September 2021 Horoscopes

Horoscopes by Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll, artwork by Jan Cavecche

Find joy in the little things. Small actions add up this month.

And keep this Zen proverb in mind: Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.

Virgo season asks us to mindfully tidy up our spaces, organize our calendars and tend to the details of our daily necessities with devotion. As the summer winds down, the movements of the inner planets dominate the skies, shifting our focus from balmy evenings by the shoreline to more hours in the office, the classroom, and parent-teacher conferences. With so much planetary activity in the exacting sign of Virgo for most of the month, consider what’s in your sphere of influence and center actions on the little changes you can make. Tending to your health via refining your diet can go a long way toward being able to better digest and assimilate to these fraught times. Choose the gentler path of The Virgin. Keep critical judgments of yourself and others under wraps. Accepting that nothing and no one is perfect gives space for one of the grain goddess’s favorite things—productivity. Virgo’s wisdom includes an understanding that small actions add up. This is a time to declutter spaces and particularly, your minds. In sifting through all the things, you can discern what’s worth keeping and capable of sustaining you through leaner times. Whether you decide to plant a fall vegetable garden, pack disaster boxes, or simply offer an encouraging word to someone who’s struggling, do your best to stay grounded and present with what you can do to bring a little bit of healing to the world. 

If you know your rising sign, read that too; it’s often more relevant. 

VIRGO (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) With ambitious Mars in your sign for the first half of the month, you’re aiming your arrow at your to-do list. Yet, as the month opens, escapist Neptune is at odds with go-getter Mars, undermining your motivation and making your direction unclear. Stave off discouragement and carry on with the minutiae of your detailed list. The fog will dissipate, and just in time to plant seeds with the new moon shining in your sign on the 6th. With this fresh start, get specific about your path for the next year. This is your wheelhouse. Heck, set up a spreadsheet to track your progress. The data may cause you to change course. While the new direction may feel risky, the stars support it. Toward the second half of the month, your attention shifts to finances. It’s time to check the balance sheets and streamline your income and resources to subsidize the new path you’re walking. When your ruling planet, Mercury reverses course in this same terrain at the end of the month (for three weeks), you’ll have all the time you need to tie up loose ends concerning the financial structure you’re putting in place for your future. A full moon on the 20th in your partnership house shines a light on your relationships, perhaps nudging you to join forces with a partner or colleague to hit your goals. Being naturally giving (you are the sign of service, after all), this is a good opportunity to think about reciprocity and consider whether or not a partner is meeting you halfway. It’s only practical.  

LIBRA (Sept. 23–Oct. 22) With the scales tipped toward more inward-facing downtime for the past few weeks, you probably haven’t felt the urge (or had the energy) to flex your famous social muscles. With so much cosmic energy operating behind the scenes, hopefully, you’ve taken this opportunity to rest and recharge, and give your unconscious the space to do its thing. This interlude boosts your imagination, maybe sparking a dreamy creative project or even a romantic connection, as your ruler, lovely Venus harmonizes with expansive Jupiter in a magical moment, stars twinkling overhead, around the new moon on the 6th. If the flicker of romance is not in the picture, you may find that teamwork is truly dreamwork and could prove to be financially fruitful over the coming weeks. At the very least, your sweetheart could generously cushion you through any lulls as you dream up your next move. Mid-month, you’ll feel a burst of assertiveness, as you tackle your passion projects. Capitalize on this turbocharge now, before speedy Mercury shifts into reverse in your sign at the end of the month. Even with a few bumps, steadfast and dauntless, you’ll remain with your cool Libran grace. What a beauty to behold! Go you.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21) Following months of keeping your nose to the grindstone and stoking the flames of your public persona, you’re ready to connect with friends and like-minded colleagues, revitalizing your network. With activating Mars powering through your house of community and long-term goals, you may feel motivated to join a social justice movement or initiate a project that makes a difference. Whether you decide to distribute food to refugee families or plant seagrasses along a vulnerable stretch of shoreline, the small actions you take will have a positive ripple effect on our collective future. Thank you! The beautiful dreams you conceive now are the magical antidote to the distress creeping into our life experiences. They have a way of increasing your sense of belonging and feeling at home in the world. Go ahead and dream big—the more futuristic, the better. By mid-month, you attract what you want as your charisma heats up. When the full moon brightens your house of fun and romance on the 20th, this could include a sweeping affair of the heart or finishing a dream creative project. Either way, it’s juicy. As you follow your passions, you feel happier and the abundance rains down. Sweet! Later in the month, your focus shifts down and inward. Picture this: you’re swaying in a hammock, enchanted by the dappled light filtering through the leaves of your favorite tree above. A rocking social scene can wait. Now is the time to concentrate your energy on gathering insight from the deepest places in yourself and strengthening your relationship with your intuition. It will likely prepare you for taking informed action later this fall. Keep a journal and pen close by; the answers to some of your deepest questions may bubble up as you emerge from your daily cat naps. But you already know that. 

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22–Dec. 21) Centaur, ruled by big-picture Jupiter, you set your sights on the next rung in your career, as action-packed Mars invigorates your determination to achieve. You’re gaining attention from the corner office with your deft leadership on challenging projects, not to mention skillfulness in laying out efficient timelines. A new moon on the 6th also in your career sector, supports this trajectory and could even point you in the direction of a promising new path, thanks to the cooperation of innovative Uranus. Suddenly, you’re the one coming up with smarter ways of working that not only improve productivity but instill a quality of meaningful purpose. Even as a broad-minded Sag, you’re learning that when expansion is the goal, bigger does not mean better, it just means more. More junk and nonsense. Later in the month, your focus shifts from ladder-climbing to building deeper connections. You find motivation in reaching out to a wider community with the intention to find your tribe. As you forge new relationships and revitalize old ones, a light bulb goes on about how much people and community matter. Something is percolating around merging your business acumen with the progressive ideas you have regarding local solutions to the needs of communities. For single Archers, all the networking could be a boon for your personal life, too, as you catch the sparkling eye of your next love interest. A full moon in your house of home and family toward the end of the month could provoke an upwell of emotions. Letting go of a family member or saying goodbye to a childhood home has its heartbreaks, but releasing the attachments of the past allows you to rise toward your next great horizon. Embrace the changes.   

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Sea-Goat, your curiosity leads you to scale peaks in a faraway land this month. With gung-ho Mars trekking through your house of travel and higher learning, you’re motivated to stretch beyond the boundaries of what you know. Whether the call of adventure draws you to help in large-scale humanitarian efforts at home or abroad, learn a new language, or develop the syllabus for a new course you’re offering, you’ll be busy tackling the details to expand your knowledge base and broaden your perspective. Proceeding with your usual caution is advised. Don’t feel unfashionable with a conservative approach. A new moon in this same intrepid zone on the 6th, sparked by disruptive Uranus, urges you to take a creative risk. Perhaps you’ll be in an unfamiliar setting. And perhaps you could lock eyes with a certain someone as you pack and repack the supplies and gear or pour over maps and itineraries. Ooo, exciting! As trailblazer Mars moves into your career house mid-month, this change of venue, expansion of knowledge, and shift in mindset push you to apply what you’ve learned toward your career. Capitalize on this energy surge and make improvements now before speedy Mercury turns around in your career house at the end of the month. You’ll have plenty of time over the following weeks to revise ideas on exactly how you can finesse the trickier work relationships. You’ll likely be ahead of the curve, MacGyvering with fewer financial resources and burgeoning hybrid work schedules in order to operate smarter and more sustainably in this brave new world of work. 

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Waterbearer, you prefer to avoid getting pulled into the muck and usually stay emotionally detached. With the Red Planet barrelling through your house of death and rebirth, aka, transformation, the time is ripe to sift through your psychological depths. If you’re not up for poking around in your darker recesses, get practical and tidy up your bedroom or finally deal with the old pipes in your plumbing system; as you feng shui your intimate spaces, watch how the temperature rises around your sex life (this house also being the domain of sex). Often characterized as modest, once behind closed doors, anything goes. Cue Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and steam up some windows. Toward the middle of the month, magnetic Venus glides into your house of ambition, and you’re bound to attract attention from someone in a power position. You’ll be checking off a few career goals in no time. Soon after, decisive Mars marches into your travel and education house, lighting a fire in you to learn or teach while exploring parts unknown. If your bucket list destinations have dropped off the safe travel list, consider signing up for a philosophy of religion or conflict resolution course. In any case, do set up something that will engage your mind, as curious Mercury will soon backtrack in this terrain, and you’ll want a scaffolding for reexamining your belief system and perspective. Toward the end of the month, a dreamy full moon lights up your money house, prompting you to reach a resolution around finances. Shining in the spiritual and deeply sensitive sign of Pisces, this lunation’s message may well be for you to recognize that even if you’re of meager means, you’re rich in spirit.  

PISCES (Feb. 19–March 20) Dear Fish, passionate Mars will heat it up this month around all your one-on-one relationships, motivating you to work out the necessaries for smoother sailing around the bend. With both the Sun and the new moon illuminating this sector of relating, it’s the collaborative relationships that have shared goals that will bear the most fruit. The new moon on the 6th plays well with rulebreaker Uranus rumbling in your communications house, inspiring you to have bold, breakthrough conversations that not only prove productive but build trust. This boost to rapport paves the way for the second half of the month when randy Mars pushes into your house of intimacy and shared resources; at this time compromise and communication will become key to avoiding squabbles over money or what’s mine and what’s yours. Your libido likely heats up, too. Makeup sex may be a remedy for pacifying rough waters. By the end of the month, you’ll be reviewing what’s been said in the heat of passion, as mindful Mercury does a flip turn in this deep inlet. The following weeks provide an opportunity for deep healing and transformation, as you investigate buried treasure hidden in your memory banks. The full moon in your sign on the 20th may find you awash in emotion. Should anyone utter the dismissive phrase, ‘you’re too sensitive,’ know that your tender heart is a good thing and one of the reasons we love you.   

ARIES (March 21–April 19) With your ruler, feisty Mars buckling down in your house of daily routines and well-being, you’re fiercely checking off the to-dos. If it feels like you’re doing your darndest at work but something is holding you back and you can’t figure it out. Take a breath. Try not to let a co-worker set you off. Bumper sticker: Don’t take shit personally. You should regain traction by the time the new moon shines in this same zone, granting you a fresh start in the form of inventive new work habits that tap into your talents, increasing efficiency as well as your bottom line. Push for that bump in salary. Your health scores a win at this time, too as you readjust your exercise regime, refine your diet and recommit to self-care. Your body will thank you. By mid-month, all the tuning up you’ve been doing carries over to your personal relationships; and you’re excited to collaborate. Around this time, romantic Venus slips into your house of intimacy, and chances are you’ll be putting a do not disturb hanger on your door. Toward the end of the month, you may disappear altogether, as the full moon lights up your house of deep repose. Between a busy work schedule and balancing your relationships, you’ll need to recharge your batteries. 

TAURUS (April 20–May 20) Love and happiness buoys your mellow soul this month, sweet Bull. While romance and pleasure take centerfield, you balance the last fun-filled days of summer by tending to your to-do list. Pick up the dry cleaning, refill your prescriptions, and starti up again with your therapist. All that will keep the trains running while you skillfully fit in playtime. A minor fracas could bubble up with friends who share a disappointing opinion regarding some of your romantic choices. Have none of it! Stand firm in your decisions and in your self-expressive styles. True friends are not critics. Meanwhile, a little medicine in the form of a potent new moon on the 6th brings something exciting that feels like striking gold. Maybe you’re exploring a new creative medium; are knee-deep in a passion project or are enjoying a budding romance that’s a glove fit for your bold, new self-image. Whatever it is, keep doing it! There’s more: this endeavor you’re passionate about could dovetail with your work. Eureka! The times are a changin; as your perspective shifts and you choose authenticity over comfort, you choose life and we all benefit. Go ahead and celebrate. As your ruler, lovely Venus moves into your partnership house mid-month, you may be up for slipping into something silky with your sexy sweetie. By the end of the month, you’ll have the time to thoroughly look at anything you might have skimmed over at work as well as attend to any health-related matter that may crop up during Mercury’s backward bit in your daily work and well-being sector. Take care of business and your body helps an earth sign like you feel balanced and grounded, which sounds like happiness to us.        

GEMINI (May 21–June 20) “We must have order, allocating to each thing its proper place,” or so said Mies Van Der Rohe, the architect of less is more. Listen up, Gems. As you tidy and declutter your desk and home, discard anything that’s no longer useful, as you clear the way for your creativity, hey and maybe your love life, to bloom. That’s because much of the planetary activity this month hangs out in your house of home and family then rolls on to your fun and romance zone. Expect fireworks as the Red Planet blazes through your house of love and pleasure; this could also be a very proactive period creatively. Put your art supplies in order as you organize your studio early in the month. So you’ll have a clean slate when your imagination suddenly explodes around the new moon on the 6th. You’ll be ready to translate a motherload of inspiration onto paper or canvas or whatever medium you choose. Toward the end of the month, a full moon lights up your career house, and you’ll likely be in the spotlight, soaking up accolades and some well-deserved recognition for all the time you’ve been exploring new and exciting places and things. Get a good headshot taken while you’re at it. It’s high time you launch that PR campaign. Around this same time, the Sun joins sexy Mars and flirty Mercury in your house of play and romance, and you’re ready to dazzle those you love (or think you love) with your brilliant repartee. Get in those witty quips now before your ruler, swift messenger Mercury slows down in this same domain at the end of the month. Play it all with savvy, and set yourself for an October full of poetry, art, and romance. Yum!  

CANCER (June 21–July 22) Just like that, your summer travels fade in the rearview mirror. Now your focus shifts closer to home. Expect your social calendar to fill up in the first couple weeks of September, thanks to assertive Mars, the Sun, and a new moon mobilizing your communications house. Whether it’s shuttling kids from afterschool programs to soccer practice, volunteering at PTA events, or sending out emails for your bi-annual neighborhood clean-up, you’re likely the busiest sign in the zodiac this month. A naturally gifted writer, this is also time to launch a new blog, podcast or finally start that novel. Shy Crabs, come out from the cozy crevices and speak your mind. Share those insights you keep to yourself. We’re all ears! Yet, with all the connecting and brainstorming excitement, steal away for well-timed breathers so you don’t end up, well, crabby. Peaceful Venus has your back though, as she lounges in your house of hearth and home until the 11th. Follow that urge to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and enjoy the company of your kin. The desire to retreat grows as the month progresses and the more time you spend at home, the more you notice all the things that need tending to. Motivated, you’ll roll up your sleeves and have the place decluttered and beautified in no time. Pro tip: be proactive and plan to kickstart home improvement projects before speedy Mercury shifts into reverse in this same sector at the end of the month. Should progress slow, you’ll be occupied pouring over paint samples and reviewing design boards. Again, lovely Venus is on your side as she shimmies into your house of romance and fun, giving you a good dose of creativity and sexy flow. If you’re not steaming up the windows, you’ll find pleasure in creative outlets or dancing with your little ones. At the end of the month, as an emotional full moon lights up your house of travel and beliefs, grounding yourself in a spiritual practice will go a long way toward staving off feelings of being overwhelmed.  

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22) It is with regret, dear Lion, that we must inform you that birthday celebrations are over. With take-charge Mars, the Sun, and a new moon now spending time in your money and resources sector, it’s time to buckle down and pay some attention to your financial well-being. As this is the house of resources, that includes your inborn talents, the universe is also asking how you might merge your gifts with how you earn your keep. The new moon on the 6th could assist in solving this puzzle, thanks to a beneficial electrical charge from the rebel planet Uranus, which has been busy reinventing your career house. Disruptive Uranus, rumbling bigger changes in the distance, urges you to shake things up. Seriously, it’s high time you reimagine your work life, aligning it with your values. Authenticity is important for Leos after all. Looking back over the last few years, you’ve put on a good face. The hours have racked up. Use current opportunities to restructure all of it and ward off burnout by incorporating more of what you love to do, all the while earning you more. Wouldn’t that be something? No problem for the lofty likes of a worthy Leo. As the month progresses and pioneering Mars joins talkative Mercury in your house of communications and networking, you’re energized to connect with people you admire and engage in conversations that could lead to exciting collaborations. It all brings you closer to your goals. While you love to bounce ideas off of people, be sure to balance your schmoozing with downtime; disconnect your phone, and limit screen time. With pleasure-seeking Venus gracing your house of home and family, you’ll be happiest when kicking back in your own den, catching up on grounding self-care. When an emotional full moon shines a light in your house of intimacy on the 20th, it could stir up intense issues, including sex, shared resources, and old wounds. By month’s end, you’ll have plenty of time to revisit important conversations and reconnect with colleagues and peers once silver-tongued Mercury retraces its steps in your networking zone.  

*Lisa Awrey and Lisa Carroll