June 2021 Horoscopes

Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Mercury reverses its course in the sign of communication, inviting us to rewrite our story.

As the Messenger planet turns retrograde in its own sign of Gemini for most of the month, the trick is to consider multiple viewpoints before putting pen to paper.  

Even with Mercury in reverse, the energy for the month is fast and changeable, which is a good thing for loosening the ground of creativity and breaking up the stagnancy of old habits and structures. Yet balance is key. Too much mutability destabilizes. Mental confusion and miscommunication ensue. As Mercury rules the month, remember to breathe, breathe, breathe, as the plots twist and the heat and fun kick up into high gear. Tune into the mercurial magic bag of tricks to keep things light and easy. Listen for clues, watch for signs, and keep your fingers on the communication pulse, all for the sake of a bigger picture. Keep moving. The last thing we need to do is dig into dogma. As Emerson wrote in his essay on Self-Reliance, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Wise words reminding us to not be held captive by dead traditions, restrictive parents, or stubbornly unexamined opinions or habits of mind. When in doubt, it’s the beginner’s mind that we need to embrace. 

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) It’s time for a story rewrite this birthday month, Twins, as your ruling planet shifts into reverse, granting you time and space to review recent and distant paths.  Powerfully placed in your sign, the messenger God offers you an important opportunity to connect unseen dots that help to build your future. Where do you want to take this narrative? What kind of character are you? Expect errors during the editing process as the retrograde invites you to slow down and catch your breath. Welcome the slower pace of the backroads and detours as you revisit old versions of yourself and revise the themes. A solar eclipse in your sign on the 10th turbocharges a spectacular new chapter in your book. The next day, mighty Mars darts into your house of communications and short journeys; and you’re fired up to hit the road and post every gorgeous Insta-moment, as you scratch out notes for that book or screenplay. It’s a full-on social media campaign. Your words have exceptional influence and you’re driven to take your intellectual discourse to a whole new level. Gentle Venus joins in on this mental love fest, further polishing your silver tongue. Maybe there’s added dollars on the paycheck, thanks to the creative flow of mental machinations? Part of the narrative involves securing your finances; and if you find you’re burning through your savings during this time, don’t fret, you’ll also likely be bringing in the Benjamins to cover your expenses. Meanwhile, as lucky star Jupiter continues to shine in your career house, you could magically assume a promotion, achieve an award, or be cast in the limelight, which somehow garners you a glimpse of where you’re heading professionally over the next year. Toward the end of the month, a full moon in your house of other people’s money could deliver a grant, loan or stipend that supports the brass tacks of your next big idea.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Crabs are steaming hot this month. With fiery Mars and fetching Venus in your sign, you’re delighted to do you. Go ahead and splurge on that new hairstyle or cute swimsuit you’ve been dreaming about. Just keep one claw on the dim switch as you shine up your shell, staying tender toward your partner’s jealous side. Celestial tension along the me-versus-other seesaw early in the month could erupt in ego clashes. As the messenger planet is cast adrift in the shallows of your unconscious, you may find your sleep interrupted by all that mental energy whirring beneath the surface. With a surplus of cerebral hijinks, it’s high time you explore one of the more esoteric practices like lucid dreaming, transcendental meditation, or even forest bathing that could help you to rewire your subconscious thoughts. As you rewrite your inner script, you’re reversing karmic patterns and rebooting your conscious life, positively shifting your reality. That’s private time well spent. A solar eclipse in this same subterranean turf on the 10th could spark an epiphany that leads you to a powerful tool, like hypnotherapy that helps dislodge a buried complex and expand your wisdom. Let your powerful intuition guide this process. All the while, fortunate Jupiter continues its sojourn through your house of philosophy and long-distance journeys; with travel restrictions lifted, it’s an ideal time to take that dream trip. While a bucket-list trek around the world may hold allure, revisiting a place you’ve been before might be what’s needed to sharpen insights, increasing your worthy wisdom. A full moon on the 24th highlights your committed relationship; and you may discover a new appreciation for your partner, and the exploring you do together could be some of the most magical. Single Crabs, you could attract a powerful partner, fine collaborator, beautiful friends, or more! By the end of the month, rest is literally assured; you can finally get a good night’s sleep. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Lions are strutting out beyond the confines of their dens this month to reconnect with their social circles. As you renew old friendships and return to tribes with whom you have weathered storms through the years, you might cross paths with interesting new associates who share similar interests. You’re sniffing out your contemporaries and adding and subtracting those affiliated with your pride (pun intended). Curiosity is key now so don’t fret, it will not kill you. All this considering sets you up for the solar eclipse, which could signal the beginning of a new project and a collaboration with a new partner. Exciting! Speaking of excitement, you could receive a big grant soon all while your sex life heats up. With all this focus on others, don’t forget to nurture your inner life, including letting go of some daily habits that don’t support your mental and physical well being. In fact, we suggest balancing the whole month evenly between your social coming-out and self-care, which requires a bit more solitude. If you can get away for a mini break with your honey, unplug and breathe in some fresh mountain air, all the better before the summer really heats up and you’re compelled to spark like your favorite fireworks as the temperature turns up. You kittys love to look good basking in the summer sun. 

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Many a reticent Virgo will be pleasantly surprised early in the month, as they find themselves knee-deep in the social scene. As passionate Mars makes waves in your community sphere and enthusiastic Jupiter brings good tidings to your partnerships, your social graces flow freely. For once, you can claim life of the party status. That’s good news for our solo virgin gods/goddesses. Now’s the time to put yourself out there and connect, whether it’s at a vax party or an online dating platform. The cosmic omens indicate you could meet someone akin to a twin flame. With your ruling planet, Mercury on the fritz in your career house, your plate may be full as you sift through details, blow a few fuses, correct hiccups and quite possibly smooth out miscommunications with the powers that be. A solar eclipse in this same venue on the 10th invites you to plant some new seedlings around future career goals. Think big. At the same time, some confusion arising from a committed relationship may be fogging up your view on where it’s all going. Not to worry. By mid-July, the mists will clear, and with a few understandable adjustments, you’ll have a fair line of sight on your career trajectory. As you encounter friction amidst the changes in your creative process, do your absolute best to tune out the critics, especially that inner one. There’s a whole new form of self-expression emerging like a butterfly from the chrysalis. The Strawberry Moon near the end of the month could be the turning point for you. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) With go-getter Mars powering ahead in your career house and gracious Venus joining your work group, Libra’s light is bound to shine brightly on the professional front this month. With lucky Jupiter expanding in your productivity sector, you make the workflow look easy. Summertime’s coming into view, and as the sign of the scales, we see you deftly balancing the daily necessities of your career path with a particularly excellent moment to review and re envision your larger purpose. It’s a lot to juggle, weighing the devil in the details lest you find yourself backtracking over fussy paperwork while considering big life questions. We suggest that you use the Mercury retrograde to get beyond the boundaries of local life. Allow the tug of ancestral memories to pull you toward unknown places. Any physical journey you take now will parallel the internal mind-expansion. Toward the end of the month, a full moon shines a light in your house of home and family; some of you may be moving, finishing up a lengthy renovation project, or handling some touchy family business. The month ends with fun-loving Venus moving into your social sector, where Mars has been holding court the last half of June, and you’re in demand. Get ready for lots of get togethers with friends in the weeks ahead. It’s been too long.   

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) A transformational ember is glowing in your house of intimacy and shared resources this month as Mercury reverses through, giving you multiple opportunities to visit and revisit and then finally be done for the time being with everything from deep aspects of your psyche to deliberating the pieces of a complicated financial matter. While some folks like to stir up panic around a Mercury retrograde, you understand it’s a chance to slow down and gain spaciousness in your thinking as well as your days. As lovely Venus graces your house of the higher mind, she supports you in broadening your perspective by interacting with others from far and distant places. An expanded viewpoint helps you rise above any tension that might erupt when your two rulers, contentious Mars and controlling Pluto, oppose each other early in the month, pitting an old belief system against new ways of thinking. Diamond’s form under great pressure is one way to say that the forging of fresh ideas ain’t easy; one needs to process out the detritus. Throughout the month, bountiful Jupiter keeps your creative juices flowing. By the full moon at the end of June, you may be penning the finishing touches on a writing or social media project, a product that reflects your most authentic mindset and expresses the seachange in your worldview over the last 18 months.  

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Sag, this month you’re just too sexy for your pants. Are you feeling it? With lusty Mars ablaze in your house of intimacy and luscious Venus’s arrival to the boudoir, you’re likely to be feeling more than enthusiastic about the carnal side of life. Less randy centaurs may be feeling a sweet kind of tenderness toward intimates or the focus could swing more toward forging a financial merger or unexpected financial benefits from a relative or a partner’s inheritance. With a mercurial retrograde in your house of marriage and committed partnerships, stay on top of any miscommunications. Your well-known direct, sometimes with rough edges, communication style can be easily misinterpreted with the trickster planet moving in reverse. Positive communication builds trust, so tread lightly this month. The good news is family relationships likely flow without a lot of translation, thanks to your ruler, easy-going Jupiter, gliding through your house of home and hearth. You may be enjoying magical moments with family members or finally traveling to visit with relatives you’ve been missing. Or you and your better half are in home-improvement flow, creating your dream home environment. On the 24th, a full moon in your money house could bring the financing you need to complete that kitchen remodel. Or, a new job with better pay emerges. Should a source of income dry up at this time, with your luck you can expect a new stream to open up before long. Both passionate Mars and lovely Venus will occupy your house of knowledge and long-distance travel by the end of June, invigorating your love of learning and adventure. Some of you may be aiming your arrow at going back to school, a study-abroad program, or a trek to Machu Picchu. Distant shores are calling. 

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) With summer starting, you nose-to-the-grindstone goats get the opportunity to slow your daily do’s down, as Mercury moon-walks through your house of habits and chores. It’s time to thoughtfully tend to the things that have been left unattended for a while. If there have been difficulties with colleagues, use this time to step back from the fray and consider your options, including improving your communication skills, for the long run. Meanwhile, there’s a standoff in your self-versus-other houses with an opposition between the power and control planet, Pluto and quick to rant Mars that brings a focus to your committed partnership. If a fight develops, let the dust settle. An olive branch may be all that’s needed to get back into the bedroom with some satisfying makeup sex. Single Goats, you may be on the hunt and waxing poetic in your dating profile, as benevolent Jupiter boosts your signal in your communications house. Goats are back in the spotlight toward the end of the month, as the full moon lights up your house of self. One of the most pivotal periods of the year; you may be closer than you think to achieving a personal goal or reaching a momentous juncture in an important relationship. It’s not a bad time to finally make that big decision. No more doubts; your best bet is forward ho!

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Waterbearers are the busy bees of the zodiac as June begins with active Mars racing through your house of work and productivity. Make hay while the sun shines and get at those deadlines! If you’re between jobs or looking for work, submit those applications; this is an opportune time to land something. With bountiful Jupiter coasting through your money house now until the end of July, you could secure something that pays well or move into a higher paying position with a bump up in salary, too. Should you miss this particular window of opportunity, don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of chances to increase your earnings next year when the good luck planet returns to bestow his gifts on the financial front. Meantime, Venus sashays through your house of health and habits, making it easier to get to the gym to firm up your muscles as well as bringing you a good dose of congeniality where co-workers are concerned. If you’re applying for a new gig, you’ll naturally come off well in interviews. You’re an asset and everyone knows it. As the month progresses, your sex appeal sizzles as passionate Mars swaggers into your partnership house. If you’re not currently in a relationship, you could be exploring the benefits of teamwork as you jump back into the dating pool. With both a Mercury retrograde and solar eclipse in your house of fun and romance this month, your considerable mental power likely turns to matters of the heart. While delays or disconnects around the usual things that bring you pleasure are likely in the mix, this experience encourages you to dig deeper. We suggest that you revisit what brought you joy when you were a child. The solar eclipse in this same domain could sweep in a perfect playmate at warp speed. If you’re eager to take a more active role, casting a harmless little love spell on the 10th could manifest the one. But be clear about what it is you think you want; you could end up with more than you bargained for. Mid-month your co-rulers, serious Saturn and revolutionary Uranus, will be at loggerheads, forcing you to face a conflict between an old self-image and perhaps an unusual living situation. We suggest embracing what is true now. The month closes with a full moon highlighting your house of rest and the unconscious, encouraging you to retreat from the hubbub. It’s been an intense18 months; unplugging and tending to your internal rhythms will restore you, body and mind. Rest is just what you need in order to prepare for the two full moons in your sign coming up this summer. 

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Fish are buoyed by ebullient Jupiter as the big planet continues to bob through your sign and, as curious Mercury moves backward through your house of home and family, your thoughts hover on the homefront. You could encounter murky waters around the solar eclipse on the 10th as you revisit issues with parents. Do your best to accept the past and keep swimming into your future. You’re in the midst of transforming some big life goals, yet there is a glaring tension building between opportunities to surf new waves and a sticky issue with a creative project or your kid, who needs your attention. Practice all the patience and bring all the tenderness we know you carry to the situation. Wait until the Mercury retrograde clears (June 22) to make any decisions. Throughout the month, sweet Venus graces your house of love and pleasure, bringing the gifts of fun, levity, and potentially romantic distractions. Watch out for car trouble mid-month. Be proactive and schedule that tune-up you’ve been putting off, today. It’s no big thing as the Red Planet buzzs in your house of to-do lists, charging your batteries with extra amps of energy. Once your commute issues are checked off the list, you’re off to the gym for some muscle toning. You’ve hustled all month; and on the 24th, a full moon in your house of friends and contacts supports you in catching up with your personal circles as well as your professional connections. There’s a chance that you could dazzle at a work-related event and be granted entry to the inner-sanctum of who’s who. Allies are all ears, ready to support you in fulfilling a long held goal. 

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Active Rams, you’ll need to watch for the speed bumps and heed the caution signs this month as trickster Mercury plays games in your house of communications. Choose your words wisely, and back up your harddrive. As distractions and mental confusions abound, do what you can to stay focused. If you’ve never tried automatic writing, it could be the ticket for you this month, as you’re better off taking dictation from your overactive mind and imagination. And whatever you do, take care to not hotbox your mind with negative thoughts. Keep it positive, dear warrior! A solar eclipse on the 10th sparks a shift in your thought process and “think different” becomes more than a millenium advertising slogan; it’s your new mantra. Rams have something important to say. Do the thinking behind the scenes now and once the retrograde clears, you can run with that writing project. We are looking to you Rams to lead new conversations and reframe the public discourse. As your ruling planet, gutsy Mars faces off with power planet Pluto, resist the urge to fight with any authority figures. Instead, continue channeling that spirited energy into the beautiful improvements you’ve already been investing in in your home space. Later in the month as the Red Planet relocates to your house of romance and pleasure, get ready for some summer lovin’! Attention, Aries artists, this could be one of your most creative periods. With your studio freshly tricked out, you’re all set up to get moving on your most expressive work in years. A full moon in your career house toward the end of the month spotlights the completion of an important milestone, a job offer, or perhaps a promotion. Congratulations! You’re climbing up the ladder on your own damn terms.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Bulls’ power of persuasion has been on point, propelling you forward on the hooves of a lot of hard work. Maybe you’ve recently rolled out a new website, brand, or marketing initiative and hopefully, you launched or signed on the dotted line before Mercury went retrograde at the end of May. It’s standard retrograde advice to hold off on announcements or signing contracts when the speedy planet is out of sync. As June rolls in, lovely Bulls will be centering attention on their bread-and-butter sector, perhaps picking up extra hours to fatten the paycheck. Due diligence is required now with Mercury sputtering backward in your financial sector, make sure to double check your bank balance and see to it that the deposits go through. It will save you a lot of headache in the long run. A solar eclipse in the same house on the 10th opens a door to increased income, providing you the push needed to ask for what you’re worth, raise your rates, or secure a reliable client. Maybe you’ll finally land that elusive lucrative job you’ve been fretting over. By mid-month, active Mars relocates to your house of home and family, which may find you moving and/or renovating your living space. You’re feeling energized to outfit your home in grand style. Some Bulls may step to help an aging parent. Either way, you’re excited to make plans with your family, take short trips to visit beloved siblings, all the while posting pics of your many sweet bonding moments. Throughout the month, jovial Jupiter dances in your social circle and your calendar is chock full of plans to live it up. Smooth operators at mixing business with pleasure, make sure you also pencil in time to just kick back with your herd and soak in some sun. Life is too short to spend it all chasing the almighty dollar. 

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*