October 2021 Horoscopes

Libra - October 2021, horoscopes
Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Connecting with new and old friends this month is key to moving forward.

The trick of October is how to work with Mercury’s backward spin. The treat is an adventurous Venus buoying our spirits.

Even in a heavy retrograde period (six planets, including Mercury), the sign of the Scales, Libra, always brings opportunities to embody the fine art of balance. As the summer sun sets its final rosy beams, we recalibrate our circadian rhythms to the abating daylight in the northern hemisphere. Life is change, after all. Perhaps the secret is finding the equilibrium between letting go and welcoming in. We’ll have time to contemplate such thoughts as Mercury takes its final turn backward in 2021 in the elegant sign of Libra (til the 18th). Meanwhile, one by one, the logjam of retrogrades among the outer planets, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, breaks up and with each shift forward, the pace quickens as the month progresses. We’re supported by the heavens now to review relationship dynamics, revitalize our connections, and make choices around building new social structures. While hot-headed Mars (now also in Libra) could scuff up some disconcerting dust, we’ll have the gentle aid of Venus to smooth out the wrinkles. With a full moon on the 20th and the Sun moving into Scorpio on the 23rd, we enter the spookiest season of the year, when, it is said, that the veil between worlds is thinnest. Mars soon follows suit, heating up the intensity on Halloween and setting the stage for a rather transformative November.

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) Sweet Libra, are your relationships feeling off-kilter? It might be a sign that you’re over-giving. With contentious Mars crashing the proverbial party in your sign, you could be stirred to defend yourself, particularly around the new moon on the 6th. Usually, you’re all about keeping the peace but this month, bow down you will not. Something has got you riled. But think before you speak. With communicative Mercury on the fritz in your sign until the 18th, expect your vibe to be, in the least, awkward to downright misunderstood by your nearest and dearest as your typical charm seems to have left the building. We all fumble sometimes to find the right words; to flip the script, use forthright Mars and push through that wishy-washy tendency of yours and assert your needs. Save ol’ hem and haw for another time. Meanwhile, Venus sashay’s into your house of weekend jaunts and idle chats over the hedgerow. If you haven’t met that new neighbor yet, tactfully pop over with a dish of your prized apple crumble. It’s a perfect time to examine dynamics and adjust behaviors so that you actually can get your needs met. And while you’re working on setting boundaries, do remember, that even when there are disagreements, true friends stick around. It’s only fair.  

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) The Sun along with informative Mercury and your co-ruler, spirited Mars withdraw to your shadowy 12th house, traditionally known for the nebulous, unseen aspects of life; the house behind the veil, of secrets, dreamtime, and things that go bump in the night. Goodie for you, dear Scorpion, as you’re not a creature who fears the marrow of darkness. We want to encourage you to embrace the opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out) and use this time to find JOMO (joy of missing out) as you take a step back to recharge. Leave any paranoia out of the picture; if someone is hiding something from you, now is not the time to get caught up in that drama, at least for the first half of October. Once Mercury starts rolling forward again (on the 18th) and the Sun starts shining in your sign (on the 23rd), you’ll be ready to cash in on the rainchecks and flex your powerful charisma. Meanwhile, fortunate Venus graces your money house for most of the month, perhaps persuading you to ask for a raise or monetize something you’re passionate about. Just be careful to not overspend or overextend your energy. The full moon on the 20th could cast a spotlight on this energy thing, too as some health or day-to-day work issue will need adjusting. On All Hallow’s Eve as your co-ruler, Mars joins the Sun in your house of identity, get ready to exude your most mysterious, most eerie glow. It’s pure Scorpionic territory. You won’t even need a costume as you dazzle us with your uncanny superpowers! Cue the cackling.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Tread lightly while merrymaking this October, oh winsome Archer. There’s a party of planets visiting your house of friends, groups, and future goals that includes reverse-motion, trickster Mercury, and feisty Mars along with the Sun and the new moon. The air is rife with mishaps. As one who has the ability to hold the big picture and see multiple viewpoints, you may end up speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Not a good look. Also, be thoughtful when calling a gathering, that you don’t mix clashing personalities. As amusing as you might find it, it could end up spoiling more than the shindig. Do you really want to lose that friend? Consider what or who is most worth your investment. Meanwhile, magnetic Venus moves into your sign and turns up the volume on your popularity. Looking and feeling good, you find it easy to influence all of us. When you’re not out cavorting, dig into researching your thesis, business plan, or grant proposal, especially during the first few weeks of the month. By the time your ruler, expansive Jupiter begins its forward flow again in your communications house and the messenger planet wraps up its backtracking, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get your word out. If that means a manuscript, off to the editor it goes! A full moon on the 20th, in your house of fun, highlights a hankering to let your hair down. Let ‘er rip before retiring to your crypt come Halloween. Wahhh-ah-ah-ahhhh. 

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Solitary Goats, it’s time to come down from the cold, lonely peak and warm up to teamwork. A spicy new moon (on the 6th) is co-conspiring with a boardroom of planets, partnering in your career house for most of the month; your usual refrain of ‘I’ll-do-it-myself’ gives way to reconsidering new ways to invest in your colleague’s contributions for the long haul. While you have a history of hitting more targets in a day than most do in a year, you may find two (or more!) heads are better than one now. And if you’re stepping in a new direction careerwise, planting seeds on or around the new moon offers  increased enthusiasm and dedication. Also, with caffeinated Mars fueling your efforts, you’ll have plenty of oomph to finish projects. Try to keep a humane pace and dial down the volume on your brooding. With a glitchy Mercury in the mix, enlist a third and fourth pair of eyes to go over every last detail to catch any snafus that are common during the messenger planet’s retro period. A full moon nestled in your house of home and hearth toward the end of the month tugs at the reins of your internal workhorse but bringing your ambitious drive to the homefront may not be the answer. Even if you or a family member is getting ready to move, give it a little breathing room for now; you can check off the to-do list next month. Balancing the comforts of home sweet home are what’s most important now. 

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Venus is your shining star this month, Waterbearer, as she changes her career hat for something a little more fun to go out and about in. As she brings ease to your house of friends and groups, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to gain new connections and fresh perspectives. Ideas spark. Maybe it’s even time to rekindle a passion project or reconnect with a long-lost friend or collaborator. You’ll also be yearning to explore and feel bitten by the travel bug. Just remember, with Mercury backtracking in your house of long-distance journeys, even the best-laid plans could turn the shimmer of wanderlust into the gloom of misadventure. Not to worry. Once the Messenger god gets back on track on the 18th, the runway will be clear for takeoff. Especially since your co-ruler, ambitious Saturn, and go-for-it Jupiter will be rolling unencumbered again in your sign. If you’ve been working to get a project off the ground for the last few months, it’s greenlight time. Publish or perish, as they say in academia, so go ahead and light up our airwaves with the next hot podcast or best-seller; however you choose to do it, just get that content out there while lucky Jupiter remains in your sign until the end of December. You’ll be glad you did when January 2022 circles in and with it, fingers crossed, an increasing bank account. On the 20th, a full moon in your communications and local scene house encourages you to network with like-minded comrades. You could pick up some interesting info that furthers your own endeavors. By Halloween, you’re energized to make changes in your career via the treasure trove of experiences and information gathered over the past several months. A new age truly is drawing and your leadership is way ahead of the curve. 

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Slithery Fish, you may have a jump on Halloween this year due to all the cosmic activity swimming around in your occult houses for most of the month. Whether you start your days pulling a card from your favorite tarot deck or casting spells to lure a lover into your lair, you’ll be motivated to secret away into the depths of an inky hidden pool. It’s the kind of plunge that could uncover a buried treasure, the likes of a rich vein of intimacy, or perhaps a mysterious investor who ends up funding a confidential endeavor. It’s all so uncanny. Kinda feels like déjà vu. Lucky for you, fortunate Venus ventures into your career house early on in the month, garnering favor from the higher-ups and helping ease the final seal of approval for your project. Use the Mercury retrograde period (through the 18th) to dive into researching potential partners and poring over the financials behind any new projects. By the time the retrograde ends, your co-ruler, expansive Jupiter will be back in the flow after a months-long hiatus in your house of the unconscious; and before long, your intuition will be awash in creative and ingenious ideas that are out of this world. Come Halloween, dig out your black fishnets and kohl eyeliner and resurrect your edgiest look from your goth days. You’ll be all the rage.    

ARIES (March 21–April 19) Ram, your passionate drive aims to focus on significant relationships this month. While your favored mode of communication involves a little less conversation and a little more action, you’ll need to reverse that strategy for now. Start with, ‘We need to talk.’ Since expressing your feelings is generally not your strong suit, with combative Mars in the mix, take care to not blow an overdue conversation into a confrontation. The fervor to clear the air could backfire and upset the balance in your relationship. Best to save heavy convos until after Mercury goes forth on its merry way (on the 18th). In the meantime, why not use the Messenger’s backward spell in your partnership house to work on developing your emotional intelligence. Meanwhile, peace-loving Venus graces your house of higher learning and travel, perhaps diffusing some of the relationship tensions. Check out opportunities for courses in NVC (non-violent communication) or compassion training workshops, especially if it involves traveling with your sweetie to a new destination. While the change of venue and relationship renewal do you both good, you’ll be widening your social circle, once jovial Jupiter gets back on track (on the 18th) in your house of friends and groups. Connecting with like-minded people and expanding your network shifts the focus for the latter half of the month, taking the pressure off your committed relationship. As the moon rises on Halloween, your ruler, passionate Mars joins the Sun in your house of intimacy. May we suggest keeping the porch light off and setting out that clever automatic candy dispenser? It’s time for a little treat behind closed doors.   

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Bulls, it’s a good month to beef up your daily rituals to support your well-being. With a herd of planets stomping around in your house of work, health, and the daily grind, your schedule may be brimming with to-dos. To avoid overextending yourself or butting heads with co-workers as you tackle your must-dos, be sure to schedule time for self-care. Blending beautifying rituals into your daily regimen, like adding rose petals to your bath water or slathering your skin with clove-scented body oil will go a long way to balancing mind/body/spirit. As the most sensual sign, this shouldn’t take much prodding. Say the word spa or mud bath and you’re the first one to book the appointment. With buzzy Mercury backtracking in this terrain, don’t sweat it if your schedule gets jumbled up; expect cancelations and take rainchecks in stride. As one who typically likes to chisel plans in stone, use the retrograde period to be more spontaneous when it comes to your social calendar; and watch how your blood pressure drops as you go with the flow. This more relaxed approach opens the door for a psychic release around the full moon (on the 20th). The time is ripe to let go of that unconscious complex that holds you back, messing with your sleep patterns. Tending to your needs, recommitting to wellness practices that support your body and soul, prepares you for forward movement on the professional front. After expansive Jupiter comes back online in your career house (on the 18th), take advantage of this boost from the universe to stretch outside your comfort zone and reinvent yourself. On Halloween, with lusty Mars joining the Sun in your house of partnership, don your steamiest black leather number. Hubba hubba.        

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) Hey Twins, good news; fun and romance is the name of the game for most of the month. With a party of cosmic players in your house of self-expression and pleasure, you’ll be delighted to kick back with your sweetheart or rendezvous with a hot date at the Afrofuturism art exhibit or take in the latest Broadway shows. But do expect some frustration as your ruler, mischievous Mercury tiptoes backward during the first half of the month. He will have a few tricks up his sleeve, and it could prove to be a downright comedy of errors. To lighten the mood, try arranging an arts and crafts evening with your crew or meet up with friends who share similar passions. Whatever you expose yourself to now could set the stage for abundance in your creative life for the next year. Do let the laughter ensue though: humor may be the best antidote for any miscommunications messing with your mojo. Later in the month, as the Sun moves into Scorpio your focus shifts to your work and wellness zone. With go-getter Mars close behind, you’re energized to adjust your fitness program and daily routines. Take care to not become overly tight with the timing of it all, as you could run the risk of burnout. Recall the ease with which the month started and calendar in some downtime. How about a cozy cuppa and a little binge-watching the Gilmore Girls? On Halloween, cook up a cauldron of pumpkin soup, cue your inner witch, and get crafty with making a talisman or powerful potion. All for the intention of boosting your well-being. The less witchy but equally magical option: make that appointment with your healthcare provider.         

CANCER (June 21–July 22) For the first few weeks of the month, you’ll likely prefer to lay low, tender Crab, as connection via quality time with your partner, housemates, or family members will be the comfort you need. Make space for low-key evenings at home, curled up on the couch with plenty of pillows, your journal, and cue up your favorite shows. With a cast of cosmic players, including a Mercury retrograde, camping in your house of home and family, tend to any unfinished business related to your home, as well as relationships with parents and relatives. Channel tranquility with any rough waters that might surface around the new moon (on the 6th) thanks to the fraught energy from irascible Mars, by instigating an easy redecorating project with your partner or parent; it could turn into a bonding experience. Meanwhile, outside your four walls, day-to-day life hums along at a good clip, thanks to even-keeled Venus providing a steady wind in your sails in your house of work and daily habits. Take any good news on this front, like a great review from a colleague, as a cause to celebrate with a little pampering. Schedule that massage! On the 20th, your attention shifts to your professional sphere as a full moon lights up your career house. A yen for recognition spikes, and if you’re feeling undervalued or overlooked, something’s got to give. As the Sun relocates to your house of self-expression, soon followed by assertive Mars, by Halloween you’ll feel empowered to own your own voice and pour your passion into your work. If your efforts don’t seem to be resonating with your current career path, it may be time to give it the ol’ heave ho’. 

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) Between appointments and social events, hanging at the cafe, and virtual meet-ups, you are booked solid, you big bad kitty, for the better part of the month. With a pride of planets collaborating in your house of communications and the local parish, your calendar may look like the New York Subway map. As much as you love to see and be seen, with Mercury doing its backward drill in this same spot, overdoing and double-booking (or flaking) is inevitable; don’t let them blame you if you decide to trade in your packed playbook for a couple of nights curled up with Netflix and the remote. We won’t judge. As trickster planet, Mercury, rolls backward in your communications realm, his antics tend to be amplified. While some report greater productivity during Mercury’s retrograde period, writer’s block or just not finding the words to say a thing seems a more common complaint; in fact, your communication style may be a bit off. To keep the notorious misunderstandings typical of a Mercury retrograde to a dull roar, make sure to double-check for gaffes and flubs. Go over every sentence with a flea comb, and plan on multiple rewrites. Better yet, collaborate with a partner and check each other’s work. If you happen to know a good editor, use them; they’ll be worth every penny. With aesthete Venus dignifying your house of self-expression and pleasure, you’ll be brimming with ideas and projects. And don’t rule out a romantic adventure. On the 23rd, when the Sun steals into your house of home and hearth, you’ll be ready to leave the limelight behind and retreat into your den. Once Halloween hits, goal-oriented Mars joins the Sun on the domestic scene, motivating you to dive into DIY projects around the house, tackle the closets, or brave the cellar cobwebs literal and figurative. Think about calling together a family reunion with the purpose of crafting an altar in memory of loved ones who’ve passed on. 

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) As well-ordered as you are, Virgin, the first half of the month may have you rather vexed where details are concerned. Your ruler, mental Mercury, is on the fritz in your house of finances, and your usual handle on the ledgers and budgets may be somewhat of a muddle. Utilize that Virgo precision and take the time to double-check bank statements and make extra sure to balance the books. A powerful new moon in this same domain on the 6th could stir the weeds you’ve been stuck in, allowing you to see a way out. Take it! Maybe it involves finding a new stream of income or connecting with a financial advisor or partner with a head for numbers. Whatever it is, this is a fine time to reprioritize your material security by asking for what you’re really worth. Meanwhile, lovely Venus nestles into your house of home and family, providing a sweet diversion from the financial worries via beautifying your sanctuary. Later in the month, a full moon aglow in your house of intimacy and shared resources could arouse emotions related to a partner’s money, which might have you feeling touchy about just who’s in charge of the home economy. Around this same time, expansive Jupiter will be headed in the right direction in your house of routines, optimizing your workflow or inventing projects aimed at increasing your bottom line. Soon after, the Sun shifts into your communications house and your sense of order in word and action comes back online. On Halloween, you may be compelled to pump up your e-connections, start researching cryptocurrency and high potential stocks, or stream occult classics, like The Craft all night.  

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll