March 2022 Horoscopes

Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Hope surfaces amid momentous waves of change.    

As historic events roil the world, the gentle waters of Pisces awaken the power of collective compassion and shared humanity. 

A fateful new moon on the 2nd in the compassionate sign of the Fish kicks off the month with a flood of emotion. Amid the onslaught of images of a brutal invasion halfway around the world, we’re buoyed by faith-filled planet Jupiter, amplifying that love is the gravitational pull that holds our lives together. While we appreciate the magnitude of the history-making situation in Ukraine, it will be in the quiet of our inner lives that we can find refuge this month. More than ever, act from kindness and do the things that bring you joy. Keep a dream journal nearby to record the downloads from the subliminal realms. High above the human drama, diplomatic Venus and impassioned Mars perform a potent dance early in March, first in ambitious Capricorn and a few days later in the visionary sign of Aquarius. The combined energy of these archetypes have the capacity to result in more war or peace. How does this drama on the world stage reflect in your own life? Where do you have the opportunity to embrace and invent humane and friendly behavior as opposed to defensiveness and conflict?  

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that first; it’s often more relevant.  

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20)  Climb aboard the dreamweaver ship, Pisces, and sail through bountiful and visionary seas of March and into April. In fact, the new moon during the first week of the month offers a glimpse of the radiance on April’s horizon, when your two rulers, ebullient Jupiter and ethereal Neptune will join together. Timing is everything, and now is the moment to set yourself up so that you’re standing with feet firmly planted to cue the parting of the heavens, replete with singing angels. We’re not exaggerating. Get ready to embrace the rapture and act on that big dream waiting in the wings by basking in the overflow of inspiration available to you now. Even if you take five minutes each morning to ponder your dreams, you’ll make headway. It’s your unconscious engine that will drive you all month. Trust it. Put in your earbuds and tune into your most sublime playlist. By the time brainy Mercury joins the dance party in your sign on the 9th, you’ll be able to put words to your vision and take steps toward making it a reality. Meanwhile, a full moon on the 18th in efficiency-minded Virgo conveniently offers a structure to get some real life shit done. As you decipher the music of the spheres, streamline downloads, and define your boundaries you determine how to bring your dreams into existence. One question: who’s coming along on your magical mystical tour?

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Heroes don’t reach the grail without a test or two. In March, you’ll be required to pass through some formidable gauntlets. Yawn. If any sign can do it in their sleep, it’s you. In fact, Warriors, hot tip: let your dreams (the nighttime kind) be your guide to moving through the obstacles of the path you’re envisioning. On the 3rd, passion planets Venus and Mars join forces as they confront Pluto, the karmic processing planet and, ahem, guardian of hell. While relinquishing dreams of fame, fortune, or world domination can be an intense reckoning, we wonder if you might consider changing your mindset in order to gain a sense of perspective on your big-picture goal. Humility is, in fact, one of the ethics in a knight’s code of conduct. As a sign that’s big on action but short on intention, it’s a good time to ask yourself: why do I do what I do and who am I doing it for? As you process your answer, Venus and Mars emerge from the gates of the underworld, into the collective light of Aquarius and your domain of friends and colleagues, impelling you to form an alliance with your fellow templars at the round table. The good news is that not only will uniting with an order amplify your efforts and success, your efforts and success will amplify the order. Woot! On the 18th, a practical full moon sheds light on how you might refine your habits to support your body, which will prove helpful when waging whatever battles lie ahead. As the confident Sun moves into your sign on the 20th, you’re impassioned to take herald in a full-scale revolution of your health, well-being, and goals. Charge!

