May 2022 Horoscopes

May horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

May promises to be a wild ride as the reins break loose with eclipses and retrogrades. 

Make the most of the excitement Taurus-style and keep your feet on the ground among all the delicious beauty of Spring.

Now that the spiritual reset of the historic Jupiter/Neptune alignment in April has passed, it’s time to sweep the stardust from your eyes. How has your worldview changed? Did you have a profound experience, and are you all the better because of it? Enter Taurus season, welcoming you back into your physical senses here on planet Earth. Settle peacefully into a steady bovine rhythm, smell the roses, taste the rosé, and gaze upon the ripening of Spring. While May might dally in places, its energy is too frantic in others; the key is to stay present in the midst of a potent full moon/lunar eclipse in intense Scorpio on the 15th as well as a glitchy Mercury retrograde (May 10th-June 3rd) in its home sign of Gemini. Eclipses invite change in an instant and increase the urgency of everything. So, tread gently. Right around this same time, abundant Jupiter moves into the go-get-em sign of Aries, where it will be until late October. A blend of action and embodiment ensues, waking us up from the collective cocoon of the last two-plus years. Whatever you’ve been envisioning in your dreams, take action now and step into your destiny.  

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that first; it’s often more relevant.  

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Call it fate, Bulls, as a series of juicy yet combustive cosmic events unfold in your sign. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime year for you, and you’re bound to catapult forward toward your destiny this birthday month. Exciting stuff, but also destabilizing. Following a dynamic solar eclipse in your sign at the end of April, May begins with an amped up energy, as the Sun joins with the planet of upheaval, Uranus on the 5th. The buzz continues when the Sun encounters the Nodes of Fate, ala destiny calling, in your sign on the 13th. A crossroads situation to be sure. Whatever’s been brewing under the surface is ready to emerge into the light of day. Right around the same time, the full moon/total lunar eclipse in Scorpio (your opposite sign) on the 15th lays it all bare—the fear, the trauma, and the buried ambitions. Whatever crap that’s been standing in the way of you and your destiny, like it or not, you’re at a pivotal point of change. While eclipses bring a sense of urgency and can be quite disorienting, know that you don’t need to make a decision just yet. Wait for the dust to settle after Mercury retrogrades in your sign (from May 10 to June 2). Use the time to review options and put the pieces together after what’s likely to be a marathon of revelations. The month ends on a sweet note, as your ruler, lovely Venus eases into your sign, helping you to gracefully molt your chrysalis and unfurl those gorgeous new wings. All the world will gasp in amazement at such beauty, your fantastic metamorphosis. 

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Mercury (your ruler) retrogrades are common enough, happening three times a year. They give us all space to review the recent past and reflect on our options moving forward. But when your ruling planet does its about-face in your sign, it’s kind of a big deal. No need to freak out; just be mindful to not overload your literal and metaphorical calendar. Starting on the 10th (though you’re likely feeling it already), the Messenger begins its backward shuffle, giving you an opportunity to reflect on who you’ve become and who you are in your relationships. What roles do you play? How have you grown? Also, if you’ve had any health concerns, what still needs resolving? Going against the grain of the spring energy surge, this month is a good time to process. As a social sign, processing might be quite the opposite of solitude. In fact, with a new cycle of expansion, thanks to Venus and Jupiter, frolicking in your house of friends, you might want to process with a band of close allies. Do be careful to use your words wisely, but be brave about those moments that were not your finest, Twins, and accept that you have bad days, too. On the 15th, an intense lunar eclipse illuminates a root issue stemming from a childhood ghost. You’re due for a psychic release of whatever toxic feelings you’ve been holding. As you do you’ll become aware of a limiting belief that’s the source of self-sabotaging behavior. Be gentle with yourself. This is a deep and necessary clearing. Meanwhile, can-do Mars does the do-si-do with dreamy Neptune in your career house on the 18th which, navigated skillfully could have you working your magnetizing magic. Keep your feet on the ground and your nose clean as you chant your favorite manifestation spell. The vibe is spiritual, even healing. It’s time for serious good work. The month concludes with a clarifying new moon in your sign. With the deep work behind you, your voice has more gravitas. You’re singing a whole new tune as you roll into the summer sun.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Buoyed by the cosmos, shy Crabs, you’re emboldened to get after your dreams. What you begin now could have a lasting impact on the rest of the year and potentially influence the next decade professionally as the two beneficial planets, Venus and Jupiter, blaze a trail in your career house. Meanwhile, Black moon Lilith, the archetype of the divine, dark feminine, has moved into your sign, stirring in you a primal instinct that bristles at the status quo and refuses to be held down. Trust that this is a guiding principle for you to properly assert yourself, lest you succumb to the lashing out that can result from unmet or unexpressed needs. Your desire for security isn’t wrong; remember that in order to nurture others, nurture your own needs first. The deep work in May has to do with shedding your shame around asking for help. Cue the potent full moon/total lunar eclipse on the 15th, which may bring a lesson or two in that department. Examine any controlling behaviors related to creative self-expression or children. It may require you to loosen your grip around something you are strongly attached to. Eclipses often bring non-negotiable change. So, the highest road to take during such times is to surrender to the path of least resistance. Pro tip: you need not do this quietly. After all, Lilith didn’t suffer in silence and neither should you. Tidal waves of emotion warrant an ugly cry. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Dear Lion, they say, change is inevitable, growth is optional. Scaredy-cat as you can be, it’s time to evolve as your ruler, the Sun, travels not only alongside risk-taker Uranus (on the 5th) but also the destiny point, known as the North Node. Cosmic and karmic forces are co-conspiring to open and close doors around your calling and your roots. By the time the full moon/lunar eclipse unfolds on the 15th, look for signs from your ancestral past on what you need to release in order to move forward. On a practical level, maybe the message is that you’ve outgrown your living situation. And certainly, love of the lime-light Leos, you’re being urged to find a healthier work/life balance. Sudden shake ups at the office around this time could impel you to consider new territory even when it means cutting ties with something that’s been good for a long time. As the messenger planet reverses direction in the area of community connections, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on not just who you’re socializing with these days, but all the benefits you bring to your many tribes. During this fruitful time you may stumble upon surprising alternatives and new paths. Stay curious. A grand adventure awaits, thanks to the two propitious planets, Venus and Jupiter, trekking through your zone of long-distance travel. So go ahead and book those tix before the prices soar, pack lightly, and explore with an eye toward relocating. Now’s the time to turn your dreams into an everyday reality. Let us know where you land! We can’t wait to come visit.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Industrious virgin goddess, rest your busy head. With your ruler, Mercury on the fritz in your career sector for most of the month, make space for an easier pace and a lull in your workflow. When the glitches arise, it’ll feel less painful, and you’ll have more capacity to revise what needs fixing. In fact, it’s a good idea to take the entire retrograde period to review career issues and attend to what’s on the back-burner. An even better idea to not start a new project just yet. The lapse in efficiency allows you to shift your attention to broader, more philosophical terrain. Something is changing in your beliefs that will influence on how you see the world as the Sun meets up with renegade Uranus on the 5th. This temblor to your business-as-usual may be just what’s needed to jolt you out of a nose-to-the-grindstone mindset. Notice how your other senses take the wheel and drive for a while. Engage your whole body as you feel your way into unfamiliar territory and expand beyond your current comfort limits. It’s a good time to take a class, go on a retreat, or travel abroad. Sudden spiritual epiphanies await while eating papaya, gazing at a redwood, or twisting yourself into eagle pose. With your over-thinking sidelined, you’re in the right state of mind for the emotional lunar eclipse on the 15th. Your house of the mind is under the influence of this powerful full moon, which will cause you to shed an outworn and maybe toxic aspect of how you communicate within your environment. Meanwhile, the two most fortunate planets, Jupiter and Venus, encourage you to uncover a personal mystery or two that could lead to an expansion in investments, inheritance or, on a more intimate level, a sexual transformation. Whatever it is, there is an opportunity for deep psychological healing. Keep judgment at bay and instead exercise an open mind. By the end of the month, as the Sun and a new moon in communicative Gemini light up your career house, you’re ready to go public with your fresh perspective, enlightening the rest of us like the beacon you are. Shine on!  

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Typically even-keeled, Libra, May could make your heart a little dizzy, tilting you pleasantly off balance. As the two fortunate planets, gracious Venus, your ruler, followed by expansive Jupiter, seize the day in your relationship house, an urge to merge ignites. Feel the rush as your Tinder blows up, but that’s what’s going on the inside. To the rest of us, you seem as cool as a cucumber as you wrap up projects and put productive collaborations in place. It’s all fertile ground that you’re treading and will help you sustain connections that can propel your life forward. As you ease your way toward the next phase of your life, investing in a shared resource and doing deep inner work can help you gain clarity into what you need where intimacy and relationships are concerned. There’s buried treasure to uncover as you tune into your body, rather than your head. What are your deepest desires? Your heart knows. An intense full moon/total lunar eclipse on the 15th sets the stage for a release of raw emotion. Let the floodgates open; the deluge saturates the ground, fertilizing a transformation in values. As you align more closely with your authentic nature, you attract kindred spirits and build more genuine relationships. You’re looking for intimates who can meet you emotionally and spiritually as well as intellectually. Toward the end of the month, go-getter Mars joins the fun in your relationship zone. The hunt is on!

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Still under the influence of a chapter-turning solar eclipse that happened in your partnership zone on April 30th, you may be feeling a bit wobbly and ready for whatever the next new thing is to get underway. Well, hold your hat as the Sun has a rendezvous with freedom-loving Uranus on the 5th, heightening the electric excitement of change that seems to be sending shock waves through your relationship. A need for more space doesn’t necessarily signal an to end a partnership. The question might be: How can you breathe more freedom into it? We suggest following the path that lights you up and makes you feel most alive. As upbeat planets Venus and Jupiter activate your house of daily routines, you’ll feel a surge of energy and compelled to refresh your workout routine. Go for it! Enthusiastic Mars joins the crew at the end of the month, kickstarting your inner warrior to new physical heights. All this exercise offers a great outlet to work with the Mercury retrograde, Roto-Rootering through your house of deep psychology. As you sweat it out at the gym, you purge unwanted baggage. If exercise has taken a back seat over the last few years, ride this wave into what could very well be a healthy change that sticks for the next 12 years. All this potential stamina translates to your work life, where you’ll feel the resilience to break new ground and lead the whole project. Meanwhile, a potent full moon/lunar eclipse occurs in your sign on the 15th. There’s no sugar-coating it, this one is a doozie. You probably know what needs releasing and you know it’s the thing that doesn’t support your growth. As a strong, fixed sign, you can’t help it, you like the power dynamics. So it’s going to be mostly about letting go of control, isn’t it? We recommend a ceremonious energy-clearing ritual, or perhaps a colonic, the more literal the better. Surrender is your guiding principle this month. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Restless Archers, make your move to go after what you love most. Following last month’s Jupiter/Neptune visionary rebirth, it’s time to live  your dreams. As delightful Venus dances into fellow fire sign, Aries at the start of May, your pleasure and romance house heats up. Soon after, exuberant Jupiter joins the fun. We’re excited to tell you that your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simply to love having as much fun as you can muster. As an intellectual sign, know there’s a bigger context to this joyfest. Your ruling planet, Jupiter’s shift into Aries signals Sagges to don their spiritual armor. The bliss that’s germinating comes with a spiritual context. Keep in mind that as you let the good times roll, it’s ultimately about expanding your consciousness, not self-annihilation, Vegas style. Is all of this too deep for you? Bring on the laughter! Levity and mirth are an important part of being in the moment. While you’re at it, do something good for your body. Establishing rituals that support your well-being, like a regular yoga or meditation practice helps to strengthen your container as you raise your spiritual vibration. By the time the intense full moon/lunar eclipse on the 15th unfolds in your house of seclusion, you’ll feel ready for some alone time to process any deeply rooted fears lurking in your subconscious. Meanwhile, as Mercury does its backward spin for most of the month, you’re reevaluating who you want to be with. Sometimes, without intention, your directness lands hard, so take a beat and watch your words with loved ones. Don’t be surprised if an ex or two pop up, as the Trickster likes to retrace his steps in your one-on-one house and have a second look. By the end of the month, the Sun and a new moon will be highlighting your relationships sector, invigorating your social life, energizing your partnership, or perhaps heralding a special new someone. 

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Unflagging Goats can be all work and no play, but brace yourself for a rush of fertile power in your fun house as the month opens with the confident Sun frolicking with wild child Uranus. Consider the spark of your creative genius lit and sending up impressive solar flares. Not to mention, stimulating your inner party animal. With your natural endurance this could be one blowout to remember. Should you wake up worse for the wear after too many late nights, you’ll welcome the influence of Mercury’s reverse motion on your routines, slowing your roll and offering you an opportunity to fine tune your habits so they work better for your body. You’re no kid anymore, you old nanny goat. As you create new ways to harmonize your daily rhythms, you enter a more even period of smoother operations. Ahh. It’s about time. So set the stoicism aside for now, and don’t undervalue the power of a little self-care. Meanwhile, blessings begin to bloom on the homefront as the two fortunate heavenly bodies occupy your house of home and family, setting you up for domestic bliss all summer long. Capricorns are climbers after all, and after years of career building it’s high time you break ground on your dream house. Having a comfortable, beautiful haven to come home to what feels good and feeds your dignity. As your new living situation progresses, you gain a new appreciation for the land and your ancestors. There’s an opportunity here for a deep sense of gratitude for those whose shoulders you stand on. The strengthening of your foundation aids you as a potent full moon/lunar eclipse in your house of community on the 15th shakes up your social circle. Hidden tensions that have been brewing or worse, betrayals that can be hard to recover from may surface. Who are your allies? Practical as you are, you may need to cull the herd, letting go of those who no longer align with where you’re headed. A leaner tribe, more closely knit, better supports the creative genius igniting the revolutionary person you’re becoming. 

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Many of the most famous authors and artists experience crippling writer’s block. If your memoir has been mired in muck, get ready to turn a page, Waterbearer. The two lucky stars, receptive Venus and abundant Jupiter, gambol into your house of communications and local scene early in the month, replenishing your eloquence. Notice a curious thing happening as you wax poetic: you write your own ticket. Isn’t that perfecto for our most freedom-focused sign. If you don’t already have a journaling practice, May is your window to get that habit going. It’ll boost any recent dips in your confidence that concern your abilities all while helping you process life’s changes and frustrations. These things also have a way of loosening the constraints of the writer’s block mentioned earlier. Get to it! Meanwhile, closer to home, the Sun cohabitates with your ruler, disruptive Uranus in your house of roots and belonging, highlighting a desire for an unorthodox living situation. You may suddenly discover an unusual community that suits all your communal as well as singular needs. Once you allow yourself to settle into a more authentic living arrangement you’ll feel more grounded. Welcome home. Finding your place in the world and putting down roots stabilizes you as a powerful lunar eclipse shakes up your career. You may be required to relinquish control on the workfront. It’s really a good thing as something toxic rears its ugly head, revealing an gnarly truth that you want no part of. Ride this wave into another job. Heck, write your way out of it. It’s your story after all. Toward the end of the month, a party of planets pile into your house of pleasure portending all things love, romance, and expanding creativity. Consider this your official cosmic permission slip to play. Cue Dirty Heads instant classic, “a-a-aye, I’m on vacation every single day cause I love my occupation.”

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Whatever your imagination dreamed up last month, magical Fish, now’s the time to put your money where your mouth is. With one member of last month’s dream team (aka your ruler, generous Jupiter) about to follow Venus’s graceful lead into your money house at the beginning of the month, you’re emboldened to materialize those dreams. If ever there was a moment to employ your visionary chops to strike gold, this is it. Use whatever exciting news that crops up around your immediate environment on the 5th as a springboard to breakthrough ideas. Be open to surprising sources of financial support, like right over your backyard fence. Make that jaunt around the corner to meet that acquaintance or tap a sibling’s business acumen and watch where it leads. Sometimes it pays to vary your route, change your routine, or modify your pitch. You never know who you might be talking to at your local coffee shop. Wherever you do find yourself, you’re bound to feel confident selling your brilliant idea to whomever will listen. At home, it might be a different story. Try not to let miscommunications with family mess with your momentum, as the Trickster may be spinning tall tales and tossing wrenches into a usually smooth situation at home. Review projects or postpone selling or renting a property. It could also be time to use this Mercury slow down to sort through any family drama you’ve been avoiding. Having tough conversations will lead to more sustainable and healthy dynamics moving forward. An emotional full moon/lunar eclipse in fellow water sign Scorpio arrives on the 15th, shaking your beliefs to the core. Whatever you do, fight backsliding into negative thinking. You know it’s toxic. Do your best to let the unhealthy beliefs go, and trust that purging a twisted perspective can clear the way for a fresh philosophy that suits you much better. Toward the end of the month, the Sun moves into your house of home and family, encouraging you to close the blinds and snuggle down for a bit of solitude. If you feel the push pull between socializing and alone time, put the do not disturb sign on the front door. Sensy Fish need their regular intervals of silence to recharge. 

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Everything everywhere all at once. Not only a popular cult film title but an apt theme for Rams this May. Probably the biggest news of the month, maybe even the year is Jupiter, planet of growth and abundance, returns to your sign, where it will stay until the end of October, after 12 years of roaming the zodiac. Joining this favorable planet at varying intervals will be delightful Venus and motivating Mars, setting you up for a blockbuster, action-adventure, record-breaking summer. We are very happy to deliver this news to our noble, if beleaguered warriors. Thank the heavens! Few things in life are certain (aside from death and taxes) but with fortunate Jupiter favoring your sign, you are truly the protagonist in the story, so get to growing. Here is where we must caution our hasty heroes: beware of launching too much, too soon. This month, amid the bewildering perils of the multiverse, keep a firm grip on the wheel in order to avoid reeling out of control. With tricky Mercury spinning its wheels in your house of communication and short trips, it behooves you to observe the speed limit and think before speaking your mind or making plans; make sure you understand others’ point of view before you leap to conclusions. A potent full moon/eclipse mid-month could leave you feeling especially raw. Allow the process of purging the gunk to happen now. Whatever it is, secrets included, even in all its messiness, it’s a necessary change that will have repercussions for your shared resources and intimacy with your best beloved. Think of it as training in emotional kung fu.   

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll