November 2021 Horoscopes

Scorpio, artwork by Jan Cavecche
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Buckle up folks, November’s turbulence may sting but proves pivotal.

A cluster of cosmic activity in intense Scorpio, coupled with powerful planetary clashes mid-month and a lunar eclipse, amounts to one potent passage this month.

With the majority of the planets moving full steam ahead, the month’s bound to be a dynamic one. Consider embodying Scorpio’s more esoteric and ancient symbol, the eagle, as effort and fortitude will be required. This month could, at times, feel like an endurance sport. Feisty Mars, strengthened now in its more tenacious home sign of Scorpio, strikes a dissonant chord mid-month with a tangle of cosmic titans—conservative Saturn and revolutionary Uranus, which have been in a tense relationship throughout 2021. We wonder what will erupt and end up in a heap this November. Expect changes, surprises, and ah-ha moments. There is tension all month between delving into the depths, even becoming lost in obsessions, and taking aim at a realistic, yet innovative big-picture future. While Scorpio reminds us that we transform by doing the deep work and discarding the dead wood, it can’t be at the expense of our health. Still, pressure must be released. How, will be up to you, but take care that it isn’t let go in a torrent of angry words. When the Sun and Mercury move into upbeat Sagittarius toward the end of the month, just like that, the fraught energy dissipates. In the meantime, keep calm and a kettle of camomile tea on.   

By Lisa Lisa and the Star Jam*

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Scorpion, poised on the precipice of a new era, you’re a veritable supernova this month. With an influx of planets, including your co-ruler, penetrating Mars in your sign igniting your house of selfhood, you’re positioned to initiate, attack, and conquer. Armed with such volcanic power, you may need to keep that infamous stinger of yours under wraps. Thank goodness, gentle Venus will be gliding through your communications house this month (and until March) to help with that, giving ample opportunity to hone your communication style and sharpen your negotiation skills (instead of your tongue). November is a good month to embrace Scorpio’s lesser-known symbol, the enlightened Eagle. Because your words have added power now, you’re able to reconnect with and influence powerful people in your network. Best to wield this potency carefully and with the discernment of a long view. A challenge may arrive with a volatile new moon on the 4th in your sign, setting off seismic shifts in an important relationship, and urging you to focus on your needs. This fault line is emotionally charged. If you find yourself in the midst of a tempest, you just might cut someone out of your life for good. Other leave-taking that’s been percolating in the quiet of Covid lockdown, involving a family member could soon follow. The energy this month is characteristic of the eclipse season, portending dramatic changes, which typically bring sudden beginnings and endings. You may look back on this period of time and with the grace of hindsight see it as an important pivotal point. The full moon/lunar eclipse on the 19th occurring in your opposite sign, Taurus, starts an 18-month cycle that rattles your house of partnerships and your house of self over the next two years. Eclipses are cosmic course corrections that herald the new era we mentioned earlier. Whatever changes there might be on the horizon, think not doom and gloom, rather: this is your destiny dawning. Oh, and by the way, happy birthday.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Dear dynamic centaur, have you been burning the candle at both ends? With a quiver full of planets in your house of seclusion, it’s time you take a break. For reals. To avoid burnout, heed the remaining warning signals of Scorpio season, slow down on the doing, and retreat for some real rest when you can. Taking the whole month off is likely not an option, particularly since commanding Mars along with restive Mercury will be turning up the heat and volume in your unconscious mind. This could make for some anxiety-driven, witching-hour wakefulness or potentially troubling dreams. But there’s gold to be found in those recesses. If you’ve never maintained a dream journal, here is your chance to prove yourself wrong about it being a load of malarkey. A new moon in this same domain on the 4th nudges you to delve deeper, and perhaps initiate a fresh spiritual discipline. Whether you decide to start a walking meditation, morning yoga routine or learn the tarot, come November 30th, fully converted, you could very well be teaching the practice to the rest of us. Meanwhile, you are supported in asking for a raise or attracting a long-term client, as fortunate Venus shifts into your house of money and self-worth. Valuing what you have to offer is the key in this transaction. If your precious peace is disturbed mid-month by irksome insinuations, do your best to take the high road. Nothing good will come from a skirmish now. The Taurus full moon/lunar eclipse on the 19th could deliver a surprise in your day-to-day routines and work life. While it could be a crucial co-worker suddenly leaving, we’re hoping it has more to do with a job offer that allows you a better work/life balance. In any event, it’s likely the end of a chapter workwise in order to concentrate more on your mental well-being. Keep calm, and prepare for the unexpected! Your season in the sun is in sight.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) We hope, dear solitary Goat, that you have been building collaborative skills because as November opens you’ll be faced with the need to use them. Singular though you may be, your ambitious nature often puts you in positions of authority. All eyes are on you this month as Mercury and Mars occupy your house of collective society, where we strive for change for the greater good. True, it will take work. And who’s better at grinding that ol’ stone than you? The new moon in this same zone on the 4th could suddenly disrupt the status quo around your crew. You’re seeking more depth from your peers now—superficial connections will no longer cut it. If a certain team member is not in it to win, block them. Mid-month, this disconnect widens as you become aware of a clash in values with someone who you thought had your back. Or maybe you simply have less in common now. Making a clean break and leaving behind those who no longer support you may be what’s needed in order to connect with your true community. With diplomatic Venus gracing your sign now (and for the next few months), your social capital increases, and you’re able to finesse any personnel changes with aplomb—after all, ‘it’s nothing personal.’ On the 19th, a pivotal full moon/lunar eclipse lights up your house of pleasure and romance, potentially triggering an end to a casual affair or a favorite hobby that’s lost its glow. Let it go. Invest in your originality, and allow a truer creative muse to come to you. Toward the end of the month, it’s a good time to bask in all you’ve accomplished.       

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The opening line of Aquarian writer Charles Dickens’ novel (about the French Revolution) seems to capture the vibe this month, dear Water Bearers. As one of the fixed signs, you’re in the crosshairs of mid-November’s cosmic volatility. With a boardroom of planets, plus a new moon, meeting in your career sector, you may be angling for a radical reorg. You’ve been wanting to reinvent yourself professionally for a while; now, the dark Scorpio moon on the 4th may be the impetus you need to make a course change. However, this lunation could deliver a disruption related to your homelife that upsets your timeline. Whether there’s an upheaval involving a family member,your living situation, or a new position requires you to move, you may have to redesign your space or buy an new property. A smooth transition seems unlikely, as the timing is simply off. Additionally, someone in authority may knowingly or unknowingly challenge your efforts to push forward, sending your blood pressure skyrocketing and causing you to question yourself. As the frustration mounts, you may need to sacrifice something, in order to free yourself from an untenable situation. Praise be, lovely Venus is pulling strings behind the scenes, supporting you in trusting your intuition and inner stamina—if something or someone feels off, you can bet it probably is, so act accordingly. Toward the end of the month, the pressure lets up, allowing you a good restorative exhale. Your social life reboots, as the Sun and speedy Mercury move into buoyant Sagittarius. You’re delighted to get the holiday parties started. The month ends on a positive note, as you feel vindicated when that authority figure standing in your way finally backs off. Kudos for holding your ground. Revolutions take time.

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Lucky Fishes, swimming under the radar, you dive deep beneath the choppy waters for most of November. Cheers, mate. With a school of cosmic activity roiling in your house of adventure and education, it’s time for a transformational journey. And the potent new moon on the 4th may well set you aloft on an exploration of a novel subject, unknown territory, or both. You’re a revelation engine; epiphanies abound, possibly even some relating to a sibling or close relative that shifts your worldview. Whatever it is, your horizon just got wider, and your capacity, deeper. Just take care to keep your delving on the more detached and objective side of obsession, especially mid-month, lest clashes involving your beliefs rile hidden enemies, bring on mental exhaustion, or even instigate travel troubles. Intensity and passion are not always what you need. Meanwhile, even-keeled Venus brings faith to your house of groups and future goals, where she’ll be sailing for the next four months. She’ll allow you to lean on your friends and will give you ample opportunity to collaborate with a community, forge some powerful connections, and help you fulfill a long-term dream. At the full moon/lunar eclipse on the 19th, go ahead and pull together a brilliant team who helps you finalize a communications project, gets that website up and running, or secures the patent for your invention. Toward the end of the month, you’re in the spotlight professionally when the Sun and Mercury move into your house of ambition. Confidence rising, trust this new path forward. We can’t wait for you to share your gleaming new vision. 

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Ever self-reliant, not even you are an island this month, dear Rams. Your fiery ruler, Mars, ignites your house of shared resources, so expect to focus your energy on joint finances. Perhaps you’re planning a crowdfunding campaign or you’re shaking the trees for potential investors. Or, there are more intimate subjects to address with your beloved. Either way, watch out for getting buried in that rabbit hole you feel compelled to go down. Keep your wits about you and channel any obsessiveness into researching financials or investigating the motivations behind your deepest desires. As you run into friction, if you want to push forward you must connect your mission to something bigger than yourself. This keeps you grounded. Your actions cannot exist in a vacuum right now, the world is watching (and so are we). If you can synchronize your pioneering efforts with a larger, dare we say, more idealistic aim, collaborating with a larger network, you truly can boldly go where no one has gone before. Doesn’t the together part of that seem way better than going solo? Elegant Venus eases your forward motions and facilitates negotiations with the higher-ups as she graces your career sector (from early November til early March). The goddess of love and beauty asks only one thing of you now—you must love what you’re doing. While the full moon/eclipse on the 19th could rattle your finances, rage not, any rumblings around your material security could open you to a new way of dealing with money. Homework: Dust off that copy of Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow. It may be an oldie, but there’s solid wisdom to be found there. 

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Darling Bull, usually you are content to loll in the field nibbling sweet clover, yet lately you’ve had your share of rocky terrain. With unpredictable Uranus disturbing the peace in your sign the last few years (with a few more to go), disruption is becoming a new normal. This month, a small herd of planets roams your partnership house in the intense sign of Scorpio. Get ready to rumble. Spoiling for a fight, be sure to check yourself before you get petty. As Mercury spins through suspicious Scorpio, jealousy could creep in, too. Taking a step back to journal, meditate, or spend time away from social media could help smooth out the wrinkles. The full moon-partial eclipse in your sign on the 19th may only throw gasoline on the fire, as the urge to break free could reach a fever pitch. Since eclipses are infamous for sparking sudden endings, employ your enviable patience and only call it quits on those things destined for the compost bin. Meanwhile, your ruler, romantic Venus, slips into responsible Capricorn in your house of travel, philosophy, and wisdom. Let her be a guiding light from the beginning of November all the way through March. Perhaps a change of scene is overdue? A business trip with Lovey in tow could help flip the script and shift the conversation toward long-term goals that you can achieve together. Any turbulent waters you’ve weathered as a couple can make your relationship stronger. November just may end with some epic make-up sex.

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) OK, Twins, it’s time to get crackin’. With a cyclone of planets, plus a new moon, in your house of health and daily work you may be fired up to leap into a fresh wellness routine. And with your ruler Mercury dashing through this same sector, it’s a good time to research any health concerns or healing modalities aimed at restoring your health. Meanwhile, work is abuzz with dauntless Mars on the job, motivating you to attack projects with zeal. Just don’t get into it with co-workers who may not be on the same page. Should you run into power plays with judgemental colleagues, thwarting you and the trail you’re blazing, redirect your frustration toward investigating your own phantom fears that hold you back. Such inquiry could have you unearthing some buried treasure that literally turns into gold. Whether you find an investor, refinance your mortgage, or receive a family inheritance, this boon could enable you to finally get a handle on your finances. The full moon/lunar eclipse on the 19th illumines your house of the unseen and endings, making it a good time to unplug and tune into all the metaphysical guides you can muster. We get goosebumps thinking about the psychic messages that are on the way! It’s truly a spiritual moment for you. Your antenna, usually tuned in to a more cerebral message, are picking up all kinds of intangible intel. As you release the need to know the facts or define the source and instead welcome in this otherworldly info, you’re able to put the puzzle pieces into place. The whole thing is like a healing balm to your mental health. Suddenly, you’ve cleared the way and feel emboldened to explore a relationship as the Sun and your planetary confidant, Mercury move into upbeat Sagittarius toward the end of the month. Somebody just might have a date lined up for New Years Eve, after all.     

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Hey-ho Crab! Crawl on out from beneath the rocks and show us what you’ve got. With a cast of cosmic activity cooking in your house of romance, self-expression and pleasure, you’re positively bubbling with passion this month. Whether you dive into a relationship or froth up a dazzling work of art, don’t be deterred should you feel the familiar undertow of old fears, those of your fantasies of the happy ending come crashing down to reality. You know better than most of us how to navigate turbulent waters, after all. What’s all that depth of feeling combined with a tough shell for if not to produce a profoundly moving poem, painting, or piece of music for all the rest of us to have our cathartic moment with? We hope you go for it! Also on the agenda this month is deciding just who you can and cannot trust. Savvy Venus gracing your house of committed relationships offers some practical advice, aiding you in determining if a long-term commitment is capable of standing the test of time. As you sort out who’s worthy of your devotion, you’ll have plenty of time over the next few months to reassess whether your relationship is worth investing in over the long-term. In the meantime, a full moon/lunar eclipse in your house of friends and community, shines a bright light on your friends group. Maybe it’s time to reimagine your social circle in a way that better aligns with your recently reviewed future goals. As you loosen your grip on the formerly tried and true and you surround yourself with a new crew, you will feel a new freedom in connecting with your larger purpose. Toward the end of the month, the pace picks up at work; though your plate is full, you’ll feel energized by keeping all those balls in the air.   

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Oh so social Cat, is that the dinner bell we hear ringing? You’re called home this month to tend to all things concerning your den. With a pride of planets, including determined Mars, burning through your house of home and family, it’s high time you purged all the stuff, literally and figuratively. Start with all the things you no longer need in your closets and notice how the emotional baggage also drops off. Of note: the Warrior energy roaring through the domestic scene can feel a lot like a bull in a china shop; we’re mixing zodiacal metaphors here, but you get the idea. To avoid disrupting the tranquillity at home with that feisty spirit, why not redirect the Red Planet’s drive to strategizing that bathroom remodel that’s been on the backburner? Speaking of the water closet, should the frustrating situation requiring a plunger become an issue, channel your indignation toward finding the right technician to get the job done. Meanwhile, things should be humming along at work, thanks to graceful Venus, who seems to be checking off the to-dos and getting it all done with a no-nonsense flair. Nice. On the 19th, a full moon/lunar eclipse lands in your career house, where you’ve been doing some serious demolition over the last few years. Any further upheaval here, upsetting though it might be momentarily, will likely settle into ‘that was the best thing that could’ve happened’ to you in retrospect. While hindsight is always 20/20, this eclipse signals an ongoing theme over the next two years that will spark changes within your work/personal life spheres. Embrace it all with characteristic courage, kitty. This is your destiny calling.

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) With a mouthful of planets, including a new moon, in your communications house this month, you’ve got something to say, Virgin. As you gather your thoughts and research your subject, you’re uncovering insights that are bound to be useful for the rest of us. Just beware with incisive Mars in the conversation, your words may be received as cutting and your message overly emphatic, making it hard to hear. At the new moon on the 4th, this sharp tongue may be at its most lethal. If you encounter blow back from co-workers, who bristle at your brusk communication style, consider a more diplomatic approach. Take a page from empathic Venus’s Art of Disarming playbook, as she graces your house of pleasure and romance this month (and for the next few months). Get creative and most of all, have fun. You’ll feel less grumpy in the long run, too. Virgo is the sign that pays very close attention to details (always a good thing!), yet pointing out others’ mistakes can alienate the very people you are trying to reach. All work and no play is rather dull, don’t you think? Lighten up by backing off on any perfectionist tendencies and instead boosting up a bit of playful back and forth, and you’ll win them over. As you refine your content, your message will be more effective. By the full moon/lunar eclipse on the 19th, all the information you’ve been gathering culminates in a meaningful revelation regarding what all the parts and pieces are for. Notice how you let go of old ideas that no longer work in the process. Gotta love those lightbulb moments. Toward the end of the month, you’re game for hosting Thanksgiving as the Sun and Mercury move into generous Sagittarius in your house of home and family. Do it! Now that’s the kind of fun we’re talking about.

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Have you been selling yourself short, dear Libra? While last month was all about balancing your needs versus the needs of your relationships, this month your attention shifts to balancing the books and valuing your talents. A sum of planets, plus a spicy new moon, in your money house, presses you to put a laser focus on your finances. With assertive Mars in the mix, you may be launching a new venture or reinventing yourself via uncovering a talent or skill that’s been hidden. Make sure to have a cushion in case of an unexpected expense, shift in mortgage rates, or fluctuations around investments. In other words, ‘expect the best, but prepare for the worst,’ as a savvy (and very wealthy) business man we once knew liked to quote/say. Rebooting your material security begins with a sturdy foundation; enter your ruler, value-conscious Venus, settling in in your house of home and roots, where investing in improvements or redecorating could be a practical expenditure that might pay off down the road. Once you’ve upgraded your digs, you’ll be eager to entertain for the holidays, perhaps starting off with hosting Thankgiving dinner. How lovely. Before the festivities begin, the full moon/lunar eclipse on the 19th supercharges your house of shared resources and transformation, and the plot thickens around finances. Whether you decide to pay off a debt or mortgage, or finally release some psychological baggage, you’re set up for a metamorphosis regarding some unfinished business. When the Sun and Mercury move into your communications and networking house toward the end of the month, your confidence gets a boost, and you’re ready to start selling your new venture. Our money’s on you, Libra. 

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll