last month, yet you may not be quite out of the muddle workwise. In the first few days of the month, a colleague may stubbornly dig in, looking for blood or so it seems from your perspective. Time to pop in your airpods and rock out to your favorite ‘Fuck You’-themed spotify playlist. With a planetary party, plus a new moon, in your house of fun and romance for most of the month, listening to music, playing, and laughing can shift you a long way beyond this frustrating bump. And if the stress is building, your favorite exercise will help you to blow off steam. As fiery Mars blazes through your house of health and daily work, sensitive Fishes may be robbed of much needed rest because of a stress-related chronic illness or inflammation-related pain. Now is the time to be proactive and address any health issues that flare up. Laying low and staying close to home around the Fourth is advisable; it not only helps you avoid potential trouble on the road and noisy firework displays, it supports your mental health. Instead, take a long hike with a friend or your dog; this puts some color into your cheeks, and before you know it, you’ll be back in the flow. Later in the month, the Sun shifts into your daily-grind house; and it seems there’s no rest for the wicked. Magically, you manage to carve out some romantic time with your partner, as captivating Venus and passionate Mars sizzle in your one-on-one house. Single Fish, you may be ready to jump into the dating pool. Don’t worry, the water’s fine. Toward the end of the month, the first of two full moons highlights a need to rest and retreat. Burnout’s a real thing, and this gives you an opportunity to wrap up a project and slip into your private sanctum. It’s time to dream your way into your next big thing.   

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Gee, Rams, everyone is having fun right now except you. Boo hoo. At least in the first few days of the month, it may feel like you have to give up your fun-loving ways in order to fulfill tedious obligations. Or, is that trip you had planned costing you more than you expected? Perhaps you’re finding yourself at odds with a friend or friends group over a certain responsibility to the group or collective goal. While it’s frustrating, do your best not to take it personally. Whatever it is that’s slowing your roll will likely ease up soon after the fireworks on the Fourth are over. With the Sun, Mercury, and a new moon hanging out in your house of hearth and family, you may want to hide away at home anyway and put all your creative energy toward home improvements. Once you start on that new deck, you find handy family members are game to lend a hand both manually and financially. Woot! We know you like to be on the move, especially in the summertime, but damn, it’s hot out there! Hunker down warriors. After you smarten your shanty, you may find it’s better suited to work more from home or you land a long-term project that allows you to work from home indefinitely. Canceling the hovering boss is music to an independent Ram’s ears. La di da! As the Sun moves on to its happy place and into your house of fun and romance near the end of the month, the summer fun heats up. Red-blooded Rams are ready to party. Around this time, lovely Venus slips into your house of health and daily routines, directing your focus toward your workout regimen. The results immediately show and you’ll look as good as you feel. A full moon on the 24th could reveal an inconvenient truth related to a friend or your social circle, causing you to question whether your values still align. Painful though it might be, you may choose to walk away. In the long run, this reckoning allows you to expand your network to include allies with whom you can grow and achieve future goals that make a wider impact. 

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) All you need this month Bulls is to stay within your favorite sweet-summer-scented savanna, tending your garden and smartening your bunk room. While you might feel the tension increasing between the pull of your sincere dedication to family life and pressures from the higher ups at work lobbing one responsibility after another at you in the early days of July; make like a tree and plant your feet in the ground. Tensions should ease as the month progresses. With a clan of planets and a new moon camping out in your house of communications and the local community, you may be keen to join a neighborhood historical society’s garden tour, gather info for an article about a row of Victorian gems on your block, or sign up for a memoir writing course at the community center. It all sounds fun as you settle in for some summer activities close to home with family and kids in tow. By the middle of July, communication with your partner feels effortless; tender conversations on the patio pave the way for some very romantic date nights, complete with delicious food and wine, followed by some delicious sensuous bovine lovin’. Toward the end of the month, a full moon in your career house highlights a had-it-up-to-here revolt in relation to the confines of your job. Some Bulls may be making dramatic announcements, putting in their two weeks notice, or telling the boss where to go. Soon after, good news planet Jupiter gallops back into this terrain and a new work opportunity arrives, perhaps in the form of a more livable hybrid work situation that better suits the work/homelife balance you’ve been craving. At the end of the month, get ready for some more fine sex, food, shelter—in that order. 

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Mouthy Twins may have opportunities to turn ideas into money in the bank. Capitalize on a big work opportunity. Your fresh ideas will go a long way toward rebuilding a tired system that is due for an overhaul. Tread lightly the first few days of the month, as willful Mars and uptight Saturn battle for control; if you’re traveling, factor in delays and other annoyances, like flat tires and watch out for road rage. Maybe you’ve already gotten into it while visiting with relatives and changed your itinerary because of it. So be it, you’ll soon be switching gears and coasting along once the stalemate passes. A new moon on the 9th shining in your money house may bring word of a raise or new position that pays more. Woot! This eases your mind and soon the earlier ruckus fades in the rearview mirror. With the wind at your back, you’re primed for a romantic dinner or roadside tryst enroute as lovers Mars and Venus rendezvous in your house of local haunts mid-month. This could be a true meeting of the minds, mandatory for Twins who want to fall in love. Toward the end of the month, the Sun follows the roadmap into your networking house; once you return from your crosscountry travels, your social calendar fills up. Meetings and short trips, punctuated with inviting people over to your place keep you occupied until the last week of the month, when a full moon shines a light in your house of higher learning and long-distance travel. At this time, you may notice a gap in your knowledge and may feel urged to enroll in an online course; you want to be up on the latest tricks of the trade as your role at work expands. At month’s end, harness the burst of energy operating around your homefront; use it to declutter and beautify your space so everything’s in order before you prep to go back to work. Hmmmm. Then maybe you can still get in one (or two) more trips before the summer ends.

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*