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Predictable Bull, it’s time to step off the track and risk your most superlative adventure yet. With a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity prodding you, the cosmos has opened a welcoming gate. All you have to do is trot on through. As you do, you’ll slough off stale beliefs and leave your fears; shaking up ideas of who you thought you were and gaining important answers about your direction. Early in the month, magnetic Venus and driven Mars hook up in your house of higher calling, where they’ll weigh your ambitions over the next two months. Stay open to the process of trial and error, as there’s lots to learn from the data of unforeseen successes and unpredictable failures. Put your newly minted daring spirit to work and make that big presentation or throw yourself into a high-stakes tete-a-tete; your backbone, not to mention charm, will pay off, yielding vital information about future goals. As a herd of planets collect in your house of community, widening your network becomes key toward achieving any endeavor. You’re in prime position, with lucky Jupiter close at hand, helping you to choose an A-team of creatives that can take you through the long haul of that next big project. A full moon on the 18th puts a focus on capital P pleasure.Enjoying a field full of flowers with friends is restorative to a Bull’s body and soul. Go ahead and retreat more deeply later in the month when the Sun moves into Aries and your house of seclusion. You have permission to leave the rational behind as it’s time to recharge your batteries. Surrender to the ethereal realms and allow your mind to loll in dreamland where your imagination blooms with ideas you can use further down the lane.       

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Consider it your job to think big this month, Twins. With a cluster of planets in your career house, buoyed by big-picture Jupiter and inspiring Neptune, even the smallest fragment of a dream can take seed and grow like a weed. Knowing you, your mind abuzz with all the possibilities, you’ll feel like trying everything at once. Try to resist this urge, or you could end up doing nothing except daydreaming. Either/or thinking won’t help. Instead, make good use of that rational mind of yours, and take the first few days of the month to consider the gates, guards, and institutions which might stand in the way of your professional growth, as well as those that can open doors for you. Whomever is holding you back, it’s time to cut the cord. Chart a clear course for the later part of the month when your ruler, lucid Mercury crosses paths with optimistic Jupiter, encouraging you to vocalize your vision. Whether you’ve been thinking about applying for a new job, pulling together a business plan, or reimagining your definition of success, this is a fortunate moment for you to brainstorm future prospects. A full moon in practical Virgo on the 18th shines a light on your home and roots, imploring you to get a jump on the deepest spring cleaning you’ve done in years. Think of how good it will feel–dust and detritus, be gone! Now, with your base of operations in ship shape you’re ready to plot out your next collaboration, as the confident Sun shifts into Aries and your house of networking toward the end of the month. Unleash that motor-mouth. We’re all ears.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Crabs, March is cathartic as your attention’s aim on ablutions. Just when you think you’ve let go of everything you no longer need (especially concerning your relationships) there’s more sediment and sludge to sift. Old parental dynamics that might have creeped into your committed partnership should be exorcized now. As diplomatic Venus and passionate Mars deliberate in your house of metamorphosis early in the month, you’ll be driven to excavate roots of emotional wounds and transform lingering trauma into authentic forms of relating. How do you want to communicate as an adult in a mature relationship going forward? If you don’t know, the time is ripe to seek help or unorthodox approaches and work on it. We hear that Esalen has a juicy couples workshop. Just sayin’. Exciting changes in your relationship are on the horizon. Whether you break-up to make-up or make-up to break-up, the throes of the on again-off again dynamic has run its course, and you’re due for a breakthrough. With a cast of planets in your house of mind-expanding adventure, this is a fine time to explore a philosophical subject, take a mushroom microdose, or climb the heights of Nepal. The effects could be far-reaching, as you unlock old hang-ups and transform your fears. Take time to process all the profundity with the full moon on the 18th, as it may garner a clear view on how you communicate. If a writing project is underway, now’s a good time to make final edits. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Merde or get out of the litter box, Cats. Pardon our French, but you can no longer lounge on the sidelines as a passive passenger in your life. Take the reins of your relationships. We need you to participate. As Mars and Venus, the archetypes of war and peace, link arms and venture into the collective sign of Aquarius and your house of partnership early in the month, they provide you with tools to reach an understanding and communicate your new vision. Not only with your partner but with yourself. Consider this: the tension that you experience within your relationships perhaps reflects an internal conflict of self-love and self-loathing. We know that’s a biggie, so tread gently with yourself, dear Lion. With a swell of planetary activity in your house of transformation this month, it’s time to take a leap of faith and invest in healing. While Kittys typically are not inclined to self-examination, it’s vital that you allow yourself to become vulnerable at this juncture. Whether you undertake this journey with a friend, therapist, or spouse, you have only your chains to lose and the potential for greater intimacy to gain. With bountiful Jupiter guiding this sojourn, luck is on your side; and as you process your inner complexes and cleanse old wounds, you release stores of energy. Since this arena is also known as the domain of other people’s resources, loosening your defenses now could very well open the floodgates to substantial financial gain. By the end of the month, with the excavation underway, you begin to redefine your path, answer the question, and course correct. How about it? Do you want to participate or keep complaining? And as the confident Sun (your ruler) treks into the courageous sign of Aries and your house of adventure toward the end of month, you’re game to abandon your self-constructed cage and step into a wider terrain. Get to it! Claim your rightful place in the jungle.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) It’s all about the collaborative effort this month for our independent goddesses. While there may be a thread of truth to your conviction that no one can carry out a task better than you, hold off on the perfectionist tendencies and focus on harmony instead. The new moon kicks off the month with a sheaf of planets bundled in your relationship house, initiating projects and perhaps turning over a new leaf with your spouse. If there’s been tension, look to where you may need to release old wounds around feeling stifled, misunderstood, or taken advantage of in previous partnerships. It’s a tender thing, the tired habits of self-protection. But do you really need it when it comes to your current loving partner? Lay down new neural pathways via actively shifting how you communicate. With empathy and mutual respect as your trusty guides, the potential for more meaningful alliances and deeper participation are extensive. Tap the Venus/Mars dream-team energy, as they set up shop in the unconventional sign of Aquarius and your house of productivity early in the month to devise new methods for improving the daily operations of your work grind. The drive toward a smoother running cooperative effort, not to mention greater efficiency, culminates in a full moon in your sign on the 18th. It’s also a reminder to keep the focus on fine tuning yourself, not everyone else. If something isn’t working and you start to feel under appreciated, take note and make adjustments accordingly. Nip any co-dependency issues before you’re thrown off the course of your purpose. You are the captain of your soul after all.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Open wide the doors to your salon, dear Libra. March is a wonderful time for you—ever the inspiring host to the poets, artists, and intelligentsia—to turn up your creative charm and provide that enlightening and progressive space. It’s a way for you to express yourself and find release. And it’s entirely up to you what kind of party you’ll make. From dance to bacchanal to open mic for free verse, you’re inspired to make it happen. With your ruler, lovely Venus and passionate Mars co-hosting an avant garde coterie in your front parlor, it’s important that you find artful ways to process any tension in your homelife. You might take cues from the pool of planets swimming in spiritual Pisces in your house of daily rituals. Profound experiences can occur when you cultivate an appreciation for the mundane moments—such as mindfully taking a walk in the forest, washing the dishes, or sweeping your porch. Embody the divine by turning the smallest of acts into a ritual with presence. Daily rhythms, mind and body fine tuned, by the time the Sun shifts into Aries and your relationship house toward the end of the month, you’ll be strong enough to stand firm on the solid ground of your beliefs.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Water sign that you are, Scorpion, this month you’re the exemplar of the phrase, “in the flow”. With a party of planets in your house of self-expression and play, you have creative license to carve out all the time you want to paint, sculpt, dance or however the spirit moves you to immerse yourself in pure unadulterated mirth. To cultivate the steady current, convert your living room into an incubator of innovation, as aesthetic Venus and motivated Mars set up house in your den of domesticity. Eager to install flat files and set up the work tables, you’ll need to first confront your discomfort with solitude, as the creative process requires a certain amount of reclusiveness and even silence. Besides, with your visionary engine humming along, it matters to you who’s allowed into your inner sanctum. While you might encounter some resistance from those closest to you, this is the area where you’re best off steadfastly stubborn. No matter how offbeat, an unconventional interior design plan is the soil you need to grow that gorgeous garden of yours. Any dramas may even prove useful for a creative breakthrough. By the time the full moon shines in your house of friends and aspirations on the 18th, you’ll be ready to share the spotlight with your co-creators and thank your audience for their support. With all this good will, don’t forget to give something back to your community.     

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Archers, as the most farseeing, intercontinental sign it’s troublesome for you to forgo the daily global mayhem ala doom scrolling, yet the month of March requires you to pull the shutters closed for some healthy introspection. Not to worry, the chaos will still be there after you’ve looked after more personal matters. As Venus and Mars, the archetypal lovers of the zodiac, connect in early March, they inspire you to think and act on the local level and maybe even love thy neighbor. Also, you’ll find that even the smallest ways in which you can reinvent your regular routines are a surprisingly powerful engine of change. Wherever you are functioning on autopilot, flip the switch to manual and inject spirit and wonder into the simplest activity. Everything from taking a different route home, to turning the chore of laundry or walking the dog into a cosmic experience will deliver you back to your usual enthusiasm. So go right ahead and prove to yourself that no aspect of your life is too boring or fixed. The new moon on the 2nd initiates the process via calling you home. Notice how your desire to return to your roots and cultivate a sense of belonging and safety swells. Far from the hubbub, you find sanctuary in the gentler rhythms of homelife. With your ruler, awe-inspiring Jupiter along for the ride, you’re free to dream big. From vision boards to visualization practices, they’re all working for you this month, so let your ideas germinate, particularly around expanding your base. Get started on building your private library or that self-supporting garden you’ve been researching. Once the full moon in your career house on the 18th has come and gone and you’ve adjusted your work/life balance with more genuine focus on the personal side of things, it’ll be time to inhabit your wild side. As the Sun shifts into Aries, let loose and have a blast. You’ve earned it.         

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Ready to speak up after months of stewing, our trusty goats are on the move, stirring it up among the neighbors. As commanding Pluto confers with assertive Mars and sensual Venus in your house of identity, do keep your highest sense of purpose in mind, to avoid a fall from an overly elevated ego. We’re not worried. We know you’ve been hard at work slaying bygone anxieties. You’ll know when that work is done when you start feeling a renewed confidence that shows through your style, how you walk through the world and even in your bank account. That’s Venus and Mars sashaying into your house of self-worth. An apt motto for you now: “Fashion is fleeting. Style remains” from fashion icon Andre Talley. If you’ve been tilling fertile ground, expect financial rewards to pour in as you attract the right monetary opportunities. Meanwhile, lofty Jupiter amps up your cerebral functions on the new moon and provides plenty of idea power all month long. The mental machinations are flowing. Practical Goats, leave logic behind and listen to your intuition. Allow yourself to be inspired by a new vision. The level of mind-expanding intel available to you now is positively mind-blowing. You won’t even need to microdose to access it (although you might be tempted at this time.) Grab a pen and take dictation via stream of consciousness; you can edit this creative outpouring later. A full moon on the 18th, lights up your house of travel and philosophy, inviting you to make meaning from the motherlode of information you’re processing. As you drink from this river of knowledge you’re devising plans to divert the flow into something useful that serves others. You’re something to behold. Thanks for all your hard work.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Your amphora runneth over, Water Bearers. With a company of planets pooling in your money house, you can expect a big ass bonus at the beginning of the month. When it comes to finances, dream big and go bold with goal setting, especially around the time of the new moon on the 2nd. You have an uncanny knack for magically conjuring more with mystical Pisces influencing the cash flow. On the 5th, when generous Jupiter will be flush around the coffers, go ahead and share the wealth. There’s more where that came from. Just stay conscious of any tendencies toward extravagance and waste; don’t pull out the credit card for just anything. Moderation is key. As passionate Venus and Mars cross over a treacherous threshold, past Pluto, the god of the underworld, and into your sign on the 6th, you’re embracing a level of passion, confidence, and self-love that inspires you to go after what you want. Take time to brainstorm on new ways to build authentically supportive, sustainable systems for yourself where you can feel confident about your finances. In the final days of the month, you’ll reconcile with your deficits as you wake up from a months long blur. Just know that any shock waves you encounter are signs of life, so go ahead and wipe the sleep from your eyes, allow for the momentum to build and watch your sails billow with steady winds. It’s still Aquarius season in our book which for you means, no more standing in the wings.

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll