May 2021 Horoscopes

May 2021 Horoscopes by Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Steady as She Goes. Taurus Season Brings Us Down to Earth.

When we embody our intentions, committing through will and stable effort, we make room for adaptations as the month gives way to the movement inherent in the sign of the Twins.

A line from poet Mary Oliver comes to mind this month as an apt bit of advice that captures the essence of the sign of the Bull, “You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” Indeed. And here we are among the pollen and nectar and sweet birdsong of Springtime in full bloom in the Northern Hemisphere. With lovely Venus luxuriating in earthy, slow-moving Taurus for the first week of May, emphasized by a new moon on the 11th in the sign of the Bull, yes, yes to this truth. Beauty surrounds us, even when we aren’t knee deep in a garden patch. What do you want to invest in now to create something long lasting? What seeds do you want to plant? Later in the month, as the energy moves toward mentally-oriented Gemini, to themes of communication and movement, how do we remain grounded while carrying forth inspiration and propagating our ideas? Mid-month, expansive Jupiter dips into the deep waters of Pisces, filling our hearts with compassion and understanding. Soulful and spiritual, the sign of the Fishes reminds us that we are one with everything. At the end of the month, a total lunar eclipse in the sign of  Sagittarius kicks off an eclipse season that promises a shift to a new way of thinking. Messenger planet, Mercury will have the last word as it reverses on the 29th, reminding us to retrace our steps and reconsider the new realities that are taking form.

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Ahh, many a-pleasure-loving birthday Bull can be found basking in the sun, rolling out days-long chillax parties as the month begins. While you may be content taking it easy for now, your next money move is front of mind. At the very least, you want to secure a comfortable financial future and, let’s face it, a fair share of you wouldn’t mind getting stanky rich. With a new moon in your sign coming up on the 11th, the time is ripe to get out of any ruts to ensure you’re on a path toward prosperity. As cliche as it may be, your wealth lies within you, and as the month progresses, you see how investing in yourself could pay off. Let your talents shine. Meanwhile, support from the rest of the herd is vital and you know it. Let everyone lend a hand, as good luck planet Jupiter moves into your house of allies mid-month. Pooling your resources and collaborating with like-minded folks may be just what’s needed to reach your long term goals. By the end of the month, you stand ready to shed old beliefs that have served their purpose in order to fully embrace your big vision. 

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) The first days of the month may find you forest bathing, sleeping out under the stars, and perhaps recording meaningful intel from your dreamtime, all of which feel integral to laying the groundwork for a new project that’s coming into view. With your ruler, speedy Mercury zooming into your sign followed by congenial Venus, you can’t stop talking (or writing) about everything you’ve gleaned from your recent forays off the grid. Let it rip; you’re wired for sound and everyone’s listening. Hog heaven for a Gemini, right? Wait, there’s more. Mid-month, jovial Jupiter takes a jaunt into your career house, opening doors and likely expanding your role as an astute mentor and wise teacher. What big dreams do you want to pursue? The largest planet in our solar system asks you to keep your vision vast and lofty. At the end of the month, Mercury shifts into reverse, giving you ample time over the following weeks to reexamine your options as well as rethink how you want to show up and most effectively deliver your message. Just be prepared for the occasional brain fog in the process.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) While your wider community and friends continue to be a focal point, as the month wears on, you may find it necessary to retreat from the bustling busy-ness. With action planet Mars bolting through your sign all month, you’re still infused with a seemingly tireless get-up-and-go energy and your emotions are a source of fuel now. You may feel motivated to fight for causes nearest to your heart, especially those involving loved ones. If you do this more emphatically than is socially acceptable, so be it. Somebody’s got to take the charge in standing up for and protecting our most vulnerable. Mid-month, expansive planet Jupiter treks into your house of long-distance travel and beliefs, inspiring your search for meaning; and if you’re fully vaccinated, you may be ready to make an epic journey this summer. Inspired by your growing faith, you may feel drawn to visit a sacred site, like the Ganges or hike the El Camino. By month’s end, you’re fully immersed in contemplating the deeper questions of life, pondering the universe and your place in it. Don’t forget to pack your meditation cushion. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Career and community intermingle this month as the personal planets relocate from your house of public life to that of society. It’s a good flow, where conversations had on the golf course or in the grocery store can score important social contacts, lighting the way to future opportunities in your community. With hot-headed Mars rumbling behind the scenes in your house of karma and the subconscious, you may feel an underlying frustration, messing with your mood. A proud kitty’s remedy could be to engage in selfless acts of kindness and good-will, allowing the ego to take a back seat for a minute. Mid-month, generous Jupiter shifts into your house of shared resources and depth psychology, making this a fine time to pool resources and initiate a new business deal; or you might inherit a sum of money that could fund a dream venture. A cosmic word to the wise, root your investments in compassion and spiritual values, champion the underdog and embrace humanitarian causes. In positively transforming the lives of others, you go through your own personal metamorphosis. As May closes out, Mercury takes the scenic route through your house of friends and alliances, giving you the gift of time to reconsider future goals for you and your pride.   

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Knowledge is power, and nobody is able to leverage that notion right now more than you, Virgo. Last month you did the work of broadening your mind, now this month you’re accessing your cache of brilliant ideas that could end up earning you prestige and prosperity. You’ve positioned yourself to expedite specific career ambitions, and your crackerjack organizational ability, as well as your capacity to plan for the future, earns  recognition from the powers that be. Not to mention, you’re sharpening your executive abilities and polishing your speechmaking acumen. Crushing it, Virgins! If we didn’t know you better, we’d say you’re a brilliant political strategist in the making. A new moon on the 11th in your house of higher education and travel asks you to further your knowledge building in service of your future goals. We suggest that you make a travel plan to an unknown destination or enroll in an online course to cultivate your skills or explore a project-management program. Mid-month, fortunate Jupiter opens the door to your partnership house, and you’re keen to enjoy a new openness in your relationship. If you happen to be single, get ready for the floodgates to open on opportunities to truly connect with a certain someone(s). Lovely. We know that you’re not going to just trust any ol’ so and so, but do stay on your discerning toes lest some imprudent soul considers taking advantage of your increased compassion and selflessness. A lunar eclipse in your house of home and hearth at the end of the month brings your attention back home. You may feel the urge to release an old belief concerning family or an ancestral legacy; maybe it’s time to live and let live.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) As you deepen intimacy and build new levels of trust, you transform old psychological hangups into gold. Seriously Libra, unwrapping complicated familial complexes that have held you back from full flower could open you up to securing perpetual wealth. Stabilizing yourself through deeper self-understanding, more flourishing partnerships, or an actual inheritance, frees you to engage that mighty mind of yours. Some refinement of your message is percolating under the surface and will come into view as the summer progresses. Let it burble for now. As curious Mercury sprints through your house of higher learning and long-distance travel, your interests may take a turn toward the metaphysical or philosophical; you may become involved in writing or teaching or publishing your memoirs, and you could very well make a plan to study abroad. With your ruler, lovely Venus following close behind, single Librans could meet someone through their various journeys, intellectual or actual. Sweet! If fully vaccinated, how does a summer in Florence, exploring the lost frescos in the newly renovated Uffizi sound? In other words, follow where your intellectual and aesthetic curiosity leads you for it will go a long way to rebalancing your body, mind, and spirit. Mid-month, you’re likely to have more work than you know what to do with, as abundant Jupiter sets the busy bees abuzz in your house of daily work and health. The good news is that the work you attract is bound to be more meaningful. The bad news: there is none. 

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Coming off of a powerful super moon in your sign at the end of April, you may still be integrating constructive revelations about your self-worth like a gorgeous blue morpho fresh from the cocoon. Along the way you’ve likely reached an important decision about a relationship or shed an outworn aspect of your identity, allowing the most authentic you to shine through. You’re in a profound process, discovering new gems hidden in the psychological muck that’s been building over the last few years, and you’re emboldened with the new truths coming to light. With inquisitive Mercury and lovely Venus afoot in the Scorpio domain of depth psychology, intimacy, and shared resources, this is a great time to further the healing with the help of a good therapist and unlock the mysteries of your inner workings. Clearing the psychic debris should be at the top of your list. A new moon in your relationship house on the 11th inspires either a fresh start with an existing partnership or ushers in a new relationship full of chemistry and strong physical attraction. Speaking of heat, all the deep cognitive work has released quite a lot of pent up tension, paving the way for some overdue sexual healing. It feels so fine cuing up Marvin Gaye to spend the balance of the month between the sheets. And wouldn’t you know it, mid-month jolly Jupiter migrates into your house of fun and romance supporting you in relaxing and letting it all hang loose. The creative juices flow freely as you beckon the muse and get into the zone. What comes forth now could expand into a dream project and spark a highly creative, not to mention deliciously romantic, period. Looks like summer’s gonna be hot, just like an oven, baby.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Free-wheeling, high-speed Sagges, it’s time to give your body as well as your boo some love. Early in the month, a host of planets in your house of health makes it an ideal time to initiate a fresh infusion of daily self-care rituals that will set you on a proper maintenance path for years to come. The new moon on the 11th supports the effort. Meanwhile, speedy planet Mercury darts into your relationship house, turning your thoughts to center on your sweetie. Soon after, amiable Venus joins the affair, opening up sweet sounds of kindhearted communication with your significant other. If you happen to be single, get out there and mingle! You’re likely in the mood for meeting a brainy beauty on your intellectual level, so stick to the haunts where long conversations over matcha or espresso ensue. Indeed, how civilized. Mid-month your ruler, jovial Jupiter arrives at the doorstep of your house of home and family and the congeniality spills over into your domestic scene. Happy to hang with the fam, you’ll get everyone outfitted with the proper tools to finally build that dream addition. Or maybe you’re sealing the deal on an investment property or growing your family unit. When the time comes to venture out this summer, how about that overdue family reunion? As long as everyone’s vaxxed. Toward the end of the month, a lunar eclipse in your sign may prompt you to ditch an old mask you’ve been wearing. It’s not so much a reinvention as it is a revalidating of an important part of you that perhaps got lost along the way. The month closes with speed racer Mercury down-shifting in your partnership house, making it a useful time to reassess your wants and needs.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) What good are all your professional achievements, if you don’t have your health to enjoy them? As Mercury, planet governing the mind, whisks into your house of work, health, and the daily grind, your focus turns to an overhaul of your routines. How might you change things in order to operate not just efficiently but joyfully, not to mention regain some of the ol’ hearty and hale habits? With all the time you spend working, it’s time you built in a strategy for working smarter instead of harder. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to actually enjoy your work and colleagues? Find out what your body needs to function better. Is it avoiding dairy, reducing screen time, commiting to daily exercise, going to bed earlier, taking meditation breaks or the whole kit and caboodle? Get to it, you old goat! A new moon in your house of self-expression and romance on the 11th supports you with a creative project and in making space for the opposite of work: fun! Because guess what? All work and no play makes you straight up grouchy. Be serious about prioritizing pleasure and your body and your boo will thank you for it. Speaking of which, feisty Mars fires off fervent arrows in your relationship house all month. Needless to say, with your love life activated, follow the friskier feelings as opposed to fixing for a fight. Then, mid-month benevolent Jupiter begins to broadcast through your house of communications and short journeys, and suddenly it’s ready, set, go! You’re keen to hit the road, learn something new and ultimately, expand your networks. The natural teacher in you comes out as you allow your intuition to guide you toward subjects you want to explore. And your nascent optimism brings out the kinder, gentler communicator in you. Nice. Toward the end of the month, a lunar eclipse in your house of the subconscious nudges you to get grounded and replace any nagging negative coping mechanism with a healthier habit. It’s a perfect time to get that garden in order! Or shake out the dusty trail running shoes and head off into the wild blue yonder. 

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Show me the money, is the Water Bearers’ keynote this month. With abundant Jupiter striding into your house of material resources and values mid-month, you can expect some gains in your cash flow. How can you best leverage an increase in income to support your vision? Since you may be inclined to splurge, we advise setting some Bennys aside for the proverbial rainy day. At the outset of May, perky Mercury, followed by delightful Venus, hotfoots it into your house of fun and romance, signaling a surge of creativity…or drama. With scribe Mercury in the mix, you may want to dust off that screenplay you stored in the closet. Count on these two heavenly bodies to be whispering pithy lines of dialogue in your ear while you take dictation. Not a wordsmith? No problem. All creative practices are bound to bear fruit at this time. At the very least, plenty of mirth-making is afoot, not to mention inumerable social opportunities and potential meet-cutes. Should you get characterized as a shameless flirt, good for you! This summer, Water Bearers really do have more fun. Meanwhile, a new moon in your house of home and family on the 11th indicates a fresh start around the homefront. With your place all tricked out, your ruler, unpredictable Uranus may bring about some unsettling changes, maybe even a sudden move. As counterintuitive as that may seem, keep your cool. The turnaround may be a bigger boon than you could have ever planned. Roll with it, you weirdos. 

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Fishes, you are feeling it this month with Mars, planet of oomph swimming in your house of fun and romance. The Red Planet’s actions are speaking your love language; and your creativity is flowing like Yosemite Falls during the spring melt. Yeehaw! Let yourself feel at home wherever you might find yourself, sweet sturgeons. Early in the month, Mercury the messenger zips into your house of home and family, followed by lovely Venus, which suggests you’ll be busy fluffing the pillows and beautifying your inner sanctum. Working from home hums along more smoothly now, and you may be thinking about how you can make this, or at least a hybrid of this, permanent. Then, a new moon in your communications and short-commutes house on the 11th could start the wheels turning on innovations that can support wfh long term. When your co-ruler, buoyant Jupiter glides into your sign mid-month the good news really pours in, offering you a sneak preview of the vast possibilities and new journeys opening up ahead. You’re about to get a taste of what it means to be a flying fish, wings aloft and gliding along the surface for brief, shimmering moments. Pure magic. Toward the end of the month, a lunar eclipse in your career house creates a paradigm shift around work, casting your work/life balance into high relief; perhaps you’re ready to cut the cord of a long held anchor and tack toward home? Like the sorceress you are, you’re crafting the proper spells for working less yet gaining more. Can we have some of that fairy dust, please? At the end of month, Mercury backpedals through your house of home and family. You’re perfectly happy to close the door, turn off your phone, and curl up with the home improvement channel. 

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Rams are crazy busy this month, buying, selling, and learning some new tricks in order to build their bank accounts. Getting on the bitcoin bandwagon could be just the beginning, as you focus on reinvigorating your finances and blazing new trails toward abundance. A mind so revved up with commerce and activities requires a balance of ample downtime. We suggest frequent weekend jaunts to your favorite hiking spots this spring. For fire signs like you, road trips can quench your curiosity and sharpen your mind. Who knows? With love-bug Venus also venturing into your get-around house, don’t be too surprised if while gassing up at that backroad outpost you cross paths with an interesting fellow adventurer who lights a fire in your engine. Vroom vroom. Romance or not, the month’s focus is on connecting with and meeting new people in a lively exchange of ideas that may well open up your inner life in a way that is long overdue. Also, it’s just a great time to see and appreciate the beauty all around you. Meanwhile, expansive Jupiter slips into your behind the scenes house, encouraging you to spend the better part of the summer exploring a spiritual practice or simply retreating to a remote corner of your favorite national park. Go where the spirit moves you; and while you’re at it, shed a few of your outworn beliefs that have kept you from following your truer path.