November 2020 Horoscopes

Horoscopes by Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*, illustration by @boccaccinimeadows

Fall backward to move forward; it’s a wait-and-see-deeply month

With Mercury shorting out the grid and Mars still stalled until the middle of the month, we’re not out of the weeds yet 

With tech trickster Mercury still in his backward motion, turning forward on Election Night (!), the month begins with nail-biting uncertainty. Whether you spent Halloween doing the monster mash on Zoom, rigging up a candy chute to safely dispense zombie skittles to trick-or-treaters, or mailing in your ballot, no doubt you’re feeling the cumulative effect of the disruptions that have become part and parcel of 2020. Regardless of who wins the U.S. election, we estimate that Scorpio season will, with intense scrutiny, get to the core of some essential truth and reveal what’s hidden along the way. As the specter of death and metamorphosis, key Scorpionic themes loom, matter transforms into gleaming gold before our eyes, metaphorically speaking. Are we not witnessing determined early voters patiently waiting up to 10 hours to cast their ballots? With key cosmic players–Mercury and Mars–still in reverse motion and capable of making mischief, we are being reminded that patience is indeed a virtue and sometimes the best response is no response. Might we heed the wisdom of poet Emily Dickinson in her allegory about Winter, “When it comes, the Landscape listens” and follow suit? The potency inherent in this season’s cycle of death informs the transformative power epitomized by Scorpio’s other symbol, the phoenix. The month ends with a full-moon/lunar eclipse in communicative Gemini; there will be a fair share of vying for the last word before we close out this extraordinary, to put it mildly, year.         

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Like the divided times we are living in, November may feel quite bifurcated for our unflinching, passionate Scorpion friends. Part I will require quiet time as you download potentially intense intel, particularly concerning relationships, that will come into sharper focus once Mercury stations direct on the 3rd. Then, mid-month as your co-ruler, mighty Mars, finally marches into forward motion, a scheme you’ve been keeping deep inside crystallizes, and you’re ready to take action on or reveal a long held dream. Aided by Mercury and eventually Venus, plus a new moon in your sign, the second half of your birthday month is yours for the taking. Perhaps the unveiling of a sizzling new you on Thanksgiving? At last, you’re ready to let go of the bullshit around relationships, all the while pumped to resume your workout routine and tackle your must-dos head on as that boundless energy finally returns. As the month closes out with a lunar eclipse in your house of shared resources, your security needs in relation to your beloved’s come into stark relief. Best to roll up your sleeves and do some research around how you might collaborate to grow your mutual assets.    

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) High-aiming Archers retreat to the deep recesses of their subconscious this month to revive latent resources. Now’s the time to trade your expert’s hat for that of an explorer as you leave familiar territory and embark on a dazzling new adventure in uncharted lands. We greatly encourage those of you more prone to pontificating rather than listening to embrace the beginner’s mind until you get the hang of this untrodden place. Once you do, become your own guru, as you do. These behind the scenes alterations take place under the tarps of the ongoing major renovation involving your finances. Whether you’ve been getting down to brass tacks in the debt department, refinancing or taking on an advisor, the work you put in now toward releasing a negative belief around your resources is sure to pay off. With your financial future on terra firma, you can lay the groundwork for truly innovative ideas that you ultimately wish to share with your community for a long time to come. Meanwhile, as the Red Planet steams ahead in your house of self-expression and romance, your courage to create is rekindled, and your playfulness reinvigorated. At month’s end with a chapter-turning lunar eclipse in your partnership house, you could really use a solo retreat.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22–Jan. 19) The complete makeover you’ve been undergoing over many moons has you actively seeking a new cohort that will shape the future. Your tolerance for superficial connections has eroded and your star is on the rise. You’re finding you only have room for allies that speak to the deeper mysteries and essential truths. With much of the trappings of the old you shed away, a more authentic, chiseled you takes shape and you project more gravitas, readying you to take the reins. Meanwhile, as motivating Mars finally moves forward in your house of home and roots mid-month, home improvement project problems untangle. Go ahead and rearrange the furniture and consider initiating some traditions of your own this Thanksgiving. The lunar eclipse on the last day of the month could harken an end to a health problem or nettlesome habit Goats have been trying to kick for a long time.            

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) The jackhammer racket that’s been pounding behind the wall of Waterbearers’ unconscious reaches a crescendo this month as two heavy-hitting planets join forces, amplifying the soul-searching that’s already had your focus for some time. Your psychic antennae are hyper attuned to changes in the environment and your intuition’s on high alert as you blast through this last layer of lath and plaster. Take up your tools! Journal, meditate, consult the tarot—anything that brings you closer to the invisible guideposts that can assist you in excavating the detritus of past undoing. This clearing of your karmic construction site opens the door in regards to your career, as a new moon and retinue of personal planets highlight a need for meaning and depth in your professional sphere. Friction on the local front or with siblings should ease up mid-month after frustrated Mars moves ahead in your house of communication. Your verbal skills are renewed as you re-engage at your neighborhood farmer’s market, exchange with local vendors, and kibitz over the fence. A full-moon lunar eclipse at the end of the month in your house of fun could stir your creative juices or call kaput on a casual flirtation. 

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Fishes are following the light to the surface, swimming with a more refined school, and thus finding richer sustenance. This month you are gliding alongside a power elite, which may hold the keys to opening the gates to greater wealth and pulling you into a flowing stream of your future dreams. As you shimmy into ever new pools learning new things, your world view transforms, corresponding to the new milieu. Now is the time to deepen your knowledge far beyond the familiar. In doing so you also rise into your own unique leadership. By the time motivating Mars moves forward in your money house mid-month, you’re poised to confidently ask for what you’re worth. You’re coming into your power, and the C suite may be in view. As we’ve said before, just keep swimming, Dory. The full-moon/lunar eclipse at the end of the month illuminates your house of home and family potentially disrupting the status quo but opening a discussion about a topic you’ve been avoiding. Resolution is around the corner. Take your time.        

ARIES (March 21–April 19) While your engines may have sputtered in the past several months, what with your ruler Mars reversing in your house of selfhood, low energy or injuries have likely been common complaints. Here’s the good news, when the Red Planet shifts back into gear after the 13th, Rams should feel the wind in their hair again. Whether you’ve been nursing a pulled muscle, struggling to pass a kidney stone, or pushing up against the powers that be, you’re now positioned to leverage this friction to push off. Be open to a new mission in your professional life; powerful influencers may be key in this process. A new moon and lineup of personal planets in your house of shared resources and intimacy reinforces collaboration; trust that there’s strength in teaming up. You really don’t have to do it all yourself. The lunar eclipse ends the month with you finding that how you say it is as important as what you say and understanding that you don’t always have to have the last word. Humility is a medicine we all need from time to time, Warriors.

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Taking care of your body feels right this month as your ruler, pleasure-loving Venus takes a spa vacay in your house of health and daily routines. Bulls like nothing better than to soak in an earthy mud bath or pamper themselves with a mani-pedi. So why not punch out and chillax for a bit? Some downtime helps to nourish the expansion project going on in your knowledge base. You’ve been putting in a lot of hours reconstructing your worldview over the past year, and taking a break now and then helps you to metabolize all the new beliefs and ideas. Bulls normally resist change, but the gate’s been pulled off its hinges and standing wide open for you to hoof on through to not only greener pastures but more sustainable grazing lands. As you expand your insight, your spiritual life deepens, and your sense of adventure awakens. This growth spurt can’t help but to inform your relationships; and with a new moon and personal planets piling into your partnership house this month, you’re ripe for deepening an existing commitment, securing a long-term connection, or at least steaming up some windows. All of which helps you to get you a better night’s sleep. Your REM is bound to benefit from more restful nights but do be sure to keep a pen and notebook bedside. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month could bring up security issues around your ability to take care of yourself financially; this is really an opportunity for you to assess your self-worth and values, not your bank account.       

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Venus visits your house of creativity and fun for most of the month while your ruler, curious Mercury steps his toe back in those fertile waters for one last reminder about an idea that’s been percolating. Whatever it is, bring it with you and recommit to your daily creative practice as the new moon shines a light in your house of health and habits mid-month. Setting an intention around deepening the connection between your mind and body, such as practicing Kundalini yoga can relieve physical ailments as well as awaken your awareness. Around the same time, the Red Planet moves forward in your house of friends and longterm goals, activating your desire to assert yourself in the group. With no shortage of hot topics these days, perhaps you’ll find yourself promoting healthy and skillful debate with cohorts. 2020 has tamed you a teeny bit and you’ve begun to learn how to build wealth. Maybe you and your partner are negotiating how to share resources during this time of economic stress? All the while, you may be delving into tarot, astrology, or other sacred arts to probe the deep mystery as the veil between the worlds thins this time of year. The lunar eclipse in your sign at the end of the month is a potent opportunity for self-discovery, imploring you to look at the bigger picture and slow down the monkey mind. We strongly suggest a day-long silent retreat. Many a Twin may be retiring a tired image of themselves in exchange for a bright new seed yet to sprout.

CANCER (June 21–July 22) It’s been a heavy few months for our sensitive Crustacean friends. Hopefully, you’ve been secreted away in a safe harbor tending to your maladies. And now, against all odds, and maybe even with a little impatience from the boss, you’re ready for a little levity, dare we say fun. A new moon in your house of play appeals to your inner child. Let her out! Your muse is flooding you with ideas, perhaps for a poem or a painting. And it’s likely that you just want to laugh with your kids until your belly aches. Whatever it is that has wounded you recently, you are still digesting it so don’t force integration before it’s time, but do allow space for joy. And for the unfolding in the unconscious to do its thing. Let the over-analysis go. The lunar eclipse at the close of the month opens a door to putting those anxiety dreams to rest. It could be useful to play around with building a word cloud or two. In the background, a powerful transformation is building to a crescendo in your partnership house. You may be on the verge of a new phase in your relationship. Let go, and allow this process, too to take its natural course.

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) You are the king (or queen) of your very fine castle this month, Leo and you probably feel like sharing it with others. If you plan on hosting a Thanksgiving party, keep it to the inner circle and give the gift of individual hand sanitizer alongside the pudding. In other news, it’s high time you get to work on setting a foundation for future success. Take a page from legendary investor Warren Buffet’s playbook and form habits that support your goals. Simple daily rituals that leaders live by to not only be successful but happy. A key takeaway: maintain healthy habits. And health remains a top priority for Lions this year. Make an appointment to see your doctor, Covid notwithstanding, if you have any concerns. By mid-month, Mars is on the forward march in your house of knowledge, and you’re burning to study and learn (a top item on Buffet’s list of advice, btw). The lunar eclipse on the 30th brings possible subterfuge amongst comrades, which could signal an ending to some alliances. You may not have seen it coming; as Lions can be loyal to the fault, it may be time for some new blood.  

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Express yourself. It’s not just a 70’s soul hit. Unh. Unh. Do it! You’re overcoming your inhibitions about being recognized for your creativity. With a powerful team of planets deliberating in your house of self-expression, romance, and children, you’re on the precipice of a whole new creative direction. While some Virgins may be swept up in a juicy entanglement, others may be setting plans in motion to build a family. In your toolkit is your notable super power for crafting precise, evocative language, needed now more than ever. With the new moon and your ruler, wordsmith Mercury in your house of communication later in the month you’re primed to share these gifts. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month in your career house could stir up issues with authority or spark a shift in your professional goals. Let any ruckus die down before offering up an opinion. 

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) With your ruler, socially conscious Venus in your sign for much of the month, Librans who haven’t yet voted may still be undecided leading right up to the polls on Election Day. As you weigh the pluses and minuses of various positions, candidates, and measures, we’re confident that you’ll consult your cardiac muscle. Speaking of which, heart and mind are well aligned in your house of values and money this month, and you find yourself clearer than you’ve been in a while about what you want. Go ahead and make a commitment to manifesting your heart’s desire, whether that means a bigger horde of gold, going deeper with your sweetheart, or a pair of really fine new boots. Who’s to know but you? In more serious matters, as you reckon with your grief over the loss of perhaps a parent or close family member in the past year, you honor the legacy to which you owe so much and reap the richness of your roots, regardless of how complicated they are. Your home and family are reborn, and you’re healing your past in previously unimagined ways. In the same breath, you also could buy a new house or rake in profits through a real estate investment. The lunar eclipse on the last day of November in your house of learning and philosophy brings about a test of your personal beliefs. Accept the challenge and take a leap of faith. It’s all part of the process you are undergoing now as you gobble up one new book after another, fine tuning your thesis.

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll